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Ghost- less eggs question

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Re: Ghost- less eggs question

Postby Ghost » Sat Feb 05, 2011 4:41 am

SDtrying#2 wrote:Hi Ghost,

My RE said something today that I think she said just to try to make me feel better and I wanted to get it straight from you (we all count of you for that!). So she thinks that I'm going to have about half the eggs retrieved this cycle than the cycle I had two years ago. Which is really okay, because I had a ton last time (21). She said this "well, we don't try to stimulate as many eggs any more, we are more focused on gentle stimulation to give a higher quality but perhaps lower quantity of eggs" Everything I've read indicates that with exception for women who overstim (ie PCOS) higher numbers usually correlate with better success.

My estrogen was really great throughout the cycle so I'm kinda surprised my number is likely to be so much lower, but I guess I'm two years older, huh?

I was just curious whether or not you thought my RE was just trying to make me feel better about the lower number. I hope that's not the case...I just want honest answers.


Some studies have found that small cohorts are "better". While I question the validity of those findings, I know there are doctors out there that believe in them. Your doctor may be trying to comfort you, or may really believe less is better. Very likely a little of both, IMO.
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