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Need Advice

Postby Donna » Sat Aug 17, 2002 8:17 am

I am 29 and have just been advised by my hospital that in order for me to get pregnant I have to have IVF. I am extreamly worried about this procedure and wonder if anyone can give me some advice. I am a bit scarred and wonder if the egg collection hurts. I have read the info on this web site and it does state that you will have sedation. I thought that sedation ment that you have an IV drip put into your hand, but the book that I was given by my hospital says that you are given a local anaesthetic at the top of the vagina, is this true and if so does that hurt??? Please help anyone.
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Need Advice

Postby Mandy » Sat Aug 17, 2002 8:46 am

Morning Donna,<br> Firstly welcome to this site, everyone on here is very friendly and there is usually someone who has been through the same thing as u and are able to give u help and advice. U would be better posting on the gereral forum as we are all on there.<br><br>In answer to your question, both times I have has sedation of EC it has been through a injection into the back of the had hand, I have always slept through it and did not feel a thing and I know this is the case for most of the others on this site. When they do put the eggs back they don't usually sedate u as it is just like having a smear test but they do somtimes inject up thier to numb the cervix.<br><br>Good Luck and keep in touch.<br><br>Mandy.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Need Advice

Postby WattsM » Sat Aug 17, 2002 9:18 am

Hi Donna<br>I was also very scared when I had IVF for the first time. I'd heard so many women say they had awful side effects to the drugs and it was a bad experience. I didn't find that at all. I had no side effects to the drugs other than being a bit tired, which is a good excuse to get your other half to look after you. Don't be frightened of giving yourself the injections, they don't hurt. By the time you've noticed the needle going in it's all finished. You might get a bit uncomfortable leading up the egg collection as you're making alot more eggs than normal and your ovaries will be swollen.<br>The egg collection did not hurt at all. A little needle in the back of your hand and you fall asleep until it's all over. I wasn't sore down below but I suppose some women might be. The do leave some drugs up you in the form of pessaries after the operation and might give you some more tablets to take home if you are sore. The egg transfer does not hurt. Imagine an uncomfortable smear and that's the worse it is. The emotional side is a bit different but the support you get on this site is brilliant.<br>If IVF was that bad I would not of done it again, and I'm a real baby when it comes to pain. Good luck Donna<br>Mandi
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Need Advice

Postby julie » Tue Aug 20, 2002 10:43 am

Hi Donna<br><br>I've just gone through my first round of IVF and I had a general anaesthetic - knocked out completely can well recommend it. I was advised to go for it as my ovaries were very difficult to get to and they thought they might need to pummell me a bit so I was probably sorer than most when I came round. There's no real pain involved at all with IVF you just feel discomfort from all the drugs raging through your body. I found the injections one of the easier bits - the only thing you get to do in the privacy of your own home with no-one looking up your nether regions! Good luck<br><br>Julie
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