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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by claud662 » Sun Aug 01, 2010 12:24 pm

Lou-great pics!! Hubby is a cutie pie!! I have everything crossed those follies have a few days to grow and catch up! Can't wait to hear your updates and just know I'm thinking about you!! Xoxo
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by amanda1979 » Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:35 pm

Hello everyone

3 Positive HPTs for me!!! I am so excited even with the line being faint it is still there!! DH doesn't want to tell his parents until after the beta tomorrow, but I have been telling everyone except his parents..LOL
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by chilipepperrose46 » Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:48 pm

Hi All,
Hope everyone's having a nice weekend. I'm not sure if it's a conspiracy or one of those signs. First there's that evil I phone commercial! Then I happened to have King of the Hill on, which I never watch normally, and they were discussing IVF because his sperm weren't good. Apparently, he refused at first. But he did want the dog! to go through fertility treatments. His wife was soo pissed at him. I turned it off when the neighbor was spilling the whole thing to their son who apparently didn't know about the fertility thing. Then I thought I'd torture myself further and watch Father of the Bride 2 where someone older than me gets pregnant just by chance along with her daughter. The thing that really frosted me was the news report earlier this week about the woman in France that killed 8 of her newborns because she didn't want any more kids and didn't want to use birth control. :evil: We're over here struggling! to get pregnant and she's disposing of her children like yesterday's trash. Just makes me question human nature. :roll: I keep reading the negative posts here and I'm questioning my own fertility journey. I honestly don't have alot of confidence for my own success because of my age. My cousin should be the "poster child" for IVF because on the 1st try they put 2 eggs in and twins came out. I'm noticing that isn't the norm. Hopefully my second try in Sept. will go better but I'm having serious doubts. I'm soo happy for all of you that have been successful and I remain very hopeful for all of you in the process. OK, I'm done venting :roll: Sorry about the book I just wrote, but I've had alot on my mind. Only 3 people know about the Fertility treatments and they aren't available to talk very often so I have nobody to vent to. Thanks for listening!!

Annashope- So sorry to hear your bad news. Things seemed to be going so well this cycle. My thought and prayers are with you and your DH. Your journey's been rough but don't give up hope.

Justlikehannah- I'm keeping everything crossed for you. Best of luck to you. Enjoy your relaxation! :)

Karin- Congrats on your new home and the big move. Wow, your gonna to be really busy! Good luck to you! 8)

Amanda- I'm keeping everything crossed for you!!!

Lou- LOVE your pictures! You and hubby are a CUTE couple! :D I'm over here folly dancing for you. Good luck! I'll tell you about the "tea" later.

Ok, I'm done with the novel. I'm gonna cut the grass and get my mind off of IVF stuff. Tomorrow is accupuncture. Oh boy, more needles! :roll:

Hugs, Love and Baby Dust to All,
Chili :)

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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by Emma82 » Sun Aug 01, 2010 7:05 pm

Hi there!! Im currrently in my 2ww of my first cycle and I thought I would gate crash this forum in the hope of hope advice.

I had a 5 day transfer on 18th July so I guess I am 11dpt? On days 8 and 9 I woke up with bad period like cramps and have been cramping on and off since but only very mildly. On day 8 it was very bad, I had to have paracetomol but the pains soon went once I relaxed. Is this normal? I know that some women do experience this but I didnt think it was suppossed to be so severe, only mild? I have been trying so hard not to test as I think it still may be too early as I m not due to test until Wednesday and I just have a bad feeling this has failed.

Has any one else had a similar experience and still had a positive? Also would today be too soon to test?[color=#804080

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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by lou71 » Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:44 pm

Hi everyone,

I had a SnS this morning and just got "the call". I trigger tonight! ER is Tuesday morning. Today my E2 = 1530 and on the Left I have 21,17,16,13, On the Right I have 18,15,15,14,13. These measurements were taken on a 3D ultrasound machine which measures about 2 mm smaller than a 2D machine. Anything 13-14 mm or larger is likely mature on this machine. I do have 4 others in the 11-12 range which will likely be able to be retrieved but will be hit or miss as to whether or not they reach maturity. I'm pretty happy. The most mature eggs I've ever had is 5 and this is definitely better than that. I am hoping with everything I've got that I get 7-9 MATURE eggs. And will some help from God, all of them will fertilize and develop into beautiful embryos!!!! LOL... I know, I'm being greedy. RE had me give myself a half dose of Follistim and Menopur this afternoon (225 units/75 units). Fingers Crossed!!!! I'm terrified and so excited at the same time.

Sunshine -- Our trip to Paris was amazing. We went to Paris and Prague and spent a week in each. We booked it after I got my BFP. It was supposed to be our "baby moon". You know, the last trip before the baby arrives. But I miscarried 3 weeks before the trip. It ended up being just what we needed and brought us so close together. Financially, in hindsight... not a great idea. We had no idea we'd be paying another IVF cycle.

Lauren1171-- I guess parking and beer at all the venues was expensive this time around. Two years ago, went to Milwaukee which was really cheap by comparison. Glad you enjoyed my pics. :D How's stims going?

Sher -- How are you doing? Still spotting?

Margi -- Thank you for your good thoughts. Have you had any more betas? When is your u/s scheduled for? I hope everything goes well for you. You would think that the BFP is a sigh of relief... but no...

Lauren319 -- They did it to me again. Said they'd call between 12 and 2pm and called me at 3:30PM. Today I wasn't as nervous because I said "now don't forget about me" to the nurse as I was leaving and she said "never!". Glad you are "right on track". Go with it! That's good news! Follies are growing and estrogen is rising. Good luck tomorrow on your SnS.

Claudia!!!!!--- AWESOME to hear from you!!! Thank you for checking up on me and keeping me in your thoughts. Yes, my DH is a handsome guy. But shhhh.... he doesn't know it! LOL He's a really great man also and totally adores me. I'm so lucky.

Amanda -- Congrats on your 3 positive HPTs! That sounds pretty conclusive to me. I hope you get a great beta number tomorrow!

Chili -- Oh hun... try to keep the PMA. Your Sept cycle can go totally different than this last one. I know I'll be cheering you on the whole way! Thanks for the follie dancing!!! I think it's working!!! Yes, I'm still curious about that tea you've got. Maybe it's a "magic potion". Glad you liked our pics too.

Emma -- YES!!!! On day's 7,8 & 9 post transfer I had quite a bit of cramping last cycle. Turns out it was implantation and I got a BFP! Unfortunately I miscarried at 12 weeks but I DEFINITELY felt it. Hope it's the same for you. If you are 11 days post transfer, then a HPT should be pretty accurate by now if you were to test. Good luck!!

Renee -- How did ET go? You are PUPO now!!! With 5 growing was of yesterday, that is a GREAT chance!!!

Tammy, kbillsy, fitzjr, cakes --- How are the stims going? When is ER/ET??? We need updates!!!! :mrgreen:

OK, I'm off to a free concert in the park by a band called 7th Heaven. They opened for Kid Rock/Bon Jovi last Friday night and were pretty good. DH is working so I'm bringing a cooler of beer and my dog! :D
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by Lauren1171 » Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:53 pm

Lou - that's great that you have that many follicles! I missed the opening band at the concert lol.

I had my S&S today. E2 was 939, and I had 4 follicles on the right and 2 on the left that were between 12 and 15 mm. I go back Tuesday for S&S, so I am betting I trigger Tuesday or Wednesday!
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by angelaezra » Sun Aug 01, 2010 11:54 pm

amanda1979 wrote:Hello everyone

3 Positive HPTs for me!!! I am so excited even with the line being faint it is still there!! DH doesn't want to tell his parents until after the beta tomorrow, but I have been telling everyone except his parents..LOL
Amanda - Yeah, I am so very happy for you and your DH!!! Congratulations!!!

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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by cakes0502 » Mon Aug 02, 2010 12:34 am

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to give a quick update. I went to the RE on Saturday and everything is a go!! I will do the ER on Monday 8/2 and they will go from there. I was so excited that I didnt write down my numbers! I know that my left side is doing better than my right side. Will update on Monday!
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by lou71 » Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:02 am

Lauren 1171-- Sounds like you are at least going to get 6 good ones! That's very positive. Keep us posted.

Cakes-- Good luck on ER tomorrow! Hope you get lots of beautiful eggs!
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by karin1 » Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:50 am

Annashope--I am so sorry to hear about what happened. Lots of prayers for you and DH.

Amanda--I am so excited for you! :D :D :D I can't wait to hear your beta results!

Lou-- Your pictures are great! I love Paris! It's one of my favorite places. You and your DH are so cute together. I hope and praying for lots and lots of eggs for you on Tuesday!

Cakes--Good luck tomorrow on your ER!

All of the "Laurens"--Just wanted to say hello to all of you! I have to go back and pay close attention to the personals. It's hard to keep you guys straight.

Renee--Did you do an ER? Did I miss it? Hope you're doing well.

Chili--Hey girl! It's okay to vent! September will be here before you know it!

AFM....I am exhausted! I have cleaned out closets, garages, planted flowers and I'm not even close to being done. I've been working all weekend and the housekeeper and carpet cleaners are coming tomorrow. I have to say that it's kind of freeing throwing out old stuff. My house has never looked better now that I'm going to leave it.

Tonight I will be looking through more donor files and narrowing it down to call the agencies this week. We are going to try naturally this cycle and maybe do the donor next if we find one. I just don't want to wait anymore. We babysat for my 3 nephew last night. The youngest is 3 months and he's gorgeous. Made me so sad. It makes me feel good to be with him, but I can't help but wonder if it will EVER happen for me.

I'm sorry if I left some of you out. I'm so tired that I can hardly think straight. Hoping to catch up this week.

*Lots of love*

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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by turtle0619 » Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:19 am

lou you and DH are so cute together! thanks for sharing the pics! wooohoo for trigger. i hope it was painless tonight! enjoy your shot free day tomorrow! so glad you had fun and bon jovi, and i hope you had a good time tonight. :D

amanda 3 positive HPT's!!! yay!!! you are a POAS queen! i guess its alot more fun when they give you good news. i never get good news from them so i hate them with a passion! i cant wait to hear your beta #! good luck!

lauren so glad your stims are going well..i'm sure you are ready to be done with them by now!! long stimming gets hard towards the end cause ya just wanna get the show on the road. very soon i think!! :D

tammy how are you doing?? hope everything is good!! thinking of you!

es so AF tomorrow right?? lets get this party started!! what is your protocol going to be like??

afm ive been going for long walks with my dog piper, and cooking good healthy organic meals with DH to help ease the pain. i got AF tonight so it kinda puts a big period (no pun intended) on the end of this cycle. it makes it so final, and it brings back all the hurt again. plus now i have KILLER cramps that are causing me pain too!!
atleast i can call my new RE tomorrow, and hopefully they have everything they need from me to let me start my next cycle!
cross your fingers!! i know they needed some records from my old RE still, and i called them and asked them to release them like 3 times already so hopefully it will be done so they can get my insurance approved! ahhhhh its always something. didnt i just do this??? i feel like it never ends....with the phone calls and the paperwork and the insurance and the pharmacy!! what did i use to do with all my extra free time?
alright off to bed for me....
good night everyone!
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by Lauren319 » Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:43 am

Amanda and Cakes - WOOHOO!!

Lou - Sounds promising!! I'll be thinking of you. Oh! I meant to tell you that my DH is 6'4" and I'm 5'2", so I getthe whole difficulty in taking a pic thing.

Other Lauren - YAY! I'll cross my finger for you. I go in tomorrow, so I may be not too far behind you!

Chili - no doubts. We're all rooting for you. I get the frustration though (although I'm only on my first cycle, so it's hard to empathize), but I so get it. I had a whole conversation with a friend of a friend at a party awhile back and she claimed she would ever have children because "she couldn't want to bring a baby into a world like this" and claimed that anyone who did was irresponsible. Little did she know that I was trying. Anyhow, now she has a newborn because she didn't use a condom once and I was expected to bring her a lasagna :) What is this tea everyone's talking about??

Karin - no worries about the Lauren thing. I'm used to it :) Good luck with everything! I know that if the next couple of tries don't work, my DH and I will go the donor route as well. I don't want to deny him a biological child. Weird question that you don't have to answer: Are you looking for a donor that's most like you? In looks? In traits? In talents? I can imagine how difficult that must be.

xoxo everyone. SnS tomorrow morning.
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by TammyS » Mon Aug 02, 2010 6:24 am

Hi girls...
Franny...Ugh, AF. Glad to hear that you are jumping right back into the game with a new RE'll be pregnant soon. Sounds promising. I love that you added yourself back to the top as "Waiting to Start"...great PMA and very inspirational to the rest of us.

Amanda...Woohoo!!! Congrats girlfriend!! Good Luck at your beta today! Cute new pic!

Lou...Yayy! Hope your HCG shot went well. I cant believe that you are gonna be PUPO already! I'm feeling sooo optimistic for a wonderful ER for you...your numbers sound terrific. I just love the pics! We did the same thing booking our vacation a couple of months ago and then I ended up miscarrying (learned that I would 6 days before leaving) and then actually miscarried on the way to the airport.

Karin...Good Luck in searching for a donor...I just know the right one is out there for you. Congrats on your new home and good luck!

Cakes...Good Luck tomorrow!! Get some rest and then check in with us and let us know how everything went. Sending prayers for a terrific ER. is almost our turn. I am right there with you. I am betting I will trigger Tues or Wed as well. Do you go back on Monday, too? Sounds like you have 6 great ones in there...and like you said...there may even be a few more to surprise you!

Renee'...Congrats on being PUPO!!! Get some rest and stay out of crazytown! lol

Emma...I'm confused. You had a 5 day transfer on July 18th? That would make you 19 days past ovulation, not 11? Or did you mean that you had a 5 day transfer on July 26th? If you are 12 days past ovulation today (Monday now) might be able to poas now. Could be too early, but maybe not....just depends on when you implanted. You can always try...keeping in mind that it just may be too early...and try again the next day. Good Luck.

Chili...I'm sorry that things are making you feel doubtful and scared. I know just how you feel. Great Big Hugs.

Sunshine...Welcome home! Yayyy for a perfect little heartbeat!!! I love cleaning out the house and having yard sales. I sooo need to have one soon....but dont wanta get rid of the baby boy stuff till we know what we are having in December...and a yard sale in Ohio in December...would not fly. lol So guess we will be waiting till after the baby arrives now. How is that for PMA? lol

Annashope...I am sooo very sorry. Did you decide to stop PIO or wait and see? Great Big Bear Hugs to you. You have been through sooo much!

Claudia...Looks like things are going wonderful for you. I saw your belly pics...soooo cute!!! Thanks for popping into say hi.

Angela...You're almost 20 weeks!!! I so wish we were still pregnancy twins...but wish you all the best. Thanks for checking in on us. I miss you guys.

Lauren319...Good Luck tomorrow at your next SnS. Stay out of're not even in the 2ww yet! lol I hear ya though...I am having the same problem. I'm pretty worried about how everything is going, too.

Kbillsy...Good Luck tomorrow!!! Sending lots of prayers for a terrific ER. If you have 5 and the average is 200 per egg for maturity...then that would be an E2 level of you are golden. Stay positive! Check in after your rest up tomorrow.

Sher...How is everything going? Have you tested again, yet? I'm thinking implantation bleeding, too. Keeping you in my prayers for a BFP! PMA girl!

Fitz...How is everything going? Are you triggering tonight? Good Luck!!! I am right behind you!

Nanci...How are you doing?

Ester...Doing the AF dance for you! Is the ugly beotch here yet? lol

AFM...I had a SnS on Friday and am not feeling as good about things as I was at first. I still have the same amount of follies on Friday as I did on Tuesday at 7. 1 was at 15x11 (averages to 13) and 6 under 10 still or maybe it was under 9. My E2 has risen to 330 now. I am worried about that lead follicle. I've read online that with the microdose lupron flare protocol that pregnancy rates decrease if you have a lead follicle over 18. That they like to trigger at 18. Well, if my 13 grows 2mm a day...then today at Mondays will may very well be at 19 and the others too immature still. I dont was just a website full of stats, but very convincing, ya know? I dont think that letting that lead one go would help...according to the website. Here is the website...if you're bored...would you mind reading it and letting me know what you think? I'm going to ask about it tomorrow, too. ... -flare.htm

On Thursday...I had some heart palpitations going on that I think are related to the fertility meds...according to Google. Lou? Normal side effect? So stupid me...mentions it to the nurse at Fridays SnS...and now I have to go get cleared by my Cardiologist tomorrow after my SnS appt. I only have a cardiologist cause I had some issues in my pregnancy with Zach...and they were watching me closely for high blood pressure and a pregnancy induced heart murmur. When I first got pregnant...I felt like I was having issues with breathing...and he came to conclusion that it was just from all of the hormones and fertility meds and I am sure that is the same issue again now. So, what happened was...that I was laying on the couch taking a cat nap (while Zach napped)...and I got a text message that startled me awake...the heart palpitation lasted about a minute or so...and I fell back to sleep. Got another text message and the same thing again 10 minutes later. Really no big deal...but just a pain in the butt...that now I am going to have to go through a bunch of testing tomorrow. I havent had any issues since and really most of my crazy symptoms are all gone now, too. Ugh.

Also, my acupuncturist recommends before and after sessions on ET day. If you had the money to do 1 more session...would you do it now to help with your eggs maturing...or a few days after ET to help with implantation? I have a ton of implantion is somewhat of an issue...but my follies are having issues right now which would you pick? And, if you would pick now...when would you do it...Monday (today) for eggs maturing (already have 2 appts today)...Tues...or Wed (which is likely trigger day)? I can likely get in anytime...he always makes time (even after hours).
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by kbillsy » Mon Aug 02, 2010 11:13 am

Just a few hours before I go in for the retrieval. I've been extra emotional the last few days - I'm sure it is just the higher levels of hormones I'm on this cycle but it does make you feel a bit unstable. Looking forward to getting an update on the # of eggs we have.

Amanda - congratulations!! That is great news - you must be so excitied!

Lou - enjoy your 'day off' today - good luck with your ER tomorrow.

Tammy - Thanks for the feedback on my E2 - the numbers get so confusing sometimes. My clinic recommends doing the accupuncture immediately before and immediately after ET to help relax you and help with implantation. From what I have read, I would think if you only did one session, they would recommend doing it just before (literally like an hour before) but I would ask your acupuncturist what they think.

Going to go take a shower and try not to think about the breakfast I can't have. I'll check in after retrieval once I'm up to it :)
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by TammyS » Mon Aug 02, 2010 11:34 am

Kbillsy...Good Luck today! I am still doing right before and right after the transfer for sure. But, now I am thinking about adding 1 more session in there some where for a total of 3 sessions. So either:
1. A few days before ER to help mature the eggs.
2. A few days after ET extra session for implantation.
3. Day of ER.

I have done 3 sessions in the past (random times) got pregnant both times...and now think that 3 is the lucky number. lol :wink:
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