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Funny Symptoms

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Funny Symptoms

Postby cricket » Mon Oct 05, 2009 5:46 pm


i had my egg retrieval on 9/27 (11 retrieved, 9 ICSI, 5 fertilized). I had a day 3 transfer on 9/30 of 3 embryos, the doc said they are middle of the road because they were 6 cells only but no fragments and I had a solid chance. Last nite 10/4, exactly 1 week from retrieval/fertilization I had some funny symptoms and Im curious if anyone else has had this happen.

I laid down for bed, i had some lower abdominal cramps, my heart starting skipping beats and I was feeling very hot, then very cold. This lasted for about 30 minutes and I fell asleep. This morning I felt fine and nothing has happened since including the cramping.

Any idea what this could be? Has anyone else experienced anything similar? :?

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