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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by karin1 » Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:06 am

Ryan--Glad you're back! You seem recharged and ready to jump back in! I'll be doing the AF dance for you!

Lauren319--Good luck on your ER tomorrow! No booty dancing for and relaxation only! :)

Tammy--Your burn sounds painful. Ouch! Hope it heals quickly. Great fertilization report. Tomorrow is going to be a good day!

Tiger--I love wedding dress shopping! It's so much fun! I'm glad that you're keeping yourself busy.

Lauren1171--Good luck on your ET tomorrow! How many? One or 2?

Lou--You must be bursting with excitement! :D :D :D 60-70% is amazing! Take it easy so that they can snuggle in!

Fitz--Great report on your embies. :)

Ester--Grow follies grow!

Franny--I hope you're enjoying your vacation!

AFM...nothing new to report. I was supposed to be ovulating this weekend. I've taken the digital test and they're negative. I'm wondering if I missed it? I've been doing the temp in the morning. On Wednesday my temp was up and I went and got the test later that afternoon and it said no. Wed was cycle day 11. I didn't do my temp on Tues morning because I had the open house thing and forgot. I've taken the test everyday since Wed and it's been negative. My cycle use to be 28 days, but seems to have changed a day or two since doing stims. Yesterday was day 14. If I'm not ovulating tomorrow, I probably missed it. I bet it was Tuesday. I did notice a little CM. I'm not sure. I've been so busy with the house, Hannah, Jack and looking for a donor that I didn't pay too much attention until Wed. In the past, it seems to be later not earlier. It wouldn't have mattered anyway, DH was away at work and didn't come home until Thursday. We did it last night and will again tonight just in case it would be tomorrow. Who knows? I will call my RE tomorrow and see when he wants to see Bre. I think that as soon as I start AF we will get the ball rolling full force. We will start with her screening and go from there. I'm thinking that we would start BCP and then she'd start stims. Hopefully getting ER and ET done in September. I'm ready. If I don't get a postitive ovulation test, I may call my RE and start sooner. Any advice on this?

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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by Sher » Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:07 am

Beta was down to 12 so no longer “pregnant“ I guess ... I am now just waiting for the horrible bleeding and pain they have told me about. :{ We might possibly use the frozen embryos in Sept as long as my ovaries have gone back to a normal size after all that stimulation. Do any of u ladies consider it an actual miscarriage or just a failed cycle? Is anyone in here from Ontario,Canada???

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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by Lauren1171 » Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:25 am

Karin - I was always late ovulating. Give it a couple more days. Sometimes I would be day 17.

Ryann - I don't know exactly what Menopur is, but I know that It goes along with the Gonal F. My 1st cycle was just Gonal F. He added the Menopur in on my 2nd and 3rd cycle to change things up.

Miyaya - So sorry for AF coming! I know it sucks!

Lauren 319 - Good luck with your ER tomorrow!!! Did they do bloodwork today also? I usually have the day after trigger free.

Lou - Congratulations on you ET! It sounds like everything went fantastic!

Tammy - Your burn sounds terrible!! I hope it heals fast! Good luck with your ET tomorrow. I will be thinking of you.

Fitz - 5 day transfer on Tuesday? That's awesome! I always get 3 day transfers.

Ester - Thanks for the chart! I never really understood it til I read what you posted. I always wondered why some ppl were on Lupron.

Cakes - Congrats on your ET! And some left to freeze!!

AFM - ET tomorrow morning, and I am transferring 3 or 4 depending on the quality. I am assuming 3, because he said if one is high implantation quality then we would only do 3. I usually get lucky and get 1. I don't get an update today on the fertilization. I have to wait til tomorrow! I am also doing accupuncture before and after. And my boss thinks I am coming to work after! I will see how I feel and what time it is. This ER was the most painful of the 3! my belly is huge bloated. It hurts when I am in the car and we go over a bump. It also hurts when I lie down and try to sleep. The Tylenol and heating pad are not doing crap! My DH stole my Vicodin! Lol jk I don't want to take any of that so I gave them to him for his back. But seriously, I don't remember having this much discomfort last time. I hope it is all worth it!
Good lick to everyone I missed too!!!
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by Lauren319 » Mon Aug 09, 2010 4:25 am

Lauren - they did do blood work because they wanted to make sure that i triggered correctly and that it's in my system. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! Good Luck! By the way, how can you not want to take the vicodin?? Lucky DH!

Sher - I'm so sorry! I can't imagine the heartbreak. Do they have a good handle on the reason and think they can get it right next time?!

Karin - my only advice would be to give it a day or so. Who knows what all these drugs did to the timing of your cycle.
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by claud662 » Mon Aug 09, 2010 12:48 pm

Lou-congrats hon on a fantastic transfer and hoping there are a few to freeze! Keep rested the next few days and I've got everything crossed for you!!!
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by chilipepperrose46 » Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:57 pm

Hi All,
Hope you all had a great weekend! It sounds like lots of babies were made this weekend!!! Wow, lot's of great news from alot of you. :D We went to Michigan Saturday for the day and I think we left a couple of pint of blood there. The bugs were viscious! :twisted: We couldn't step out for a second without getting eaten. They even got in the house from the door opening and were biting in there! My cousin has a house near Lake Mich and she invites the family every year fo a visit. My mom spent the night but we only stayed the day. We usually walk by the lake but we thought we might lose all our blood walking there. Oh well, next year.
The pharmacy called to ship my meds but I don't know when I'm starting them. I'm off to the gym for a class so I'll update you all later and do personals.
Love hugs and baby dust to all,
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by TammyS » Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:51 pm

Good Luck today Lauren and Lauren!!! :D

I'm very very sorry Miyaya and Sher. :(

Yayy for being pupo Lou and Cakes!!!

I will catch up with you all tonight when I am on bedrest. I'm in a hurry now to get to acupuncture and then go pick up my babies at 2:30 and then back to acupuncture. I probably wont be on to do personals and updates till late tonight! Love and hugs to all.
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by moorebaby » Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:30 pm

chili- ugh, i hate moquitoes! yay for your meds being shipped! enjoy the gym.

lauren319- can't wait to hear how many eggies they got!

lauren1171- can't wait to hear how many you transferred today! i hope you start feeling better soon.

sher- oh sweetie i'm really sorry. you actually got pregnant, so i'd consider it a m/c...but i'm sure medically i may be wrong. i hope you stick around here for your septmeber cycle. (((HUGS)))

karin- your cycle may have changed due to all the meds, so i wouldn't be surprised if you ovulated later than you used to before.

lou- congrats pupo girl! those are some terrific success rates your re gave happy for you! so when is your beta scheduled?

fitz- good luck on your et tomorrow! all 16 are doing are they going to pick, lol? whichever it will be, you will get your bfp & a happy & healthy pregnancy!

didi- yay for your little bean in there! good luckon your appointment tomorrow...hope your progeterone levels are good & you get to see a h/b!

miyaya- oh hun i'm so sorry! (((HUGS))) i wish you nothing but a quick, smooth, & happy adoption process...please let us know all about it!

tammy- yay you'll be pupo really soon! that is a great fert'll definitely be getting a bfp & giving zack a sibling! sorry about your burn...sounds really painful. i hope by now it's gotten a little better.

tiger- of course it's too early to feel anything...pma, pma, pma!

dys- i didn't get there yesterday until 8:40...i could not get up in the morning. actually, i had trouble falling asleep the night was awful! can't wait to hear how many eggs they get...

afm...i had b/w done yesterday to check my estrogen level...i only get a call back if the dosage of follistim needs to be changed based on the results. no call back, so i'm assuming the estrogen wasn't too low or too high. i have an u/s & b/w tomorrow morning. i'm supposed to bring my ganirelix w/ me to the clinic in case they want me to start in, but i have a feeling they won't...don't think my follies are there yet. at least based on the fact that the full ovaries feeling i was having earlier this weekend has gone away. if that's the case, i will be stimming a little longer, which will push my er & et back & therefore my beta. that would't be good b/c that would mean my beta would be anyday as of september 1st & i can't do it during the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd because that's when the students return to school & i just can't be late. maybe the clinic will let me do it that saturday the 4th or the day before the kids come back, which would be august 31st. hmm...i guess i'll worry about that as it gets closer. today, i'm going w/ dh to his appointment w/ the urologist who'll be doing his tesa.
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by margi26 » Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:36 pm

Sorry I was taking a "break" this weekend...feeling fairly crummy from our bad news on Friday. Although, there is a small amount of hope...I guess we will know for certain this coming Friday with the follow-up ultrasound.

Thank you for all of your means more than I can say.

AND WOW...A lot of wonderful things are going on with everyone!!

Lauren319: Good luck with ER today!!!!

Laruen1171:Good luck with ET today....take it easy with that soreness you are having....those enlarged ovaries..ouch!

Sher: So sorry. Words cannot express.

Annashope: Again, so sorry for your loss, and thank you for your support through my fears...but hoping that things turn around for you at that all goes well in September.

Miyaya: Sorry it didn't work out, but good luck with adoption if you decide to follow through with that option.

Tammy: Good luck with ET today!! Hope the burn is feeling better...ouch.

Cakes: PUPO!!! Take it easy and good luck during 2ww..and some to freeze as well. Excellent! :)

Ester: Thanks for your support...and grow follies grow!!!

Lou: WOW! How awesome! Everything seems to just be falling into place...literally! :) 40% chance of twins!? You go girl! Rest up and take care of your "PUPO" self!
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by hopeforbabies » Mon Aug 09, 2010 6:24 pm

Wow four pages to catch up on from just the weekend. You girls sure are busy so I'll do my best at some quick personals.

Lou- Big congrats to you on being PUPO and with a good chance of twins. How exciting! :mrgreen:

Karin- Glad you went with your gut and are happy with your donor choice. Hope everything checks out well with her and you guys can start working on getting your cycles to line up.

Ryann- Doing the AF dance for you. If you will have your ER the first week of Sept. I wont be too far behind you. Mine is suppose to be the week of the 6th.

Tiger- Aww thanks for missing me. Sorry I have been a stranger as of late. How are you feeling? I'm sure its just too early to feel anything. Are you really going to poas on Sunday? I usually dont log on during the weekends but those results will be enough to get me on. :wink: Glad you had fun dress shopping with your friend. My baby brother is having their "big wedding" in two weeks. They had a small one with just parents back in March and I have been having fun planning with them.

Lauren1171- Wow what a great fert. report! :o I hope your transfer went well and enjoy being PUPO

Lauren319- Wishing you lots of good luck (and eggs) with your ER this morning. Let us know what you got when you feel up to it.

Tammy- LOL looks like Zach wants to be just like his mommy and type away on the laptop too. Maybe you should get him one of the toy computers and he can type to us also. Hope your burn is feeling better and you are taking good care of Zach's siblings (3! :shock: ) .

Ester- Grow follies GROW! I totally wish I could keep you company in that section of the list right now. Dont worry it wont be too long until you move again.

Miyaya- Sorry for your BFN but I am glad you are thinking of adopting. There are many beautiful babies out there waiting for someone to call Mommy.

Cakes- Hope you are doing ok in 2ww land. How are you feeling?

dlk- Congrats on getting to see your baby at the u/s. Was your DH with you? I'm sure you will get to see the hb at the next one. I thought you usually didnt see them until you were around 6 weeks?

Fitz- Wow I cant believe you have so many embies that are going to make it to freeze. That is such great news and a relief if you ever decide on more children.

Sher- I'm so sorry about your news. I went through the same thing on my first cycle and its very disappointing. What helped me is my RE telling me at least we know that I can get pregnant and that hopefully this cycle the embies will implant better and keep growing. Dont lose hope yet!

Margi- I am praying that your little ones are fighters and will make the next beta rise. Keep up your PMA for them!

Ashley- I know you are reading so I'm still writing to you here also! :wink: As always I have you in my prayers for your U/S on Thursday. I forget are you transfering just one embie? You are so close to your BFP now. I know you are excited and I am excited for you too!

Sorry again if I missed anyone. We have so many wonderful ladies on here and I send prayers and baby dust to all of you!

AFM- Finally getting excited that my Lupron injections will be starting in about a week. I hurt my back about two weekends ago moving furniture and its not getting better which has me worried. I'm hoping that it wont put my body under too much stress and wont effect the IVF in anyway. I have an appt. to see a chiropractor this week in hopes of him making me better before I get too far into my injections. That's all that is new with me.
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by Lauren1171 » Mon Aug 09, 2010 6:34 pm

Hi, I just got back from ET. I did the acupuncture before and after too. I wanted to skip the after and just go home since I was there so long! When they took me in for ET there was not enough water in my bladder, so I had to go back out and drink while he did someone else. My belly is so sore that it feels like I have to pee all the time. It did make a huge difference though, when I went back I could clearly see the bladder much better. We transferred 3 perfect embryos!!!! All grade a, two 8 cell and one 9 cell! I just know it will work this time!!!! We also froze 3 grade a, 6 cell embryos so I will have 5 frozen to work with. Which I hope I never need! I am a terrible patient and I fear everything! I get so nervous just for the ET. When I got on the table I said to myself, am I crazy for doing this? I don't want to do a pap smear, how am I going to give birth? So I think this is a one shot deal. I would love twins, because I don't think I can do it again.
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by dys24 » Mon Aug 09, 2010 8:14 pm

Hi Ladies,

I just got from my ER sorry no personals but I'm pretty tired and sore they got 18 eggs.
Waiting for tomorrow fert. report.

I will write more tomorrow
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by klinger13 » Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:46 pm

Lauren1171 - YAY for your being PUPO and having some to freeze too! I'll be hoping you don't need them either!

Tammy - hope your ET went well. Been thinking about you today!

dys - Congrats on your 18 eggs!! Hoping for a great fert report!

Lauren319 - Hope your ER went well today. Post when you can to let us know how it went.

AFM, I'm still in beta limbo. 8/3=10 (very low after 3 days of BFPs), 8/6=37, and 8/9=198 (Wow, that last one jumped up there!) Now they're still low overall and I am still having the same heavy bright red bleeding and constant cramping so we're all still worried about e/p, m/c, etc but the nurse was a bit more optimistic today after that jump in the betas. I go back for another draw Thursday.
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by Lauren1171 » Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:38 pm

Klinger - What day was your ER?
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Re: Summer cycle group

Post by lou71 » Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:45 pm

klinger -- That was a jump in your beta! Is there any renewed hope that this may turn out to be viable? Oh gosh, I really hope so. I hope it's not an ep!

dys24 -- Wow... 18 is AMAZING!!! Can't wait to hear your fert report. Rest up girlie... you did goooood!

Lauren1171 -- Sounds like a successful ET for you today! And with three transferred, I wouldn't be surprised at all if you don't get your twins! Or triplets :shock: ! It's also great that you've got some frozens to use later.

Teresa -- Your cycle will be starting again in no time. Way to jump right back in! I'm actually a little scared of twins. I really prefer a singleton but wanted the higher success rates of transfering two.

Margi -- I'll be praying for good news for your next u/s. Miracles do happen. I did rest like crazy on my couch all day yesterday, and DH brought me everything I needed. lol

Ester -- My beta is Tues 8/17. Do you do your shots in the morning? I was wondering why your clinic was having you bring Ganirelix with you. I always did mine at night and they would call me by 4pm to tell me what to do with my injections. I hope your cycle works out so your beta isn't the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd!

Tammy -- How did ET go? How many did you transfer? Did you freeze any? Or does your clinic freeze on day 5 like mine? And I hope that ice burn is getting better too.

Chili -- Glad you had a good time in Michigan. Gosh, the mosquitos are bad EVERYWHERE this year! We were mini golfing with friends on Sat evening and got eaten alive despite Deep Woods OFF!

Claudia -- Thanks so much! You're support is greatly appreciated. Miss you!

Sher -- I'm so sorry. I guess I would probably call it a chemical pregnancy. That's where implantation starts but there's no sac/baby that develops. But call it whatever makes you most comfortable to talk about it. A chemical pregnancy is a type of miscarriage, as is an ectopic, or a blighted ovum, or a molar pregnancy. "Miscarriage" is a more general term. Again, I am sorry. But I am excited about your cycle in September and will be cheering you on! It's fantastic that you have frozens to use. Many women get pregnant from them because they are so much less stressed from not having blood draws, injections, u/s, etc.

Karin -- Yes, I'm excited. But also scared! I feel pressure to not "fail". My OB's have always told me those ovulation predictors aren't reliable. I used them years ago when we started trying and was concerned because I didn't always get a positive. So she had me come in on that cycle for a day 21 progesterone level. It showed I did indeed ovulate.

Ryann -- Menopur is an LH/ FSH product. Not everyone uses it. You may be on either low dose Lupron, low dose HCG, or nothing at all during your stims. This is the first cycle I used it for and it I think it is partly responsible for me getting more eggs and better embryos. This is also the best antral count I had ever had so it's hard to tell.

AFM -- Well I was reading my RE's success rates on his website. Says a blastocyst transfer for my age group has a 66.7% chance of success with a 52.1% live birth rate. Here are the stat's if you're interested. ... yrates.htm. I must admit, I feel pressure for this to work. Like I will feel like I failed if it doesn't. It's scary. The good news is, the clinic called and I have TWO good quality blasts that made it to freeze! This "back up insurance" makes me feel a bit better. I'm going for acupuncture on Weds to hopefully help with implantation. Here is a pic of the two blasts I transferred if you are interested.
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