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Ghost....Two cycles in a row? Okay or not?

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Ghost....Two cycles in a row? Okay or not?

Postby karin1 » Sat Jul 24, 2010 4:02 am

My last cycle for IVF was cancelled due to poor response. We ended up doing an IUI, which resulted in a BFN. I asked my RE if I could do another cycle and he said that he would do an antral follicle count and if I had more than one that he would have me stim slowly. If I didn't have more than one, then I wouldn't. I've had 3 cancelled IVF cycles and one that made it to retrieval with 3 eggs. In the past, he has said that he wanted to give my ovaries a rest, but thinks that it doesn't seem to matter for me. Either I make them or I don't. What do you think?

I appreciate your advice. Thanks.

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