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IVF and Endometrial GDA

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IVF and Endometrial GDA

Postby WannabeMommy82 » Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:55 pm

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone out there has been diagnosed with Endometrial GDA (Glandular Developmental Arrest)? After years of tests & a diagnosis of "unexplained infertility", our new doctor did an endometrial biopsy on me and I was diagnosed with GDA. It is basically a defect in my endometrium where it doesn't develop properly during the luteal phase of my cycle, which prevents a pregnancy from implanting & growing properly. I was put on Depot Lupron injections for 3 months this past summer to help fix the problem. I was also sent for another endometrial biopsy before my IVF cycle to agitate my uterine lining, which my dr. said would also help for implantation.

My hubby and I just finished our first IVF cycle. At 9 days past my 5-day embryo transfer, my hcg level was 8.6 ... at 11 days past my embryo transfer, my level had dropped to less than 3. We think the embryo(s) did implant, but died right away. I'm still waiting for a follow-up appointment with my doctor, to see what he thinks is our best course of action at this point.

Does anyone else have this diagnosis? If so, what protocol did your doctor put you on? And did your IVF work? I have yet to find someone else out there with this specific issue, and there is almost no information to be found on it. :(
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