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Need Bravelle and Menopur

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Need Bravelle and Menopur

Postby NancyB » Fri Nov 26, 2010 5:09 pm

Hi Ladies,

We are going to be going for a fresh cycle the first of January. I should start my cycle the end of December or first of January so that's when we'll start (if all goes well) As everyone understands, finances are tight and we are totally self pay.

If anyone has any Bravelle or Menopur, I would be ever so appreciative of you gifting it to me. Of course, I will cover shipping costs for you!

I currently have 6 vials from my last cycle. Amanda has 4 vials for me (I think that's what she said) :-)

Another lady has some for me but I don't know how much yet.

I promise that if I have any left, I will be equally as kind and gift it to someone else.

Thanks ever so much. Every little bit helps and if we can get most of our Bravelle and Menopur this way, it will make this cycle much easier on us financially

Thanks, ladies!

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2nd beta 6/15 -- 1160
3rd beta 6/17 -- 2656
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