First IVF Cycle Failure

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First IVF Cycle Failure

Post by maithali » Tue Jan 19, 2010 9:18 pm

I am 33 years old. We were trying for the first child for 2 years or so, and later came to know that my tubes are damaged. So we went for the IVF, and the first IVF cycle failed. I am trying to reason out what went wrong, so that I can take precautions for my next cycle. I putting down what I thought I did well, and the ones I did not, so you get a clear picture. Please help me!!

What happened:

1. During the egg retrieval, I had just 4 eggs retrieved. Only two of them developed into embryo and later only one embryo grew normally.
2. The doctor transferred one embryo. After the transfer I had stomach pain and nausea off and on.
3. On the 11th day after the implant I had strong nausea in the morning; I thought I may be pregnant and it might be morning sickness. However, in the afternoon, I started bleeding heavily.
4. Later the blood test came out negative.

What I thought I did well:
1. I religiously took BCPs for 21 days without missing a day, and the injections for 13 days in the thigh without missing a day.
2. I took progesterone vaginal inserts (instead of intra muscular injections) thrice a day as recommended without missing a dose.
3. I ate healthily, had lot of milk and fruits.
4. I did not do any strenuous exercise.
5. I avoided hot shower.

What I thought I did not do well:

1. I took the injections for 13 days some time between 4pm and 11pm. Although I took most of them around 8pm, there were some in that range.
2. I feel that I did not space out the progesterone vaginal inserts properly due to work schedule. Although I took 3 doses a day, there were some days in which I took a dose in the morning, and another at 5pm, and another at 11pm, instead of 8am-1pm-8pm schedule.
3. I had strong emotions and mostly had disturbed sleep throughout. Although I was on bed, I was not sure if I got adequate rest.
4. I did drive to work myself - roughly 30 miles a day or about 1 to 1:15 hours in the car each day.

Please ask if any other information is relevant. Please comment/suggest anything that will help me.

The questions I am asking myself right now:

1) Why I had only four eggs? Was I not stimulated properly? Can I do anything different next time to make it better?
2) I did not take injections at the same time everyday. Was that a mistake?
3) Does it make difference if you take injections in the abdomen instead of thighs?
4) Should caffeine be completely stopped? On two occasions I had a cup of tea. Was that a mistake?
5) How soon should I go for the next cycle.
6) I did not space the endometrium(progestrone) doses properly. Was that a problem?
7) Should I go on complete bed rest after the embryo transfer?
8) Should I consider changing the doctor?

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Post by Ghost » Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:47 am

Sounds like you did everything right. With just 4 eggs after 13 days of stim, the chance of success was below 50% anyway.
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Post by to_have_fun08 » Wed Jan 20, 2010 6:02 pm

I agree with Ghost, sounds like you did everything fine. A little caffeine doesn't hurt. You should take your injections around the same time. The thing is that your outcome just wasn't good. You only had 1 embie to transfer. How many cells was that embryo on day 3. Most Re's say that if the embryo is not 6 to 7 cells on day 3 then it isn't viable. The best you can do is talk to your RE and see what they can change in your protocol to make your next cycle better. Hopefully with more embryo's and better quality. The first cycle is kind of a science experiment just to see how your body reacts to the meds.

Good Luck to you in the future.

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Post by poohgirl » Thu Jan 21, 2010 7:59 pm

Talk with your RE sound like the protocol they used didn't work well with you and they will work on upping or changing your meds. You did everything fine. I rarely took my shots at the same time my RE said it really didn't matter, and I my injections in the stomach. Bedrest has been found not to matter, and I didn't do any worked my normal job Drive a hour to work and back so 2 hours in the car everyday, oh yeah hot shower everyday. If you check my siggy you will see I am preggers so that stuff didn't matter. I know that we want to put this into our control and fix what ever we think we did wrong---sometimes it just doesn't work. Talk to your RE and get a new game plan:-) GOOD LUCK!
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