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Had a "gut" feeling something was wrong! Trust you

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Had a "gut" feeling something was wrong! Trust you

Postby me2009 » Tue Oct 13, 2009 9:16 am

Hello to all!

Im 33 y/o just newly married in july 09. Been with husband for 5 plus years. We never got prego, but just using the rhythm. Needless to say, I had a "gut" feeling something was not right with me. My mom had multiple m/c and my sister and i are 7 years apart. She was an emergency c for abp pre. My mom is an only child.....

Soo... once we were officially married I went in to drs and told them my family history, me never getting preg while doing the "catholic" way of BC :) and with my mom's history of freq m/c.

Needless to say, the Drs did work me up. I am an RN who has done Adult ICU and now works in a Peds ICU. Im some what educated in the medical field, but have not had a clue about Fertility stuff! but learning quicky

They worked me up and then some: They did find that i have some protein marker that would be suspicious & correlated with clotting factors, the Iga ones. Hence he said that i would be on a Low Weight Heparin, & baby asa to help prevent any m/c related to a clotting issue. Husband's swimies are just fine!

HSG was also good to go too :)

Second: My hypothyroid has been corrected. :)

third: my ovarian reserve is not so good
fsh (day 3) was 8.53 and fsh (10 post clomid ) my 6.53 * not too bad
my follicles were 4 right & 5 left: a little low but not that low :?

BUT my AMH was : 0.25 Yeiks!! :shock:

they are not too sure why my AMH was low & I am only 33.

Needless to say, They told me that they would start me on extremely aggressive meds and hope and pray they can harvest in Nov! ( tis the time for giving thanks, sorry bad joke ) :roll:

That's when they do their next ivf cycle. (they only do 5 a year)

Anyways, I have been looked (with 5 heads & rolling eyes from others) at as "why are you rushing into all the test", whey don't you "try" for a while and see what happens", "you just got married"... ahhh

Anyways, I ignored everyone, even doctors who told me to wait and see, you're still under 35!

So needless to say, Im thankful to my gut and getting the work up now.

Ive enjoyed this site and i do admire all you ladies for wearing your IVF Heart on your sleeve and sharing your ebs and flows of baby making!
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