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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by krcaja » Wed Feb 23, 2011 12:50 am

My goodness ladies sooo much has happened...

Lou- YIPEE!!!!!!

Hope- HOORAY! Can't wait till friday when you see your baby!!!

Margi- I'm so excited for you!! After all the hassles and extra stressors this has to be the cycle!!! I keep thinking about the song I'm feeling those good vibrations!!! CA is definitely a magical state!

Leora-OMG!! What a cute dog!!! We have a chocolate lab puppy (7 months old) that thinks she is my youngest child. I just KNOW this is it!!! For one thing it MUST happen as we need a list mistress on the other side!! I have sent you to our special prayer team as we need a BFP and a healthy pregnancy

Tammy- I have also sent you to my special prayer team. I truly believe you have figured out the issue with the low estrogen and now its just a matter of time before Zach has a sibling!!!

SD- Hoping your baby is growing and growing! When is your u/s? I have read 10 pages and I forgot!

Anton- wow all those needles! You definitely have put in the time and torture so familiar with this process!! I can't wait to follow you to your BFP!

To everyone else...many prayers are with you and hoping your next cycles turn out with BFP and most importantly ending with healthy babies!!!

AFM-just waiting till 3/3/2011 for the next u/s. I'm praying for baby B to pull through but I'm more than thankful and blessed if baby A is going to be our only child. Many prayers and thoughts to all of you!!!


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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by kynlee » Wed Feb 23, 2011 12:57 am

Lou- SO glad everything went great today, now you can enjoy this pregnancy :) So happy for you :)

Lyd- I have a small dog its a pappion (french dog, with butterfly ears) He is the best dog ever, i paper trained him since My Dh and I work the same hours and then once we bought our house I got him to go outside, and he lets us no when he has to go... He is a cuddle bug and likes to sleep till I get up, he is up my butt (lol), My husband makes fun of him cause he tells everyone I could throw a steak at Kingston (our dog) and when my wife walks in the room he would chose her first :)

Anton- Wow that sounds painful, but it will all be worth it when you are holding your baby :)

Hope- I am doing a fresh cycle this time, my last two were FETS and my Dr feels my best chance is fresh, so hopefully I dont get OHSS this time so I can get a fresh cycle :)

rio- Thanks for cheering us all on :)

AFM- Just got home from meeting my Godson :) he was born this morning :) He is so precious I just held him smiling knowing it will be me soon :)

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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by deftonesmo » Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:47 am

Leora – Cute doggy =) When are you going to POAS next?

Tammy –Hope you had a nice day trip =) I live in LA . . . expensive place to live, but you can't beat the weather =) We went to the zoo the other day =)

Jeib – I like the idea of being "sick" . . . I had to dodge a few showers myself when the infertility thing took its toll =(

Hope – Good luck on Friday =) Can’t wait to hear about the u/s.

Lou – great news! congrats!

Longtimer- It only takes one! =)

SD – cute pic!

Anton: you use the best graphics! so funny =)

Hopethisworksm – Good luck with your second beta!

Lauren – so unfair! I hope you fight this and win!

AFM: Wasn't sure if I was going to trigger tonight or tomorrow . . . follies are getting big, but there are a few that might need an extra day to catch up . . . but my estrogen is rising, so my RE is having me trigger tonight with the ER on Thursday . . . had 10 good ones today and I hope the rest can catch up a little =)

Me: 33/Bilateral Hydrosalpinx/Tubes Removed
DH: Perfect =)
IVF #1: BFN =(
IVF#2: BFP! Beautiful Grace born 4.24.10
IVF#3: BFN =(
IVF#4: BFP! Beautiful Grady born 1.24.12

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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by hotgreentea » Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:39 am

I wish af would just go away already! She's been around since Saturday for the most part. Ugh.

How long is a FET cycle usually? My consultation is next Wednesday. I hope we can get a move on soon. We will be going out of state to see family for a wedding in mid-May and I hope to have some good news to take with us. :wink:

Congratulations to all the bfps! For everyone else waiting, you're next! :D
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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by LYD10 » Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:50 am

SDtrying#2 wrote:great news, personals to follow later-- hcg was 497 today, no more betas now, waiting for u/s at 6 weeks!! another 2ww!
WOW, Congratulations, SD. If you didnt transfer just one, you might be thinking twins. But obviously you simply have a very strong early implanter there! WEll you can now go to Hawaii and relax for the next 2 weeks. perfect timing!!

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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by LYD10 » Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:51 am

riogirl71 wrote:Lou - congrats on an early heartbeat, my OB did not get the rate the HBs either until 15 weeks or so. Now you can relax... YEAH right!!!! ;) welcome to mommyhood where there is no relaxing and always worrying about something! Wonderful, wonderful news on your bean, I am feeling girl for you!!! When is the next US? Don't worry about your pregnancy symptoms, heartburn, sore boobs, bloatiness, sore feet, swollen ankles, tooting, insomnia, nausea are all coming ;) and aren't we so happy to go through it all without a complaint - all so worth it!Image

Tiger awesome SNS! Yeah , ski trip can wait! Great PMA!Image

Lauren 5% is ridiculous! Are you kidding me, they won't stop at anything to save $$ will they? I hope somehow they can change that stupid assessement and you can get your approval! Fingers crossed.Image

Hope - wonderful beta! US on Thursday!!! Be warned that you will be early and might not see much at all so don't freak out!Image

Lost girl the other dreaded wait! ImageGood luck on US!

nwquiz - leave only the Image it worked see? so delete anything outside of Imageand don't want her to catch anything while pregnant then you sound like the hero and don't suffer through it!

Margi - well done my friend, I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Image

Tammy - glad you had fun, I hope you can get some answers!Image

Anton Ouchie for more pain! But you are right, we will do anything for that baby. When we got the good news I thought I was needle free, now I am pricking my fingers 4x a day and giving myself 3 shots of insulin due to gestational diabetes again, all worth it but no needle vacation for me!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for brightening the board and I saw you found my little cheerleader!!!! :) thanks! Your time is coming!!!!!!!!!! You were right on the Rio, I was born and raised there and moved to the US when 22! We still visit down there often since mom lives there. I grew up two blocks from the beach Image

Leora ok, I won't tell David! Yeay for being trigger free! Love the pup on the bed pic! Sooo cute!Image

LYD10 - dogs are fun but with a toddler and a baby you might want to wait a bit. Dogs require a lot of attention and exercise and discipline and getting the toddler/baby used to being gentle too so you are training the dog and the babies. Potty training and being pregnant while caring for a toddler is not going to be fun. Also research a breed that fits your lifestyle, a super active dog will need lots of walks and exercise and attention. I love dogs and we have two, and right now while pregnant I feel like I have 3 toddlers sometimes! So there is no hurry, maybe when your new baby is 18 mos or so you can work on a puppy :) They are fun but a lot of work and also a lifetime commitment!Image

SD - love the DS story - I am so jealous you get to go celebrate in Hawaii!!!! My DS always tells dad goodnight and "Daddy, don't forget your vitamins and your water" before he goes to sleep, as I was laying down next to him, he inched over to my belly and said "night night baby, don't forget your vitamins and your water!" AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!Image

Kynlee March will be here very soon!!!!!!!!!Image

longtimer - 7 fertilized is great! PMA!Image

As always - your cheerleader! Image
Thanks for your advise, Rio.

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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by LYD10 » Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:57 am

kynlee wrote:Lou- SO glad everything went great today, now you can enjoy this pregnancy :) So happy for you :)

Lyd- I have a small dog its a pappion (french dog, with butterfly ears) He is the best dog ever, i paper trained him since My Dh and I work the same hours and then once we bought our house I got him to go outside, and he lets us no when he has to go... He is a cuddle bug and likes to sleep till I get up, he is up my butt (lol), My husband makes fun of him cause he tells everyone I could throw a steak at Kingston (our dog) and when my wife walks in the room he would chose her first :)

Anton- Wow that sounds painful, but it will all be worth it when you are holding your baby :)

Hope- I am doing a fresh cycle this time, my last two were FETS and my Dr feels my best chance is fresh, so hopefully I dont get OHSS this time so I can get a fresh cycle :)

rio- Thanks for cheering us all on :)

AFM- Just got home from meeting my Godson :) he was born this morning :) He is so precious I just held him smiling knowing it will be me soon :)
Hi kynlee - thank you for sharing your dog experience. so, is your dog ok being left alone during the day?

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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by LYD10 » Wed Feb 23, 2011 3:00 am

lou71 wrote:Quick post from my phone- u/s showed 1 baby measuring 6w3d with a heartbeat! RE doesn't measure the rate this early but said it looked good. I'm so relieved! Thank you God.
Congratulations, Lou!

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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by LYD10 » Wed Feb 23, 2011 3:01 am

HopeIsAllIHave wrote:Sherry - thank you so much! I'm anxiously looking forward to my US as well.

Lou - congrats, congrats!! So darn happy for you! Image

longtimerivf - thank you!! I will most definitely keep everyone informed! please don't be disheartened. I had 15 eggs retrieved and only 8 fertilized. They all grew strong to day 3, but on day 5, there was only 1 excellent blast and 2 good blasts. Had 2 transferred and 1 made it to freeze. You just need 1 good embie and right now, you have 7 to pick from! That's not bad at all. Keep your PMA.

nwquiz - haha, I only transferred 2. Due to my age, 2 is all they allow. Although.. my RE was strongly suggesting to only transfer 1. Good thing I stuck with 2.

SD - thanks!! Yup, done with betas. Just waiting for the ultrasound on Friday. RE called me around 7PM last night, which scared me to death. I thought she was going to say, "sorry, there was a lab mixup" or something, but phew, she just wanted to congratulate me and let me know that even though my numbers look really good, she does have an appointment available for this morning at 10 for an ultrasound if I wanted to come in. I think I'm confident enough with my numbers to wait till Friday, so I refused. I want to see more than just a gestational sac if at all possible! Aren't you due for your beta today? Hoping for a huge number!

Kynlee - thanks!! March will be here in no time! Are you going to be doing a fresh transfer or FET?

Margi - thank you!! I'm trying to remain realistic. I know it's much too early to see a heartbeat, but it sure would be a nice surprise! Looking forward to your SnS report!!

Lyd10 - thank you! It sure was nice to hear some good news after crying my eyes out for 2 days straight. what a rollercoaster! Your beta is only 2 days away! Have you POAS? Gosh, would I love a dog! DH's mom has a kennel in Belgium. We're just waiting till we can afford to buy a house and then have one of those trained Cavalier King Charles Spaniels from his mom sent to us. We have a "no dogs" policy at our apartment complex. Image Oh, I just love them!

Leora - omg, your dog is sooo cute! I got a kick out of the second pic. I even showed it to DH and we both laughed at it together - esp with his lil nose sticking out - too adorable! It's just so darn cute when they try to copy us. LOL @ your hubby bribing you to not POAS. Cute!!

Anton - Could you really feel my excitement all the way to your living room? :D Thank you, thank you! I'm just overjoyed. Eek, those tests sound quite painful. The stuff we bear to get a BFP, right? I'm sure this cycle will be it for you!

Tammy - glad to hear you made it home safely! Also, I remember reading about you getting an Android a couple posts ago. Yeah!! Androids rock! Which one did you get? Getting used to it yet?

jkulab - if it's really that difficult for you to attend her baby shower, just make up an excuse and don't go. I know how difficult that must be. When I was given the unfortunate news that my beta was dropping, all I thought about was how my sister is pregnant and how she will be having her baby shower soon. I thought to myself that I definitely would not be going to that. But hey, maybe by that time, you'll get your BFP! How's the boyfriend doing with the attempt to quit smoking? Is he on patches or gum yet?

Kat - I guess I'll never know which one occurred, but just glad that everything is looking on the upside again! Doing the AF dance for you! Image

HopeThisWorksM - Sending beta doubling vibes your way!!

LostGirl - Welcome to our wonderful group! Congrats on your BFP! Why is your U/S scheduled so far away? Sounds like you have another 2 weeks to go! We had our first beta done the same day! :D
Hope - those puppies are so cute! i have to check out that breed!

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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by LYD10 » Wed Feb 23, 2011 3:05 am

SDtrying#2 wrote:Sooooooo fantastic Lou, congrats!!!

LYD10-- I'm on pins and needles for you on Thursday!!!! I know you're not feelin' optimistic so it would be such a sweet surprise for a BFP, it's the best to see BFP just when we're losin' hope!!
I hope so , i hope so. only a day and a half left. my beta results are usually ready around noon... i am really nervous.

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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by margi26 » Wed Feb 23, 2011 3:09 am

I apologize...this is going to be a rather short post. I have a terrible splitting headache. :-( Gotta get some good sleep and need to pack and do other things to get ready for trip. Sorry also for lack of "bling" tonight!

Anton: You poor dear! That sounds dreadfully painful....but all for a great cause. I love reading your little “Novellas”

Leora: I totally LOVE your furbaby. OMG. The little nose peeking out--so adorable. And, no, won’t tell David...shhh. Your secret is safe with this addict.

LOU: YIPPEEE!!!! Congratulations. How amazingly fabulous.

Tammy: Glad you had a nice time away--although sorry about the nightmare of a drive. I do not miss the snow and ice at all.

Kat: Thanks for well-wishes. Hope AF doesn’t appear too late and you can get this show on the road...let us know when to put on our dancing shoes for ya! ;-)

Lauren: What on earth!?! Good thing I don’t cuss, or I’d be cussing up a storm. That is absolutely ridiculous. I am sorry. Glad that your RE is on your side. Get that letter to them ASAP...and if they need some more, I am sure some ladies from the board would be happy to inundate them with letters. LOL. Sending lots of support.

NwQuiz: Keep working at'll get that let those embies stick.

Defton: Congratulations on triggering!!! Getting into the home stretch now. How exciting. 10 good ones sound great.

Tiger: So happy for a great report! And nice thickening are gonna be in awesome shape!!

Rio: Thanks for cheering us on and for all the wonderful blinkies! You are so positive and so amazing!!

Kristin: Glad you checked in. How are you feeling? 3/3 isn’t too far away. I will be praying for the best for you.

SD: Very Awesome!!! Yippeee. Wonderful Beta! Now you get to kick back and relax and Hawaii--what a perfect place to do so! As you start your next 2ww. Congratulations!

AFM: SnS went well...18 follies growing! 8 on Right and 10 on Left. Around 11mm. I went to a different lab today and guess what? They couldn't get my E2 level to California?! WT-hay? This is so absolutely ridiculous. This cycle I have been to 4 different labs and only one was able to get the levels to CA the same day (STAT). Really people? But, I am still totally excited and happy--albeit headachey. Acupuncture went well--I had a great power nap. Thanks everyone for the well wishes. It means a lot to me. I go back on Thursday before I fly out to get another SnS. Woohoo to me. Not long now.
Me: 44, endo. & 1 tube due to rupture
DH 36 fine
IVF#1 double ectopic/severe OHSS 12/08
IVF#3 BFP-->m/c
IUI#1, #2, and #3, 2010 BFN
IVF#4-2/11 HPT=BFP 11dpo; 13dpo=240! 15dpo=653, 20dpo=5522,3/29=u/s-1sac1yolk 4/4=2 HBs!

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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by leorira11 » Wed Feb 23, 2011 6:51 am

Anton - first of all - I love your attitude. I agree that we might as well be positive, because being negative doesn't help anything at all. But sometimes it's so hard. About the dog - we decided we wanted to get the puppy before we had the baby. So we got a puppy right after we started TTC.... our puppy is 3 years old now and still no baby! I'm so glad we got him first - otherwise we'd still be waiting for our baby AND our puppy!

Tammy - I stalk you on Facebook too and your mini-vacation sounds AMAZING! Sorry you got snowed in though. I was trying to explain to people here how dangerous driving in the snow is, but they don't get it. If (big *if*) it snows, everything here shuts down. No one goes to work. No one drives. Everyone just goes out and plays in the snow!

Jeib - I agree with some other ladies - if you want to go to the baby shower, then go. But feel free to leave early - or even beg off 'sick' or 'busy at work'. Luckily in Judaism, no one does baby showers, but I do have to deal with new babies. A friend of the family is having a boy any day now and we are expected to go to the circumcision ceremony (bris). Depending on what news we get and when, we may not want to go. Hopefully people will understand.

Lou - YAY! See, crazy pregnant lady, everything is fine! Woohooooo! What's next? Just waiting another 8 months to meet him or her?

Kat - I'm glad to hear you are starting again, as hard as it is. I hope AF is timely!

nwquiz - you got it to work! (or at least your assistant did, you celebrity!) How did your IUI go? Should I move you to the 2ww?

HopethisworksM - how was the second beta?

Ashley - my clinic also doesn't care when I do my first u/s (either at 5 weeks - or anytime after that). The longer you wait, the more you will see -- so the question is always how long I can hold out! Thanks for the puppy compliment! He always has his little nose sticking out - DH calls it a 'periscope nose' :D

Lauren - WTF? Denied? UGH. Can you get a medical opinion that gives you higher chance than 5% and then the insurance will do it?

Tiger --- I know that it was too early to see anything - but now I'm confident that if I see a line on any of my other (secret!) HPTs, that it's for real. I'm not peeing today (8dpo) because I know there's no trigger and it's still way early. Maybe Friday... Sounds like that estradiol REALLY worked! Woohoo!

Kristin - I always thought people who thought of their dogs as people were a little weird, but now I have a dog who is TOTALLY part of the family and really like our 'furbaby'! March 3 will be a good day (my beta day too!)

Kynlee - congrats on the new Godson! I know it's hard to be around newborns when you are trying so hard to have your own, but maybe this will be on your way to your BFP!

deftonesmo--- I really feel like I *should* hold out to POAS until next week (the earliest I've gotten a BFP is 7dp5dt - which would be Sunday). I want to pee again on Friday (10dpo), but I know that's still too early...-- congrats on Triggering!

Nicole - that's AWESOME! My beta with twins was 450 at 17dpo - so you've got a really good high number. Enjoy Hawaii!

Sherry - how long a FET is depends on your protocol. I start BCP when I get AF the cycle before (usually a BFN). Then I stop, get AF and start estradiol tablets (orally, 2mg x 3/day). Usually, FET is 3 weeks later.

LYD - just one more day.... no urges to pee on a stick? - update us as soon as you know!

Margi - sorry about your headache. I hope you got some relief from that. 18 follies? That's great! Have a great flight tomorrow!

AFM-- this is the hardest part of the 2ww... far enough away from the ET but not close enough to the beta.... 3dp5dt today.... I want to know already! No inklings at all, but I never have....



-swaters2815 (Stephanie) - starting mid-January
-kbillsy – IUI 12.4, Beta BFN - saving up money to do it again!
-jmbella (Jenn) - waiting to start late-Jan/early-Feb
-Sunshine1576 - PLAN: Lap surgery, 2 rounds of IUI and then IVF in June (if not already pregnant!)
-anton - blood test on 2.25, RE appt on 2.28
-Penny100 (Darlene) - next cycle in April - good luck!
-TammyS – ER approx 3.10-13
-jkulab – AF is here! waiting to start stims


-Krisnjer - AF is here! on OCP, Suppression check on 1.19, ER/ET early Feb
-andsahsa - starting stims mid Feb, approx ET 3.3
-lauren1171 - on BCP waiting for insurance approval...grr...


- andrea3821 - COME ON, AF!


-NancyB - FET delayed to April
-Katie1231 - FET delayed to 3.18
-luv2bamom (Subha) - FET on 1.25
-ConnieC - FET 2.17


-Kynlee - AF started 1.18 - start Lupron Feb 6th - approx ER March 15


-nwquiz - stimming for IUI - Monday morning 2.21
-deftonesmo -started stims 2.14, ER 2.24 - ET 2.27
-margi26 – started Lupron! - AF is here! - approx ER 3.1
-qita71 - started stims 2.17
-Tiger04 - AF is here! HSG 2.17 - IUI approx 2.23-4


-JustSoLost (Shell)- ER 2.16
-longtimerivf - started stims - ER 2.20


- nat&alex - FET 2.9 - beta 2.17
-LYD10 -start stims on 1.29 - ER 2.10 - beta 2.24
-CjofNC (Carol) – timed intercourse - started AF 1.25
-wannabeamum (Samantha) - started stimming 1.31, ER 2.16 - ET 2.19 - beta 3.7 (at 3pm)
-leorira11 (Leora, aka listmistress!) - started stims 2.1, ER 2.15 - ET 2.20, beta 3.3


-anacris (Nov) – FET 11.29, Beta 12.11 = 444, u/s on 12.28 - one happy, healthy baby!
-rypell1985 (Ryann) – start Lupron 10.11, lining check 11.29, FET 12.3, Beta 12.15 = 275, beta #2 = 824 - u/s = twins!
-annashope – natural IUI 12.2, Beta = 247, Beta#2 = 725 - one happy, healthy baby!
-kildean23 – FET 12.14, beta 12.27 = 565!, 2nd beta = 1315!, u/s on 1.6 - 2 sacs! next u/s 1.31
-taxcplforivf (Ginger) – start stims 12.4, ER 12.15, ET 12.20, beta 12.29 = 68!, beta #2 - 1466!, u/s 1.17
-BakersBaby (Kelly) – start stims 12/3, ER 1.13, ET 12.16, beta 12.30 = 365!, beta #2 1.7 = 3300, u/s one happy, healthy baby! OB visit on 2.2
- Karian - SURPRISE SPONTANEOUS BFP! beta = 101!, beta #2 - 566, u/s 1.18 - one happy, healthy baby!
-krcaja (Kristin) - ER 1.11, ET 1.16, beta 1.28 = 364! next beta 1.31 = 1565! u/s 2.15 = YAY! One healthy heartbeat and a twin growing more slowly. Fingers crossed for Baby B.
- lou71 (Lou) - beta 2.4 = 290! next beta 2.7 = 780! U/s on 2.22 - one happy, healthy baby!
-HopeIsAllIHave (Ashley) - ER 1.28 - ET 2.3 - beta 2.11 = BFP! 133, beta2 = 125, beta3 = 236, beta4 = 667!.... waiting in beta hell..... but things are looking better! beta 5= 3754! u/s on Friday 2.25
-SDtrying#2 - beta 2.22 - BFP on HPT at 10dpo! beta = 18 at 10dpo, beta2= 67!, beta3 =497! u/s at 6 weeks
- HopeThisWorksM ER 2.5, ET 2.10 beta 2.18 = 55!, beta 2- 2.22

-Krys – started estrogen 11.11, FET 11.30, Beta 12.14- BFN
-Cshell717 (Mishell) – start stims 11.22, ER 12.3 w/ ET 12.6, beta 12.20 -BFN
-x0Heather0x – FET, b/w 12.3, u/s 12.10, FET 12.16, beta 12.28 - BFN
-Riya - beta on 1.7 BFN
-Jamiep03 - ET 12.27, beta 1.9 = 21.8, chemical :(
-kariberri517 - 3dt on 12.10, beta on 12.27 = 392, 12.29 = 472, 12.30 = 576... :(
-Sweetpea614 (Kat) - ER 1.14, ET 1.16, beta 1.28 BFN
-lynniecat - started stims 1.4 - ER 1.16 - no eggs at ER :(
-Trusting (Amanda) - started stims 1.10, ER 1/24 - beta 2.4 BFN
-amanda1979 - ER on 1.27 - ET 1.30 - beta 2.11 BFN
-Kimber Baby - ER 1.28 , ET 2.3 - beta 2.14 BFN
-hotgreentea (Sherry) - start stims 1.23 - ER 2.3 - ET 2.9, beta 2.17 - BFN
-Sunshine 12 - start stims 1.27 - ER 2.6 - ET 2.9 - beta 2.20 - BFN.... taking a few months break...
-Kerri_789 - started stims 1.26 - ER 2.7 ET 2.9 - beta 2.21 BFN
8 IVF+6 FET=6 BFN+8 BFP =

-b/g twins 22w (12.09)
-mc 10w (9.10)
-Micha (7.19-24.11) & Asaf (7.19-28.11) born at 24w
-mc 5wk (2.12)
-no HB at 18w (10.12)
-BO (4.13)-
-mc 6wk (9.13)

last attempt - donor sperm - baby girl born healthy July 2014

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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by qita71 » Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:54 am

Gosh you ladies have been busy whilst I haven't been online!

Leora- This is a yucky time but you just have to hang on in there with your PMA, cute little pup (and David of course!) and movies.

Lyd10- Get a puppy!!! I'm not allowed one at the moment as we're moving back to the UK in 6 months or so so have to be good and wait till then. Hence being so keen on you getting one. And the doggy door is surely "A Sign"?!

Tammy- Glad you had a fun trip. I hope you're getting some answers from your RE.

Lou- Way to go!! Thrilled for you. :D

Anton- Sounds painful but if it helps you get there.... Good luck.

Lauren- Your insurance issues suck! I do hope you manage to get it sorted here. No public healthcare here and insurance only covers you if you're a local :roll:

Tiger- Good luck for your SnS tomorrow.

Krcaja- Everything crossed for Baby B.

SDtrying- FANTASTIC news about your beta. :)

Margi- Safe flight.

AFM- Day 7 of stims. Mentally I'm finding this cycle "easier", I guess you have no clue what is going on the first cycle and that's scary. Physically I am crazily tired and very tender but guess I am asking a lot of my body doing cycles back to back. There is also more of my body as been eating like a pig and my clinic hasn't wanted me exercising since I started the first cycle. But if it works who cares about a bit of "roundness", tiredness or tenderness?! Am keeping myself out of mischief by making a baby quilt for some good friends who are due in the summer having spent ages trying. DH (Fraser) is off on a boys ski trip next week- booked ages ago when we thought we'd be pregnant by now. Not ideal timing as ER and ET likely to be whilst he is away but he has frozen some of his swimmers and there is no point both of us losing out.

Sending everyone loads of PMA. You're all in my thoughts.

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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by nwquiz » Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:12 pm

Margi- safter trip and grow follies. Dont leave us all hunging when you arrive there. you will have all the time to post here.
Qita- grow follies.
Lauren- hope you win that insurance battle. all the best
Sweatpea- huummmmm maybe your body will fool you and you will end up with a surprise BFP. its possible remember that.
Caro- HAve you peed yet :lol: :lol: come on now just a little.
Leoriria- My iui started out as h--l then the doc took over and it went fine. yesterday my cuchy was still hot and hurting from all that the nurse did to me. today feels alot better. Now am in the dreaded 2ww with you. And yes my assistant did that for me. now i have to ask her to update daily the dates.
Rio- how is big mama doing?
Tammy- how did things go when youcalled? you are a strong advocate for yourself. go girl.
nothing new to report here. just counting days.
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Re: Winter 2010-2011 Cycle Board

Post by TammyS » Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:55 pm

SD...Sooo happy to hear that your beta was HUGE yesterday! Yayyy!!! Cant wait to hear all about your u/s.

Lauren...Ugh, freakin insurance companies! It WILL get overturned, I'm sure...I just hate that you have to go through the stupid appeal though...and wait now. Hugs.

Lou...Congrats again, mama!!!

Leora...Glad the trigger is gone. lol Hope you're enjoying taking it easy and being PUPO. I just know that this is your cycle...I'm so excited for you. I think you should pee on Saturday at 11dpo. Oh, and stalk away! lol

Nwquiz...Yayy for figuring out the siggy. How are things going?

Margi...Have a safe and fun trip out...and keep us posted! I am sooo excited for you!! Hope your headache is gone now. And, Wow! 18?! That is awesome!!!

HopethisworksM...Did I miss your beta post? Praying for you.

Krcaja...Thanks for the prayers! I'm praying for you, too. Please keep us posted.

Tiger...Good Luck! Keep us posted! Yayy for estridiol!!

Qita...I love your name Mairi it pronounced Mary Ann? It's so pretty. You are so brave letting DH go away while you are going through ER/ET alone. Will you have someone to drive you on ER day? How much longer do you expect to stim? How big are your follies?

Kat...Yayyy for starting again. Hope AF arrives soon.

Kynlee...Yayyy for a new Godson. I expect that we will be Godparents soon, too...and I cant wait!

Deftonesmo...Good Luck at your ER tomorrow!! Let us know how many they got tomorrow night...when you are feeling up to it.

LYD...Good Luck tomorrow! Praying for a BFP for you! Hang in there!

Carol...Any news yet? How are you? How many dpo are you?

Samantha...How are you doing? How is everything going now?

Jkulab...AF is here? When do you start stims? We should be close....if I do start again right away.

Anton...What's new, anything? I havent gotten to talk to my regular doc yet. Genetic testing appears that it will take 4-5 weeks to get results...does that sound right to you?

Ashley...I got the Samsung Gem powered by's new. I like it...getting somewhat used to it now. Cant wait till your u/s!

Rio...Thanks for being our cheerleader. When do you get another u/s? I'm dying to know if you're having another boy.

Sherry...FET's are pretty quick and easy. I am betting you'll have great news in May.

AFM: My doc is out of the office till Saturday (doing a fundraiser in Orlando) I spoke to his colleague on the phone yesterday. All of our wtf appts are done over the phone. He thinks that I should wait 1 month and was shocked to hear about the whole estrogen thing...he was like "Wow! No kidding!" He also said that it sounds like I am one of those rare people who do not absorb the estrogen from the patches. Bill and I are going for all the genetic bloodwork today, when he gets off. My nurse emailed my regular doc to call me...and even though he dont have my chart with him, I do expect to hear from him anyhow. I dont think my regular doc will make me wait 1 cycle...but I do want his opinion. You know...if I had waited till Sunday at 17dpo (my clinic's normal beta day) would have been negative and we would be doing another cycle right away...but since I went in 3 days early...we know that I technically got pregnant and miscarried. AF/miscarriage is supposed to be here today, but since we added mega amounts of estrogen to me last Thurs-Sat...not sure if things will be delayed some now. I dont feel like it's coming at all. I am betting since we added all of that estrogen at the end...that my lining is super thick and that this is going to be a really really bad AF.

Anyone know if estrace can delay your AF?

Would you wait 1 cycle in my shoes? (My AF's are 25 days apart).
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