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Re: Summer Board 2011

Post by amanda1979 » Thu Jul 07, 2011 12:07 am

Anton- So glad you are getting to start your meds :) hopefully come Friday I will be starting mine too.

rypell1985- It is wonderful to hear that you and the babies are doing wonderful. It doesn't seem like it has been that long since we cycled together.

WnderGirl- I am so sorry about your BFN. Big hugs

AlwaysAngel- 17 is a GREAT number. I am lucking to get 4 each cycle.

Easley & akdhelp- YAY for BFPs!!!!!

AFM: Just waiting until Friday for my Us and blood work. I hope everything has went back to baseline, so I can start my meds. My DH parents are helping us pay the rest of the money due in October which is a HUGE relieve. We are very lucky they can & will help us. Thank you all for the kind words for my mom. Our insurance only helps with the meds it does not cover any of the IVF except for some of the us.
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Re: Summer Board 2011

Post by RMB » Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:22 am

Congrats again everyone who got there BFP's!!! For those who got BFN's, I am so sorry to hear and don't give up!!!! Your day will come soon!

AFM - I had my 2nd U/S today and saw 4 heartbeats!!! :shock: I have been very skeptical because I have been spotting quite a bit. But to my suprise all 4 heartbeats and everything is measuring good. I go back again next week for follow up. Just taking it one day at a time.
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Re: Summer Board 2011

Post by WeHaveHope » Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:32 am

Hi everyone. I just erige a lengthy post and it was erased. I hate ejem that haopens :x
I was part of the Feb/Mar board but everyone has moved on. I am looking to hopefuly provide and receive lots of support on this new board a's I did on the last one. I am scheduled to have my transfer very soon and I am starting to get all of those familiar feeling we all get before the big day. I am feeling excited, anxious, hopeful, bit trying to remain realistic. I am really hoping and praying that this will be our time. You can read my signature to get A little bit of information about me. I look forward to reading everyone's posts. Sending lots of baby dust to all.
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Re: Summer Board 2011

Post by Kbanks » Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:00 am

Happy Wednesday ladies! Today was pretty miserable.... Everything baby-wise is good, but I did end up with OHSS (in-between mild and severe) and I am in a great deal of discomfort and outright pain. My poor belly was flat when I started this and now I look 4-5 months pregnant, no joke! I go in for my second beta tomorrow and my RE will do an exam, but as those of you that have had it know, there isn't much that can be done but to ride it out. He said it was made much worse by the pregnancy, which I am certainly not complaining about, but it is frustrating not being able to do anything about it. I am SO very nervous about the beta tomorrow, I just want a good number :roll: .

As for the question easley asked, from what I can tell online, my EDD is 3/14/12 and I won't schedule my u\s until tomorrow. I think it will be the week of the 26th though, as he wants me at almost 7 weeks. I am cramping a great deal off and on too, but am chalking it up to the OHSS.

Anton, you are a ray of sunshine on this board, I can only imagine what you must be like in person! :D

RMB, Congratulations on 4 heartbeats, how amazingly wonderful for you!!! Talk about an instant family :mrgreen: . Praying for a happy and healthy 9 months for all of us with BFP's!

Jersey, you have willpower that I never had... I can't wait to hear about your BFP on Saturday! I tested 6 days after my 5DT and got my first BFP, then day 7 I tested with 2 different tests and they were also BFP, and finally my beta was 8DP5DT. For me it was better to have an idea, but everyone is different.

I have such a great feeling about this summer group. We're gonna make a new record for the board, I just know it! To anyone I left out, I am so sorry and lots of love to you all! (((HUGS)))
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Re: Summer Board 2011

Post by Sunshine1576 » Thu Jul 07, 2011 4:38 am

Hi Everyone,
I couldn't possibly fall asleep tonight without checking on you all! My internet was down ALL day and finally when I got home from work it was back up and running thanks to dh! You know something must be wrong if you don't hear from me over a 24 hr period, right? Anyway glad I'm back chatting away... Welcome WeHaveHope!

Anton- Glad you got your protocal and the chromosome test came back excellent!

RMB- Yes take it one day at a time and I do hope the spotting stops, could it be from the progesterone? The important thing is you saw 4 hbs and everything is measuring just fine. :D

JerseyGirl- I'm the same way, this board keeps me going and has made a difference on my outlook with fertility. So many have no idea what we put ourselves through, so thankful for our circle of friends here.

AFM: Nurse Jamie from my brand new clinic called today...Ordering from a pharmacy in California...( :lol: thinking of you Margi!) Anyway she asked me if I want to go with Gonal or Follistim and I don't know the difference :?: She said they are pretty much the same med, since I've mostly used Follistim in the past, maybe I should stay with it. For my upcoming IUI in August, RE is going to have me on IU 225 of Follistim and in addition to that I'll take the vaginal suppositories (msp) to support the progesterone. I cannot wait to kick off our next cycle! Dh is too funny, he asked me today so when will we be ready this month to bd...I counted the days and told him well ov hasn't happened yet, so why not. We have nothing to loose, everything to pray for as we still believe in miracles happening everyday! xoxoxo Sunshine1576
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Re: Summer Board 2011

Post by Alwaysangel » Thu Jul 07, 2011 10:40 am

We have hope- Welcome! This is a very supportive group of ladies.

kbanks-when did the symptoms start. I ohss last retrevial in sept. It does get worse with pregnancy. I was the same way looking 4-5 months before preg test. They needed to drain fluid. R they saying anything about that? Ask LOTS of questions before doing any procedures.

Asf-doing well. So far so good. Waiting to get the call tomorrow am to see if transfer 11 tomorrow or on sunday...I hope my babies did well last night!!!!
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New re
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Re: Summer Board 2011

Post by fruit » Thu Jul 07, 2011 1:41 pm

Wehavehope - welcome to the summer board, u'll find all the support that u need, we r here for each other.

Alwaysangel - im sure ur little beans are doing great and waiting for u to pick them up :mrgreen: keep us posted with the updates.

Kbanks - i think now that u r pregnant the ohss won't go away that easy, don't know exactly, but this is what i read, anyway i go with what alwaysangel said to ask a lot of questions before doing anything.

RMB - how exciting is to hear 4 heartbeats!!! :D i can imagine all the feelings u have.... that's really amazing :)

Lontimerivf - Good Luck with ur FET, this time u r gonna bring ur baby(ies) home :wink:

easley4 & akdelp - when is ur u/s to hear the heartbeat?? keep us posted :)

AFM: today i went to the clinic and had my medications and tonight will be starting the stims... it's a new clinic with new RE and new staff, im not used to them since i had all my previous ivfs at the same clinic, but DH wanted us to try another RE, another Lab, etc.... so im not feeling very comfortable coz i like my previous RE with his staff and he working ways... but one should do what he has to do...

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Re: Summer Board 2011

Post by moorebaby » Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:42 pm


moorebaby (Ester)- AF came on 7.3/starting Lupron on 7.23/baseline on 8.5/ER should be around 8.16/ET should be around 8.21
MaTina LI (Tina)- AF due around 7.11/FET should be around 7.26
Sunshine1576 (Christy)- IUI in August
longtimerivf- FET on 7.8
Lauren- on Estrace as of 7.2/AF due around 7.11/ER around 7.21-7.25
fruit- AF due around 7.7
nicksgam- AF due on 7.10/start BCPs on 7.12/start stims on 7.30/ER on 8.10/ER on 8.14
kerpupples- deciding between IUI w/ DS or another IVF
blueeyedreamer- RE appointment on 7.12 to discuss FET
amanda1979 (Amanda)- baseline on 7.8
WeHaveHope- FET on 7.20


Wishingandhoping- on Lupron as of 6.26/on Estrogen patches as of 7.4/FET should be on 7.21
tryn4#2- on Follistim & Ovidrel as of 6.30
anton- on Follistim as of 7.6/on Menoral on 7.6, 7.7, 7.8
fruit- on stims as of 7.7


Alwaysangel- ER on 7.5/ET on 7.8 or 7.10


JerseyGirl- FET on 6.30/BETA on 7.9


NancyB (Nancy)- FET on 5.31/BETAS on 6.13- 465, on 6.15- 1,160, on 6.17- 2,656
RMB- BETAS on 6.15- 143, on 6.17- 671, on 6.20- 1,808
Dreams2009- BETAS on 7.1- 248, on 7.5- 772
easley4- ET on 6.25/BFP on 6.30!!!/BETA on 7.5- 88, on 7.8-
akdelp- FET on 6.23/BFP on 6.30!!!/BETAS on 7.5- 252, on 7.7-
Kbanks- ET on 6.27/ BFP on 7.3!!!/BETAS on 7.5- 151, on 7.7-

Wishing you Image on your journey

ME: 32
DH: 38 (Severe MF)

IVF 1: BFP...M/C
IVF 2-5: BFN
IVF 6:'s twins!!

A strong, positive attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.



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Re: Summer Board 2011

Post by moorebaby » Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:35 pm

fruit- YAY for starting stims tonight! What will you be on? I know it’s scary starting all over w/ a new RE, but DH may be right…a change might be just what you need to get that BFP.

Alwaysangel- Praying for a great report!

Sunshine/Christy- Funny that you ask about the difference between Gonal-f & Follistim. For my 1st 4 cycles at UConn, I used Follistim. When I switched to Yale, they kept the Follistim for my 5th cycle (I think b/c I already had some left over. This time, even though I have some Follistim still left, I will be using Gonal-f. They are the same as far as the effects, but according to my nurse, the Gonal-f is easier to use b/c it’s pre-filled, whereas w/ the Follistim, you have to use the dial to set-up the amount of the medication you need to use. So, when will you be starting the meds?

Kbanks- Oh, you poor thing…it sound so painful & uncomfortable! I hope you feel better soon! As far as the pregnancy, CONGRATS!!!

WeHaveHope- It’s good to be cycling w/ you again & guess what…we WILL be on the PAT board after this together!

RMB- CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS…that’s for each little one. I’m so happy for you! Here’s to a happy & uneventful pregnancy!

Amanda- You must be getting so excited! I’m sure Friday’s appointment will go good & you’ll be on your way.

Nancy- I don’t think I ever got to congratulate you! So, CONGRATS!

easley- CONGRATS mama! Good luck on your 2nd beta tomorrow! Praying that this is the 1 for you & DH!
JerseyGirl- Fingers & toes crossed for a great beta # on Saturday! I love the phrase “secret society”…you are so right!

longtimerivf- You’re almost PUPO…so exciting!

anton- I think a few pages back you had asked me about my protocol. The 1 you’re on is called the antagonist (w/ the Follistim). I was on that for my 1st 3 cycles. As of the 4th cycle, I started the agonist protocol (w/ Lupron). Basically, the way the agonist cycle works (at least the specific 1 I am on) is to wait for AF. Then, on the 21st day, I start Lupron. Then, I wait for my next AF. A few days into AF, I go in for my baseline. If all looks good, I start Gonal-f (same as Follistim). I stay on Lupron, but I think the amount decreases slightly. Then, I trigger & have ER & ET. I have a question for you…what is the reason that your RE wants you out of the sun? I LOVE the sun! By the way, I’m praying that Happy makes his way back home!

akdelp- Congratulations on the BFP!!!

Alleykittie- I never got to say congrats!

Dreams- A big congrats to you, too!

WndrGrl- I am so sorry! (((HUGS)))

tryn4#2- How are you doing?
ME: 32
DH: 38 (Severe MF)

IVF 1: BFP...M/C
IVF 2-5: BFN
IVF 6:'s twins!!

A strong, positive attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.



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Re: Summer Board 2011

Post by anton » Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:51 pm

Hi everyone! :D

Fruit- Yay for starting stims!!! :D This time we are taking our babies home!!! :D And YES! It looks like we are a day apart from getting there! Awesome!... I know how difficult it is to change clinics. Same feelings I had when I changed my after the 4th IVF...I was So pleased with my OB and staff that I send my DH to go and pick up our records. I couldn’t face them!

Rypell-Bravo for at least attempting to breastfeed! Good for you!! :D May everything goes well with you, DH, Dylan and Isabella! Soon you will make a happy family! Keep us posted on when! :wink:

Longtimerivf- Thank you for keeping your fingers crossed for me!!!! :D Good luck tomorrow on your FET!!! You’ll be PUPO before you know it girl! :D Take all the rest you feel you should take hon! Whatever makes you happy. Personally I’ve tried all scenarios, rest on the couch just for the day of the transfer, rest on the couch for almost 2 weeks!, rest on the couch for 3 days (this is what my RE recommends) and never got a positive. But at least i can say that I am in peace with my conscience and did everything I could to get that BFP. I don’t think it really matters since other women rest just for a day and they get their BFP’s. So its really up to you. I am sure no matter what you do you are getting that BFP! :D

Jerseygirl- Thank you so much for your kind words! :D And I do to hope Happy comes home soon!...Go ahead and POAS!! Poas!! Poas!! ...just don’t forget that if you don’t see those two lines that it doesn’t mean it’s a negative. In case of negative ONLY beta speaks the truth!

Easley- can’t wait to hear those 2nd beta numbers! :D And yes please! Baby dust is more than welcome!!!

Nancy- Feeling yuck sounds great to me!!! :mrgreen: Like you said, this means baby/ies are OK! Dont forget to let us know how many!

Alwaysangel- WOW!!! That is an excellent fert report honey!! :shock: I am happy for you! :D How many you planning on transferring?

Riogirl- Thank you my friend!! :D Keep those fingers crossed for me! And as for baby dust I say YES please! I am open to tons of it!!! Take good care and keep us posted when time comes to hit the road for the Delivery room!!! :mrgreen:

Amanda- Tomorrow you are starting stims too!!! Yay!!! :D This time you will get that BFP!!! ...Is so nice that your in laws are about support you with money for your IVF. Well done for them! Mine and my MIL are doing their best for us and I am grateful for that! They always care for us and help us with any way they can. And we don’t even ask for them to help us in any way! They just do stuff for us and that counts more! Good luck on your cycle my friend!

RMB- I am SO excited for you!!! 4 heartbeats sound amazing!! :D What an extraordinary experience you are going through mama!!!! :D May God be with you and take care of you and your babies for the next 8 months!! Well done mama!!!

Wehavehope- Welcome aboard my friend!! :D Good luck with this cycle! A BFP is waiting for you SOON!!!

Kbanks- Thank you SO much for your kind words!! :oops: Since you are wondering, I am actually a pretty crazy, easy going, fun person :mrgreen: ....I am sorry you have OHSS! That sounds painfull ...Keep up your PMA and don’t forget that this is all for a good cause ...a great cause that is cooking in your tummy right now! Beta tomorrow will be awesome!!! :D

Sunshine- I tried both Gonal-f in 4 of my cycles and Fostimon (Follistim in the US) and its more or less the same. Actually I find the Fostimon a bit more “bitter” while injecting it to my tummy that the Gonal-f. One does what he has to do! No matter what meds you are taking, or playing in the bedroom with DH, you are getting a BFP at end my friend!!! :mrgreen: I am too a huge miracle believer!!!! And there is miracle for everyone!!!

Moorebaby- Thank you for updating the board! May you are having a blast in your holidays!!!! :D A BFP is waiting for you next month so get as much rest as possible now cause the next 9 months you are taking a trip to motherland!!!! :wink: ...I tried the "long" protocol for 3 cycles too so I can relate to taking the BCP procedure. So you are on the agonist and me on the antagonist protocol ...I dont know but just realised that it sounds funny talking about this protocols and terms :lol: ...well, the nurse at my clinic said to avoid doing Sun exposures b/c is not good thing to do while taking hormones. I dont know :roll: I LOVE the sun too my self but I am going to follow her instructions :x I guess...

AFM- Second night of stims tonight and counting!!! I am living a Deja vous!!!!! :D.... I am making chicken fillet (marinated since this morning, in olive oil, fresh oregano from my garden, rosemary from my garden, pepper from and a pinch of salt bought from the grocery store :lol:) to be cooked on the grill with peas and carrots (boiled) on the side mixed with olive oil and lemon! Yummyyyyy healthy food!!! I just felt like Jamie Oliver! :lol: ...a famous chef that does tv cooking programmes....Google him if you guys dont know him! I highly recommend those 30 minutes meals that are ideal for those that have a busy life!!...I Love good healthy food! :mrgreen: Gotta go now!!!

It's SUMMER time ladies!!!! And this board is the mother board of BFP’s!!!! :mrgreen:

Baby dust to us all!!!

anton :D
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Re: Summer Board 2011

Post by fruit » Thu Jul 07, 2011 5:21 pm

moorebaby wrote:fruit- YAY for starting stims tonight! What will you be on? I know it’s scary starting all over w/ a new RE, but DH may be right…a change might be just what you need to get that BFP.
well, this time im doing the antagonist protocol with mild stimulation, using Puregon 150 once per day and going for an u/s after 4 days from now. the first 4 ivf i did the agonist protocol using gonalF . ivf #5 antagonist protocol with GonalF (all ended with BFN) though I have done a bit of research, GonalF and Puregon have a slightly different chemical composition ,gonal F has a substance called folliptropin alpha , and puregon contains folliptropin beta. These are synthetic hormones , that very similar to the human FSH hormone.
no clinical studies find that one is better or the other on general. Probably some individual respond better for one of them , while others respond better to the other one.

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Re: Summer Board 2011

Post by fruit » Thu Jul 07, 2011 5:24 pm

Anton - thanks for the yummy recipes, i will use them since im not good at all in cooking :mrgreen:

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Re: Summer Board 2011

Post by easley4 » Thu Jul 07, 2011 7:44 pm

:lol: Hello everyone~~~So I had my 2nd beta and it is at 220 now! So happy b/c it more then doubled (1st was 88). I am feeling a little more comfortable with getting excited now. I had a friend ask me today"Why in the world are you putting yourself through all of this?" Here is what I told her: This is such a difficult journey. You wait for your AF which by the way takes FOREVER :roll: ,unless of course your hoping to see a BFP then she is always right on time.You can't wait till you get to start your "plan" then worry if you don't do something just right that it might throw the whole thing off or there won't be enough eggs, next we get to do our ER and freak out on if we produced "enough good" eggs then wait scarred to death for the next 3-5 days that something will happen to our precious little ones. If we are lucky enough to make it to ET we then go through the dreaded 2ww acting like crazy people worrying about every little twinge or cramp. I even asked my RE once if I sneeze or cough to hard will I knock them put of place :oops: We run to the drugstore to buy up every HPT in site then drink as much water as we possibly can hold and POAS like crazy at all hours of the day and night. And hope against hope that this time it will be our turn. And when we are blessed with that BFP we worry that at any minute something will happen to snatch it away from us. It is a crazy, long and in many ways a very painful journey. But we all deserve to have the blessing of having our own child to hold and anything we have to do is worth it for that chance. Some people might call us crazy but I call us brave.

Love and babydust to all you brave and wonderful women! :mrgreen:
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Re: Summer Board 2011

Post by akdelp » Thu Jul 07, 2011 8:57 pm

This will be quick - since I am trying to leave work! :) Will do personals later....

BETA today is 544! That is great news! u/s will be 7/22. We only transfered 1 expanded blasto so I am hoping we only hear 1 heatbeat! :)
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FET #3 - @ 7 weeks
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Re: Summer Board 2011

Post by tryn4#2 » Thu Jul 07, 2011 9:12 pm

Well I am on day 8 of my cycle. I started with 150 units of Follistim and am now on 25. My estrogen level is over 4000 and I have around 8 good size eggs on both sides. I am sooo excited to see all of these BFP's... and I hope mine is just around the corner.

For my first cycle it was a 5 day transfer (DS) and second cycle was a 3 day transfer (m/c @ 8wks). What are your thoughts on 3 day vs 5 day transfer.... The only reason I was okay with the 3 day transfer was b/c they transferred 3 eggs but with a 5 day they transfer 2.
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