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AF question and Chinese Herbs - HELP!!!

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AF question and Chinese Herbs - HELP!!!

Postby jcvp » Fri Oct 16, 2009 1:31 pm

Hey - My acupuncturist, who is at our fertility clinic, gave me some chinese herbs to take this month before starting bcp's for IVF. I normally have a 32-34 day cycle. This month, I started having little specs of red lining/tissue come out around day 26 (Wednesday), then on Thursday, I had 1 - 2 light pink spotting. Today, it's the same, just very light pink spotting when I wipe.

Is this my period????? I normally have 4-6 days of heavy flow. I am amazed that my cycle is so much shorter, but I'm wondering if I am going to get a normal cycle... I don't want to miss my 3rd day of AF to start the bcp's...

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