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getting periods while on BCP..

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getting periods while on BCP..

Postby sunshine.12 » Wed Dec 15, 2010 12:45 am

hi everyone..
i started BCP since dec 3rd , on cycle day 5 , and was having small spotting once in a while (which is normal for me). But since yesterday night or today morning i am getting full flow like periods and symptoms like cramping..i got my last periods only on nov 28th, and this is way too early even for my regular cycle(i usually get it on dot on 29th day).. Do you think this is regular periods? I never missed a pill and is having them at the same time every day..what will happen now? will i be put on BCP again for a month?i was counting down the days to start my stims..has anyone had similar experience? my re has asked me to come in for blood work if this didnt stop by tomorrow..what does that mean?..will my date gets pushed?..i couldnt get time to call my clinic today and couldnt ask too many questions..
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