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Re: Fall 2010 Cycle Group

Post by miamibaby » Wed Oct 20, 2010 6:12 pm

Hi, I had been reading the posts for a while. I also read “Tammy S & Rio’s thread” back in 2008 (the 2008 and bumping october group). Our first IVF baby turned 2 last Sunday.
I am very shy and never dreamed of joining but I read Rio’s comment about DHEA and I am always looking for the “what did you do different that worked?” Since I had done IVF this time I am not going to be very “‘active” and I apologize in advance for this. I am just crashing to share my story hoping it can help. I don’t think I should be part of the list (which is awesome) but wanted to give my $0.02 of what I believe worked for us.

Our story: Me, 41, DH 38, unexplained infertility. TTC since 2000. Did Clomid & IUI, no luck. IVF#1 2008 BFP, baby boy born 10/17/08.
IVF#2 has been a long one: (I usually drive myself crazy comparing numbers, that’s why I am giving many details).
Microdose Lupron protocol
6/27/10: Started BCP. DAY 2 baseline FSH 7.68, E2 67.4, AFC 6 (this scared me, back in ’08 it was 10). My prolactin level was high so I had been taking Dostinex/Cabergoline for a while.
I was taking DHEA and baby aspirin
7/22/10: DAY 2. Was supposed to start microdose Lupron but had a big cyst and E2 was 481 on day 2 (WTF!!!). Cancelled and started BCP again
8/17/10: DAY 2. Was supposed to start microdose Lupron but still had the cyst and E2 was still high at 110. Cancelled and started BCP again.
8/28/10: DAY 13 of cycle had Lupron Depot shot with nurse (3.75mg)
9/12/10: DAY 2. E2 down to 28.8. Started microdose Lupron. AFC WAS 8, I had started taking Royal Jelly.
DAY 3: Started stims Menopur 150 & Follistim 75 in am, Menopur 75 & Follistim 150 in pm, Doxycyclin DH & me, Lupron 20 am & pm
I am going to enter my results only to show how things change and there is still hope. This cycle I had much lower #s than in 2008.
DAY 4 of stims: E2 69.7 (in ’08 was 88.7)
DAY 7 of stims: E2 328 (in ’08 was 479)
DAY 9 of stims: E2 630 (in ’08 was 1230) (I was starting to panic)
DAY 10 of stims: E2 914 (in ’08 was 1817)
DAY 11 of stims: E2 1546 (no # from ’08)
DAY 11 of stims: E2 1780 (in ’08 was 3132) (complete panic mode)
I had been having nearly 10 follicles!!!!! throughout this cycle and was very very happy about this, they were growing great, that is why I was so surprised when the day of ER (9/25), they only got 5!!!! Extremely disappointed.
But 5 fertilized!!!!! ET was 9/28, 4 embryos grades 8/1, 8/1, 8/2, 8/2.
Back in 2008 I did acupuncture, this time I didn’t. I really believe in acupuncture but this time with my son and work it was going to add stress. But Traditional Chinese Medicine has given me an explanation to my “unexplained infertility” stating that I have Kidney Yang Deficiency (that is why I had also put a heat pad on my belly until ER).
Progesterone test on 10/4 was 14.0!!!! (back in ’08 was 25.7). I cried and thought it was over. I was having no cramps (I had cramps in ’08).
Beta 10/10/10: BFP!!!! 239 (12dp3dt). Since then my results were:
2nd Beta --> 10/14/10 = 1567 (16dp3dt)
3rd Beta --> 10/19/10 = 8932 (21dp3dt)
I don’t want to brag but wanted to share some hope. Everything can go wrong in a cycle and have crappy results and still end in BFP.
I also wanted to share the fact that I truly believe the Royal Jelly worked, I think it helped with the number of follicles throughout the cycle and the quality of the embryos. I actually finished my DHEA and baby aspirin and did not continue them.
I applied progesterone cream (bought at “swanson.com”) on tummy after transfer.
I ate pineapple after transfer.
I did not POAS. After the very low progesterone result I didn’t want to go back to more crying.
We did ICSI (standard procedure for >38 in my clinic) and AH (standard procedure for >40 in my clinic).
In ’08 we did PIO shots, this time we were offered crinone but since it worked for us before I opted for the shots. I preferred the pain to the mess and the doubt that it got in. And if it had not worked I would always wonder if it had something to do with the crinone.
We are self paid and do not know if we could do another one.
As far as “early” pregnancy signs or implantation signs, in ’08 I had cramps the 2WW. This time, nothing. I know this is an annoying answer and it drives me crazy too.
I know I should do personals but I am at work and had already written a novel. Sorry for crashing.
Best wishes to everyone.


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Re: Fall 2010 Cycle Group

Post by starwishes » Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:18 pm

Hi everyone

Hope it's okay to jump in on your thread. Been reading all your stories and sending my best to you all. And so so sorry for the BFN's. It's such an emotional time. I am on my 2ww and see that many of you are too. Like you I have totally mixed emotions about it all. I keep thinking AF is on the way and I am desperately trying to avoid the temptation of doing an HPT before my test next Monday!
Kynlee- I was with you on the October FET thread and I am really sorry to hear about your BFN. Sending you lots of positive thoughts for the next time.

Anyway looking forward to following your stories. Good night to you all!
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Re: Fall 2010 Cycle Group

Post by klinger13 » Wed Oct 20, 2010 8:03 pm

starwishes & jennieswa - Welcome to the group!! Lots of support here so glad to have you join us!!!

karin - Can I come slap your SIL??? I still can't believe in this day and age people are that stupid to say such inconsiderate things. UGH that makes me so angry!!

osi - congrats on triggering tonight for Friday ER!!! Woo-hoo!!!

meinemo - all of our friends and family know all about our struggles to conceive the last 2+ years and they're sharing our excitement for this IVF cycle. Heck I even blog about it all so they have the details and I don't have to repeat myself 20 times LOL. While it was hard to tell everyone when things didn't work out (when we had our chem & e/ps), the fact that they all knew and sent their love, prayers, and thoughts when I really needed them was great. So are there are benefits to telling everyone too. But I think you're going to be sharing good news with them next week, so we won't have to worry about you getting bit in the ass. :D
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Re: Fall 2010 Cycle Group

Post by baby_blu73 » Wed Oct 20, 2010 9:03 pm

Osi - YEA for trigger shot! Best of luck on Friday's ER!!!

Kynlee - Way to stay positive, hon. Lots of prayers for your next cycle!

Karin - IMO, your SIL couldn't walk a mile in your shoes! Ignorance is truly bliss...

Starwishes - Best of luck on Monday! Fingers and toes crossed for ya!

Kaylie - I just wanted to let you know (and hoping it might make you feel a little better) that you aren't the only one with symptoms subsiding... I have little dizzy spells here and there, but that's it. Boobs were KILLING me right after ET, not so much yesterday or today. I thought most of the symptoms were caused by the hormones we're on anyway, so maybe our bodies are just getting used to those and the "real" symptoms have yet to come (??) I hope I'm not setting myself up for a huge letdown, but I feel the need to stay as positive as I can. Sending tons of positive energy your way, hon. I just know you'll have good results!!! :D When is your first test?
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Re: Fall 2010 Cycle Group

Post by Tess69 » Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:02 pm

Wow! We're do I start. So much to catch up on.

Firstly, Starwishes and Jennie - welcome, welcome. Jennie - I had an FET this time round. Two 5 day embryos were transferred into my natural cycle, five days after ovulation. I didn't take any other medications, other than starting progesterone suppositories a few days before ET. I'm now almost 7 wks pregnant and so far so good, so I've got my fingers crossed for your FET in a few weeks time.

Kaylie - don't stress too much about lack of symptoms. My fresh cycle in June resulted in a BFP and I had very sore boobs, cramps etc. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a non-viable pregnancy. This time round, I haven't got sore boobies yet and no cramping. Morning sickness and tiredness is starting to kick in but that was only from about 6 wks. So please, don't worry. Just think about those two little embies snuggling in and making themselves comfortable.

Karin - some people just don't get it unless they've been through it themselves. I'm sure you're SIL would change her opinion if she was in the position where she had to think about an ED. Like you said, you know you're doing the right thing.

Meinemo - it's a struggle to know who to tell and who not to. My theory is that you only tell those people that you will comfortable telling the bad news as well as the good news to. It's always harder passing on bad news. I've told close friends so far but probably won't tell others, even both sets of parents until about 12 weeks. A few people know that I've been going through IVF but I just don't tell them the details so that I'm not constantly badgered about what's going on. It's a very personal thing and I guess you need to determine what you are comfortable with.

Osi - you are just one big walking bunch of follies right now! All the very best with you ER tomorrow.

Miami - so good to her a happy ending to your very long and arduous ordeal.

Blang - what an ordeal you're going through. I'm really hoping for a positive outcome. How awesome would it be if you wee late implanter was the one!

Krys - good luck for you u/s tomorrow.

Kynlee - yay for your PMA. Here's hoping you can jump back on board on quickly as Tammy managed to. :)

Margi - wow, not long now.

The ER trio - good luck ladies.

Rio - man, you're so patient. It must be your time soon...By the way, would love you to come to New Zealand and sort out my miserable neighbors.

AFM - I've been off work with a stonker migraine for three days. It feels like it might be on the way out though. My fourth beta was all good. I didn't get the number as the numbers start to get a bit silly now. My progesterone continues to hold its own. Yay for no suppositories. So no more betas. U/s is on Tues. It's a long weekend this weekend and can't wait for it. Lots of work to do in the garden getting vege garden all ready for planting. Don't worry ladies, I'll take it easy and wear my gloves. It's stinky weather again today. I'm sitting on the settee with two cats and a dog. We're all wrapped in a blanky. Looks pretty cute...one of them just farted though. I suspect smelly bottom Pickle the pug!

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Re: Fall 2010 Cycle Group

Post by kynlee » Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:30 pm

Karen... So sorry your SIL would say something like that... SOme people just dont think when they speak... i also have not told any family or friends my DH is very private and wants to keep it to us... At first it was hard but now that I have made some really good IVF friends from here and have the forums to chat on it makes it easier... :)

Osi- Good Luck with ER... :)

Freckles... Good luck with Beta Tuesday... :)

Blang- Best of luck, It sounds like that one just wants to stay so keep up the positive energy.. everything will be ok...:)

Jennieswa- Welcome :)

AFM- Went to Dr today, we are going to try another frozen cycle, I am going to think positive and hope this will work but if it doesnt we will start all the stims again and go for a Fresh cycle with hopes that I dont get OHSS again... I am not giving up I am going to stay strong I know I am meant to have a family :) As soon as AF arrives I start up again, so it will be any day now... :)

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Re: Fall 2010 Cycle Group

Post by dvcantu7378 » Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:53 pm

Hello Ladies,
Its been a while since I got BFN that I have posted. I see that the board is very busy. I miss you guys. I do check in once in while. So here is what has happen since BFN. I have yet to go back to RE. I don't know why, but I will soon. Anyway, we have decided that willl go for round two in the summer when we are both off from work and we are able to save some money since we are having to pay out of pocket. Meanwhile I am trying clomid with metiforim as we wait. MAYBE THAT WILL WORK! So guess what we did. You know when you don't get pregos you get a puppy. Yep we have had her for three weeks. She has been quiet a handful. Her name is Daisy. We are just enjoying her right now.

Well congrats to all the PUPO mamas!
Good luck for all of you who are starting IVF as the ladies always told me lots of PMA!
Sorry for those of you who have had BFN or looses. Don't give up!
Congrats to all the BFP!

Ill be keeping in touch.
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Re: Fall 2010 Cycle Group

Post by Tess69 » Thu Oct 21, 2010 1:22 am

Dvc - great to see you here again. Daisy is absolutely gorgeous. I can relate to the animal replacing baby scenario. I have three cats, a dog, chickens and a couple of goldfish!

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Re: Fall 2010 Cycle Group

Post by Karian » Thu Oct 21, 2010 2:05 am

karin1: We waited to tell even our family.... and when I finally told my sister she told me that it would be cheaper to adopt, after I told her the cost of the treatment (easy for her to say after she had two beautiful children)....It really broke my heart and made me realize that no one will understand unless they are going through the same situation. At the end, the only thing that matter it's what you and your hubby want. Best of Luck!
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Re: Fall 2010 Cycle Group

Post by annashope » Thu Oct 21, 2010 3:00 am


I am so sorry you are not getting any understanding from your family but you are not alone. We also stopped discussing things with our family. As per adoption being cheaper...well your sister is wrong. DH and I went through adoption a year ago and spent 17k and that was only the first half and by the way we still don't have a baby and not sure if/when adoption will actually pan out- we are on a waiting list/outer space since adoption often depends on birth mother choosing you. So no it is not cheaper nor is it faster and after all that money and home study and everything we are still here in IVF and no closer to a child. People who don't have fertility issues have no clue as to what we go through and often talk out of their a** Sorry but it gets me frustrated since my family is the same way.

DVC I can totally relate :) We have been ttc for almost 3 years and we have a year and a half old beautiful golder retriever and a seven month old German Sheppard puppy-they are totally our babies. Your puppy is precious and I am very happy for you-congrats!
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Re: Fall 2010 Cycle Group

Post by DandMe » Thu Oct 21, 2010 3:19 am

BLang4d wrote:Just a quick update on me. It turns out I had a late implanter and I am in fact pregnant but not sure it's a keeper. I got a BFP Monday with a $ tree, Answer, and a Clear blue digital said "Pregnant". I went for a beta yesterday and it is very low at 21 but has doubled perfectly since the 2.5 I got on 9/13. I started my meds back as soon as I got the bfp but it may have been too late because I was already spotting. I just wanted to update. It looks like I will be on this roller coaster for at least a few more days. I'm hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.
I am hoping for the best for you as well. I've heard a lot of miracle stories. :) Congrats :)
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Re: Fall 2010 Cycle Group

Post by DandMe » Thu Oct 21, 2010 3:35 am

FrecklesDC wrote:Hello everyone.....just a quick update on me. I'm of course in the 2WW! Going a bit crazy but all seems to be ok. My 1st beta is scheduled for next Tuesday the 26th. I'm definitely anxious about that.

I have to say that I am so bummed. We had 2 embryos that we transferred and 2 that we were hoping would make it to 5 days to freeze. We didn't have any to freeze because they didn't make it. :(

I am 33 years old with no known fertility issues and I was on a pretty high dose of all the meds. Why do you think I would only produce 8 follicles? That just makes me wonder because if I'm not pregnant this time, I don't have any frosties. :cry:

I feel really emotional right now and feel that I'm not pregnant. I don't know why but my boobs aren't that sore anymore and I don't feel much in my stomach area either. I'm also not that moody. I may be reading into everything. I also have not had any implantation bleeding. :cry:

I wish I could keep up with everyone and write personals but I'm not that good at keeping track of my own stuff. I just hope everyone out there knows how much this board has helped me in this process and how much I hope and pray all of you get that wonderful BFP you deserve.

It's understandable that you are feeling down, but don't think that not having symptoms at this point is a bad thing. Remember that many women have no symptoms at all, and this is way too early for any real signs. I think we are on the same timeline.. we did our transfer on Sunday the 17th (3 five day blasts).... 8dpo is too early for even the most early of implantations. Very few women actually experience implantation bleeding, and honestly, there is question that it even exists among medical professionals. Your boobs will be sore from the hcg and progesterone and as the hcg wears off from the trigger, you'll start to feel better. And as for feeling anything... well those embryos are only visible under a microscope.. so even if they are happily attached and growing, you'd never know it! What I'm saying, is try to distract yourself... and keep hoping. It's tough without the 'insurance' of FE's, but take heart that you are young and fresh embryos are a lot more likely to implant. I'm testing out my trigger and was surprised to still have a line tonight. We'll just wait together, okay? My beta is on the 26th as well.
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Re: Fall 2010 Cycle Group

Post by NancyB » Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:05 pm

Getting ready to head out for my ER. I'm crazy nervous.

Amanda, I'm thinking of you and your ER this morning as well.

there was another ER today.... was it Annie? I think so. Thinking of you as well.

Hope all goes well and look fwd to checking in w/ everyone after it's all over.

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Re: Fall 2010 Cycle Group

Post by TammyS » Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:44 pm

Klinger, Nancy, and Annie....Good Luck today girls!!!
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Re: Fall 2010 Cycle Group

Post by margi26 » Thu Oct 21, 2010 1:10 pm

ER TRIO (Amanda, Nancy and Annie): Great luck today!!! :D :D

AFM: Exciting news from my SNS this morning! Follies on Left side: 22, 21, 19...and 2-16, 2-15, and 4 more>10 and 5<10! So I am good to go...as in I triggered after appt on my way to work! :shock:

DH goes in at 10:30 tomorrow for his "deposit" and I go in at 12:30 for my IUI!!! I was thinking Saturday or Sunday, so I am super excited.

I have my acupuncture appt tomorrow later in the afternoon. I have never gone before. Nurse said it would be fine, possibly helpful--any opinions? Should I go? Cancel?

I guess I will be PUPO tomorrow afternoon! :D :D
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