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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by margi26 » Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:28 am

Tiger: I would definitely insist on a HSG. How frustrating would it be to have blocked tubes and be doing all these IUIs? My RE didn’t give us an option there. Plus, I have heard from lots of women that it “flushes” things out and tends to increase pregnancy rates after the procedure for the next couple cycles. Hoping you won’t need to worry about that because tomorrow you will be pregnant!!

Lauren: Hoping that you are WRONG, but be clear and firm in your WTF session next week.

Kynlee: Glad that you are all psyched about your next cycle. PMA is very important! And, glad that you don’t seem to have any negative side effects with the Lupron either.

AFM: So after getting pretty upset at Mail-pharmacy--total of 1 hour 20 minutes on HOLD for 3 different phone calls, I finally got my script sent over to local pharmacy. And insurance did over-ride it so it was covered. Whew.

SnS tomorrow!!!! Then Lupron shots! I should start stimming next week after AF comes after stop BCP's this weekend? Still trying to fully understand this protocol.
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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by riogirl71 » Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:45 am

kynlee - so glad to hear your excitment and PMA for this cycle!!! Do you start Follistim in March after Lupron? This is your lucky one!!!

Tiger - having hydrosalphinx can hinder implantation because of the fluid, it is thought to be toxic to embryos, my new RE insisted I have one. So even if your tubes are not blocked but you have a slight infection it could hurt implantation. BFP dust for you for tomorrow!

Margi - tons of follies tomorrow!!!!

CJ - Sorry to hear about your RE not listening, I hope this cycle turns around somehow.

Kimber - how are you feeling? When is your beta?

Lou - getting MS or is it better?

Sunshine12- How are your embies doing? You will be PUPO soon! We might find out tomorrow :)

Tammy - any drooling yet? ;)

Anton - great PMA for this cycle!

Amanda - you are so mayor of crazytown right now - love it, BFP soon!

SD when do you get an update?

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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by Lauren1171 » Wed Feb 09, 2011 4:11 am

Margi - Good luck with your S&S tomorrow!!!

Tiger - I agree with Margi. You should definitely get the HSG test. One of the docs I work with got one a few years back and was pregnant two months later on her own.

Leora - You are so right about the knowing it's negative but still holding out that 1% hope that it is still positive. I joke with my DH that we do not have luck with money, IVF, etc, but at least we look good lol! Seriously though, I would like to be one of the people who has good luck and it works with on 1st try!
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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by amanda1979 » Wed Feb 09, 2011 5:20 am

Tiger- I think a HSG is a good idea. I have had 3 of them. They were not comfortable for me, but they made me feel better to know both tubes were open. Sending lots of baby dust towards you for tomorrow.

TammyS- Thank you for all the PM on facebook. They are helping laugh & keep sane for the next few days. I will be sure to return the favor the next 2wks for you.

Lou- I keep looking at your pee sticks pictures for hope. They make me feel better about my negative stick.

Lauren- What is the next step for you? IVF cycle?

CjinNC- I am sorry you had to trash the cycle. Hopefully the next one will go so much better.

Rypell1985- I do remember from the December boards. Thank you for the words of encouragement.

KimberBaby- How many days are you dpt? I am 10 dpt.

Margi- I am so excited for you!!

Sunshine12- Any update on the embryos are doing?

AFM: I did a digital test today and of course it said " NOT PREGNANT" I know they take my HCG to read, but I really wanted the "PREGNANT". I have to go out and buy some more regular test tomorrow. Wednesday I will be 11 dpt.
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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by anton » Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:39 am

hi ladies :)

i thought i jump in early today (wednesday 9th, time 12:30) I usually write in the afternoon but i just finished my walking session and thought of you ladies how you all doing! :)

leorira-first of all I am so glad you are having a good time with your self! :D try and benefit from all this free time you have...i have been painting, creating some unique necklages, I took meditation classes etc. and I am trying to find someone good to do accupancture..seems that a lot of you tryed it and it works for you!...enjoy to the max your free time! :D ...don't be desperate with your follies dear! i wouldn't cancel this cycle if i where you! like your RE said, this might be a slow start. and nothing else! its too early to jump into conclusion that are messing your PMA! take a long walk, calm down, wait and see. tommorrow night your sns will be better! you'll see! no need to make a basket full of eggs to get a BFP! be patient and think positive my friend! i'll be praying for those follies to grow!!!! xxx

sunshine-thank you for your kind words :D ...well, the protocol I'll be using is the ''antagonist''. i have never used this one before and i hope i respond well to it! using a new protocol doesn't scare me as I would try anything that that will bring those 2 lines on my pee stick! :D so when are you going to ET? lots of baby dust to you my friend! :)

Lou-thank you so much for the baby dust! :D you put a smile on my face! :D i never stopped believing that is going to happen for me and my DH! every cycle, i think of it as THE ONE! so even if the previous cycles ended with a BFN it just wasn't meant to be, this cycle is going to be THE ONE for us! I so baddly want to be a mommy and give my DH a baby or two, that i am dreaming those 2 lines every night! :) ...glad you are doing ok! keep it up and enjoy being pregnant to the max! xxx

CjinNC-I am sorry things are not happening for you the way you planned them but you shouldn't loose your hope! this cycle aint over yet. dont give up, have some faith! i hope everything turns out for the best. I'll be praying for you!

margi-16 more days to California! :D i am excited for you as if i am the one that goes!! :lol: ...Iam expecting my AF on the 5th of March (i would like to believe this is going to be my last AF for the next 9 months! :D ) and that is when I start stimming...God that day is fo far!! but Iam geting there! I hear you!!..lets get this IVF show on the road! :) we are up and running! Good luck with your sns tommorrow !

Jeib-how's the PUPO girl doing! anything exciting you want to share! :)

Tiger-i know what you mean! i totaly believe you should ask for a check up! ...because of my DH sperm issue, on my 1st ivf i didn't make any tests but then i did a laparoscopy and following tons of blood tests. that is how we end up doing this DNA test that brought us where we are now. it seems that we have the same gene me and my DH and my RE believes that this is the reason why we got those BFN. so now I am doing these shots with my DH gene or something like that when we transfer the embies, my uterus will recognize them as friendly and not be hostile so that they implant and grow. my blood test is on the 24th Feb and we are going to find out if this therapy worked! i have a strong feeling that is going to work! :) I believe you should do more check ups and diminish all those WHAT IF's . But hey! this cycle aint over! wait and see! do your Beta and a take a thing at a time. you might not need to make another test! :) I'll be praying for you! :wink:

Tiger-I am so sorry!..and at the same time I really hope that you are wrong! be strong my dear!! :|

Kynlee-I like your PMA spirit! stay pumped for this cycle! that will bring you the BFP! baby dust to you! :D

Kimber-when is your beta? feeling good with those injections! :)

amanda1979-i think 10dpt is too early to show the BFP! don't forget what Lou told us about having the blood test and got a BFP and at the same day POAS and got a negative. anything is possible! be positive, patience and have faith that those 2 lines are going to show up eventually! :)

baby dust to all of you!!!! I strongly believe that all of us ladies on this board are born to be mommies!!!! this cycle or the next we getting closser to motherhood! i feel it! have faith!!! :D

my love to you all
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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by wannabeamum » Wed Feb 09, 2011 1:04 pm

Hi all,
Im not sure this person ^ is ok i just translated what was said on my computer?
and this is what it says:

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Call you pritorčat′ in Crimea, on the sea in the most comfortable conditions.
For this purpose you have to choose a small fraction of resorts of Crimea. stop your choice what inspire the sympathy, come and rest assured.

buy an apartment in Yalta-a divine, doroguschy resort by the sea. is permanent.
Livadia-small village near Yalta, completely in the forest zone.
Rest in Yalta-a beautiful place in Crimea, advise.
Recreation in Gursuf-prices as in Yalta, but my opinions in Yalta favorably.

Well sorry my darling this isnt a property buying website x (Ahhh bless)

AFM : Ok so today ladies i went for my other u/s and from 13 follicles
i have 20!!! (omg) how amazing are our bodies?
I do suffer from pcos so i suppose thats why.
7 follicles on my left are at 12mm and the ones in my right
are apparently smaller and very lazy has anyone experienced this?
will they catch up?

Ashley - im really looking forward for your beta on friday Im
praying for you every night hun xxxx

Tiger and lauren - Praying for that BFP fingers crossed update us xx

Leora - I had a u/s on monday they see 13 follicles now today 20!!!
You deserve this and i am feeling positive for you?
Just try not to worry (easier said then done i know)
I will pray for you every night xxxx

Kynlee - I am definately jotting down everything now its just i never know what to ask lol x
thanks for the staying positive bit because your so right thanks for your support.
Im glad your feeling pumped up for this cycle all the best hun x

margi26 - Update us tomorrow after SnS i bet your well excited i was and thank you
so much for your support too x

Amanda - Any news?

Lou - im still in shock and am so very happy for you coz you were so adament that
it wasnt going to happen i have been telling all my friends about your story
your journey was amazing!!!! All my love new mummy xx

meimemo - Congratulations hun xx

Anton - 25th aint to far away i wish you all the luck in the world xxx

If there is anyone i have missed im sorry but i wish you all the best of luck xxx

All my love


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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by hotgreentea » Wed Feb 09, 2011 1:10 pm

We had ET yesterday. They said the quality was excellent, but we still transferred two. We still have five that are in the same condition, and they are going to see if the remaining ones held over last night.
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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by CJinNC » Wed Feb 09, 2011 1:49 pm

Sherry.. congrats on transfering 2! You are PUPO! I hope this is your lucky cycle.

Samantha... you forgot me! I'm so upset... heehee..not really..

Anton, and others... thank so much for the PMA... I have been feeling sorry for myself, but not as much as I had thought. DH asked me this morning when I would ovulate so he can "plan" on it.. and I said to not worry about it, lets just have fun when we want. I'm tired of planning my life out. I will be planning for full-on IUI cycle next month, but I'm not freaking out about it. I am successfully psyching myself into "whatever happens happens". Not exactly "positive" mental attitude... but "indifferent"... which works for me too. LOL

margi... CA is getting close. You are going for that glitter-city embie! YAY! :mrgreen:

Lou- I love the story about your doc jumping up and down. I have a odd RE, but I really like him. He's a huge Elvis fan and on my first consult we talked about visiting Graceland. :P

amanda... still holding out hope for the "pregnant" sign... :!:

Lauren... I bet you guys do look good! :) And you will look even better as mommy and daddy! :wink:

Tiger... I had an hsg and then laproscopic surgery 4 months later. Both showed my tubes open, but during the lap he cleared out a lot of adhesions / scar tissue that was adhering my ovaries to my uterus and bowels. I got my one and only bfp two cycles later. I really think the "cleaning" did the trick. I am actually thinking about having it done again - especially since it looks like my left ovary is "hiding" I think it might actually be "stuck" somewhere. Insurance even covered it as diagnostic, even though they don't cover anything related to infertility.

Kimber, Tammy and the rest of our PUPO mommies... can't wait for beta day!
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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by leorira11 » Wed Feb 09, 2011 2:03 pm

Jeib - whenever we tell someone about our troubles TTC -they always say "what about adopting?" -- I WISH! If we could adopt a healthy baby tomorrow - I WOULD! People really don't understand how much harder adopting is that fertility treatments. I wish adopting worked for us....

Carol - I'm so sorry things didn't work for you with the Clomid. That's so frustrating.... can you do just injectibles next time?

LYD - even on the Follistim, I didn't take such a high does (usually between 150-175iu -- lowered to 100 when I also took 1 Menopur). I don't know what my doctor really wanted to do by switching me -- I'm just annoyed now.

sunshine 12 - congrats on the ET! ftr - I would never cancel the cycle.... I"m just worried the doctors will decide to do that. Because we are completely covered by insurance, doing another cycle isn't a financial concern.... just time, patience and energy.... I'm really hoping we don't cancel - I'm just worrying about that now for the first time ever.

Lou - I feel that I *could* take care of a special needs/at risk child - the question is if that is the best thing to bring into our family right now (being so young and having no other kids). Adopting a child with special needs was actually the plan for the future - but more like 20 years from now, when our kids were grown. I know that these kids need homes, but I also need to make sure I'm doing what's best for us. We'll see... -- and 'nothing much to report' is GREAT for you, you pregnant lady you!

Kimber - DEFINITELY yes a new needle for injecting! and the 2ww sucks, sorry! When is your beta?

Tiger - your beta is tomorrow? Good luck.... - I just had a HSG and it was really easy. Maybe ask for one , just to reassure yourself.

Rio - thanks for the 'grow follies grow' blinkie - but I don't really understand why it has a picture of a pink elephant on it.... hmm.... :D

Lauren - I understand - I always just start my BCP again and wait to see what's next. I'm so sorry things didn't work out.... where do you want me to move you on the list? (btw - on traffic - isn't driving INTO Boston not a big deal at 5pm - I would think everyone is trying to drive OUT of Boston) -----

Kynlee - I'm glad your Lupron is going well! Luckily February is the shortest month!

Margi- YAY! I'm so glad you got your Lupron! Hurray for starting!

Amanda 1979 - I'm sorry about your negative HPT. I've heard that the digital ones are sometimes less sensitive - so a BFP can take longer to show up. Good luck on your beta

Anton - thanks for reigniting my PMA - I was just really down when I got home from the clinic with less than ideal news - especially on top of our 'scary' adoption appt.... I am LOVING the free time! How did I ever get stuff done while I was working? :D

Samantha - for some reason, we get a bunch of Russian spam. Just ignore it --- unless you want to buy property in Crimea! Congrats on so many follies!

Sherry - yay! PUPO! when do you have your beta?

Carol - In some ways we are 'lucky' that we never had to do timed intercourse -- so unsexy! Maybe take a mini-break (stay in a hotel for a night or two -even if in your own town) just to light some fire!

AFM --- job interview today. Not really an intersteing job (customer service on the phone and live-chat) and not great pay (about $500 less per month than I was earning -- salaries here are talked about in 'months' not yearly).... but the hours are good and it's something to do (and some more money). I'm thinking about it, but not sure. They'd want me to start Feb 21... we'll see..

I'm so nervous about my SnS tomorrow -- I really hope those follies have grown really big! I'm starting to 'feel' them.... my abdomen is sensitive and if you push on it, it hurts. Hoping that's a good sign. I'll let y'all know as soon as I know more!



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-Krisnjer - AF is here! on OCP, Suppression check on 1.19, ER/ET early Feb
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-andsahsa - starting stims mid Feb, approx ET 3.3
-margi26 – started BCP 2.2 - approx ER 3.1


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-Kynlee - AF started 1.18 - start Lupron Feb 6th - approx ER March 15


-CjofNC (Carol) – timed intercourse - started AF 1.25
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-leorira11 (Leora, aka listmistress!) - started stims 2.1
-wannabeamum (Samantha) - started stimming 1.31


-SDtrying#2 - started stims 1.27, ER 2.6 and ET 2.11 - beta 2.22
-Kerri_789 - started stims 1.26 - ER 2.7


-lauren1171 - IUI 1.27, beta 2.9 (WTF on 2.2)
-Tiger04 - IUI on 1.25/26 beta -2.9
-amanda1979 - ER on 1.27 - ET 1.30 - beta 2.11
-HopeIsAllIHave (Ashley) - ER 1.28 - ET 2.3 - beta 2.11
-Kimber Baby - ER 1.28 , ET 2.3 - beta
-jkulab – start stims 1.21, ER 1.30 - ET on 2.5 , beta 2.16
-TammyS – start stims on 1.22, ER 2.3 - ET 2.6
-Sunshine 12 - start stims 1.27 - ER 2.6 - ET 2.9
-hotgreentea (Sherry) - start stims 1.23 - ER 2.3 - ET 2.9


-anacris (Nov) – FET 11.29, Beta 12.11 = 444, u/s on 12.28 - one happy, healthy baby!
-rypell1985 (Ryann) – start Lupron 10.11, lining check 11.29, FET 12.3, Beta 12.15 = 275, beta #2 = 824 - u/s = twins!
-annashope – natural IUI 12.2, Beta = 247, Beta#2 = 725 - one happy, healthy baby!
-kildean23 – FET 12.14, beta 12.27 = 565!, 2nd beta = 1315!, u/s on 1.6 - 2 sacs! next u/s 1.31
-taxcplforivf (Ginger) – start stims 12.4, ER 12.15, ET 12.20, beta 12.29 = 68!, beta #2 - 1466!, u/s 1.17
-BakersBaby (Kelly) – start stims 12/3, ER 1.13, ET 12.16, beta 12.30 = 365!, beta #2 1.7 = 3300, u/s one happy, healthy baby! OB visit on 2.2
- Karian - SURPRISE SPONTANEOUS BFP! beta = 101!, beta #2 - 566, u/s 1.18 - one happy, healthy baby!
-krcaja (Kristin) - ER 1.11, ET 1.16, beta 1.28 = 364! next beta 1.31 = 1565! u/s 2.15
- lou71 (Lou) - started stims 1.11, ER on 1.21, ET 1.24, beta 2.4 = 290! next beta 2.7 = 780! U/s on 2.22

-Krys – started estrogen 11.11, FET 11.30, Beta 12.14- BFN
-Cshell717 (Mishell) – start stims 11.22, ER 12.3 w/ ET 12.6, beta 12.20 -BFN
-x0Heather0x – FET, b/w 12.3, u/s 12.10, FET 12.16, beta 12.28 - BFN
-Riya - beta on 1.7 BFN
-Jamiep03 - ET 12.27, beta 1.9 = 21.8, chemical :(
-kariberri517 - 3dt on 12.10, beta on 12.27 = 392, 12.29 = 472, 12.30 = 576... :(
-Sweetpea614 (Kat) - ER 1.14, ET 1.16, beta 1.28 BFN
-lynniecat - started stims 1.4 - ER 1.16 - no eggs at ER :(
-Penny100 (Darlene) - ET 1.17, beta 1.31 BFN
-Trusting (Amanda) - started stims 1.10, ER 1/24 - beta 2.4 BFN
-qita71 - 5dt on 1.27 beta 2.7 BFN
8 IVF+6 FET=6 BFN+8 BFP =

-b/g twins 22w (12.09)
-mc 10w (9.10)
-Micha (7.19-24.11) & Asaf (7.19-28.11) born at 24w
-mc 5wk (2.12)
-no HB at 18w (10.12)
-BO (4.13)-
-mc 6wk (9.13)

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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by HopeThisWorksM » Wed Feb 09, 2011 2:22 pm

Hi all, figured I'd post here instead of the other thread I started. Here is where we're at now...

Went in for ER last Saturday. 13 follicles resulted in 8 mature eggs...

Got an update from the doctor yesterday, day 3. All 8 eggs fertilized and are growing. Currently, they're telling us that all 8 are grade 1 and all currently 8-10 cell. The doctor said he would be totally surprised if we did not get at least two good blastocytes out of this . We go in for et tomorrow, Thursday.

Keeping fingers crossed :)

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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by Kerri_789 » Wed Feb 09, 2011 2:53 pm

Hi everyone,
A quick update: I now offically enter 2WW.
The fertility report was not very satisfying. Out of 17 eggs collected, only 5 were mature. With ICSI, 3 were fertilized. I had to make decision on the spot whether to transfer 2 or 3 embryos. I chose to transfer 2 and froze one, while my DH preferred having all 3 transferred. I had my way eventually. I am not sure whether I am making a sensible decision. What would you do if you were in my situation? I know it is impossible to change now but it is just good to know in case it happens again.
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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by katieb1231 » Wed Feb 09, 2011 4:08 pm

Hi Girls - Well I am back! I finally got my PMA in check & am feeling good again. I had a pretty hard road of it after my last miscarriage so sick of getting pregnant only to loose the pregnancy.... It doesn't get easier every time just gets harder :-( I kept thinking why am I paying all this money to have a MC when that is something I can do on my own!

I have been doing A LOT of acupuncture, reading, meditation & am REALLY ready for my FET on Tuesday. I have my final US, BW appt on Thursday just to make sure I am where I need to be then off to the races & I will be PUPO again. I am so EXCITED!!!

Have been following along and it looks like everyone is progressing nicely (so happy for LOU! gives me so much hope!) Too many updates to do personals so hugs & kisses to all & good luck & baby dust :-)

Have a few questions:

1.) Why pineapple? I am assuming it is the active enzyme bromoliene, can you just take a supplement or is it necessary to actually eat pineapple?
2.) Anyone heard of Apple Cider Vinegar? Something about the acidity of the uterus? How do you take it & what benefits if any have you all heard of?
3.) How many of you bed rest? & for how many days? Last time I did for 3 days & it was brutal but it worked (only to MC at at 6 weeks) I am not sure I will bed rest this time - any thoughts?
4.) What about assisted hatching have heard that it can cause the embies to split?

A shout out to Leorira our wonderful list mistress - thank you for keeping the list up to date & not booting me off it! I know I have been silent but I have been there each day reading, praying & hoping for each one of you.... I seem to retract & curl up when bad things happen it is just easier for me to take a break but now I am back & ready to get er done!
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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by Lauren1171 » Wed Feb 09, 2011 5:42 pm

Leora - I am waiting for the nurse to call with instructions. I assume they will be take pill, so I should probably be on the waiting to start for the 10th time list lol. And ya driving into Boston at 5 is ok, but I would have to drive out at 5:45 which stinks. So I don't like to go in unless it's to go to a bar and stay til 1AM which I have not done in forever lol!
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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by Lauren1171 » Wed Feb 09, 2011 5:45 pm

SD - it just took me a minute reading your post and signature lol. I was so confused and then I realized that today is the 9th lol! Good luck! My RE never even talks about doing 5 day transfers with me. I am sure things will work out great on day 5!
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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by Lauren1171 » Wed Feb 09, 2011 5:50 pm

Kerri - This is your first IVF, correct? I would have probably done two also. Now I have done so many, that I would put 5 in if RE would. He is willing to do 4, and so am I! My 1st two cycles I did 2, then 3 with a frozen transfer and 3 with my next fresh. If it is your 1st try I think more than two could be too scary! Good luck!!!
ME: 36 DH 34
Unexplained Infertility
IUI 3 times BFN
#1 IVF 1/2010 BFN
#2 IVF 2/2010 BFN
#3 FET 4/2010 BFP - D&C 5/26
#4 IVF 8/2010 BFN
#5 IVF 11/2010 Cancelled - Low Red Blood Count
#5 IVF 1/2011 - Converted to IUI BFN

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