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need sperm in exchange of eggs

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need sperm in exchange of eggs

Postby eastindian » Wed Nov 17, 2010 9:17 pm

Anybody wants "eggs" for IVF in exchange of sperm.
I am 28, from India, light Brown skin, brown eyes, dark brown hair. I am perfectly healthy. I think I have good quality eggs, as I have done 1 IVF. I live in orange county (california). I want to help other couple in the same boat.
I was using california cryobank for donor sperm, but its too expensive for me now after all these negative result. I need sperm from any Indian origin or who looks like indian (skin color, facial features). It will be a mutual help, no money involve.
Anybody interested can contact me at simmi2u2000@yahoo.com

About me
me-28 perfect
DH-36 azoospermia

#1 IVF(2009) with TESE and backup doner sperm - BFN (used doner sperm)
#2 FET (2009) - BFN
#3 1st IUI (2009) - BFN
#4 2nd IUI (2010) - BFN
#5 3rd IUI (2010) - BFN (was pregnant for 1 week, BETA no. was not increasing)
# 6 4th IUI (2010) - BFN
I am tired of all negative results, so I am taking a break
Me-27, Husband-35
Male factor
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