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Cryoshipping arranged by 1self-Ghost/any1 who has experience

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Cryoshipping arranged by 1self-Ghost/any1 who has experience

Postby activec » Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:02 am

Many thanks, Ghost, for letting me know your centre uses FedEx. I didn't come right with them after detailing my request on their website contact section though...

I need to ship 1 vial of donor sperm from St Paul to Las Vegas. I stay in South Africa and need to give M (who is selling the vial to me) the contact details of a person who does cryoshipping. Where we are in the process is that M will return the vial to Cali Cryobank (using her RE's tank) and from there it will be shipped to Las Vegas. This is a roundabout way and costs $470. Surely there must be a cryoshipping company that can transport the vial from St Paul directly to Las Vegas.

If you have cryoshipped embryos or the like before, please could you give me contact details (email adress and telephone numbers) of the person you spoke with. It will be much appreciated as at this stage I'm just banging my head against a wall and getting nowhere.
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