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3 month, trying for FET-- no Ovulation!!!

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3 month, trying for FET-- no Ovulation!!!

Postby Minkette5 » Mon Jan 25, 2010 4:46 am


Hello- My name is Jen, I am new to this Message Board. I am seeking some inspiration, advice, or success stories!!

I had an Egg Retrevial in July of 2008 and had 17 viable eggs. They transferred two perfect eggs and I didn't achieve a pregnancy. In November of 2008 we finally decided to go for a FET. I elected for a "natural cycle" since my periods have always been normal. Now, after three months of trying to have the FET we are still WAITING!!! :?: My ovaries have not been cooperating and there is no mature eggs, therefore they can't do the transfer! I am finally going to try a cycle with Lupron, and some Estrogen patches. It's been disappointing and I am loosing confidence in this whole IVF process.

Anybody else been through this?
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