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Ghost or anyone - First U/S after BFP - Yolk Sac

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Ghost or anyone - First U/S after BFP - Yolk Sac

Postby tc4474 » Fri Jan 08, 2010 11:22 pm

HI -

We were thrilled to do our first u/s today at 7 weeks. We saw the heartbeat but RE did not measure it. The CRL looked good.

After leaving the office my yolk sac is what is concerning me. The ultrasound measures a ys value of .46 followed by separate measurements of .49, .27, and .60. Is this too high for 7 weeks? I read that anything over 6 is bad and we are so early in this process I fear it spells out trouble for us becuase it should grow more, right?

We have our next u/s in a week.

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