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How to Improve Memory and Concentration - 6 Ways to Help You

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How to Improve Memory and Concentration - 6 Ways to Help You

Postby nedycod » Tue Dec 14, 2010 7:33 pm

Enhancing memory and concentration is one thing that you may want to have to be able to do good in school or in your activities. Indeed, our mind's power can depend on many factors like nutrition, habits, lifestyle and attitude and yes, we can still find many ways on how to improve memory and concentration.

Although you can find many techniques on how to improve memory and concentration, it is also important to know the factors that affect your memory. It is important not to forget the basic needs of the body - the right nutrition and rest, because these greatly affect how your mind performs.

(1) Feed your body and mind with the right kinds of foods and enough rest. Make sure you have given your brain the fuel it needs to make it perform at its best. Fats from fish containing DHA and Omega 3 are said to be helpful in proper brain functioning. Make your diet rich in vitamins and avoid caffeine and alcohol as concentration is best attained if you are relaxed. Do not skip breakfast. It will give your mind the energy to perform well throughout the day. Give it rest at times and make sure you get enough sleep to help you stay mentally focused.

(2) Learn how to meditate. Meditation involves deep breathing and some visualization that greatly helps in improving your concentration and memory. Meditation also allows you to relax, stay calm and reduce stress that you experience everyday. These things are important for you to be able to stay focused and sharpen your memory.

(3) Be attentive. Our memory works well if we have interest on a particular thing, subject or situation. If you want to learn how to improve memory and concentration, you have to also help yourself by being interested in activities that your do. Learn to listen attentively and take a mental note of details. If you have listened to a speech, try remembering a line or sentences from that speech or from a conversation. The process of doing so will help you improve your concentration on the words of the speech.

(4) Identify your distractions and find ways to overcome them. Not being able to concentrate well may mean too many thoughts running in your mind or some distractions that prevent you to focus on one thing. If you are bothered with financial or emotional problems, work on overcoming them. Also learn to control your thoughts. If multi-tasking is keeping you from concentrating, then do not do it. It does not really work with everyone.

(5) The power of repetition. Repeating the sentences you want to remember can also be a big help not just only in aiding your short-term memory but the long-term ones. Most often, if you tell a story to different people repeatedly, you tend to find it very easy to recall without even trying to exert too much effort and even if it has been while since you last told that story.

(6) Use some fun techniques on how to improve memory and concentration. You can find games that help you train your mind not only in improving focus and memory but also in improving your analytical skills. For a better memory, you can also try the mnemonics technique to help you recall long items and lists. Adding a familiar tune or rhyme to the idea or concept you want to remember is another technique of helping your memory.
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