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To Ghost or anyone - Prolonged Period after Failed IVF

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To Ghost or anyone - Prolonged Period after Failed IVF

Postby Edel » Tue Jul 06, 2010 3:55 pm

Hi Ghost/Ladies

Just a quick question. I had a failed ivf (donor eggs) back in mid-May, I did get a period a few days after the BFN which only lasted 4 days and was quite light. I am now on my second AF which arrived 2 days late and I still have light bleeding 15 days on, it’s not a major heavy flow but definitely on going. I did ring my clinic and they said that it probably will taper off eventually that it may be due to lack of estrogen in the body but if it continues to contact them and they will bring me in for a scan.

Just to put my mind a rest a bit did any of you have messed up or prolonged cycles after a failed IVF cycle or should I be really worried???

Thanks a mil.


Edel M

P.S I do have severe endometriosis which may be a factor.
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