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Lupron for supression/estrogen levels

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Lupron for supression/estrogen levels

Postby CT_Michele » Sat Mar 19, 2011 2:27 am

Hi Everyone!

Here I am, back at it again! So due to some high blood pressure concern, I am using lupron for supression rather than bcp. I used lupron in the past leading up to an FET, and my estrogen levels stayed too high so my transfer kept getting delayed (by months!) When RE said lupron for supression leading up to a fresh IVF, I immediately voiced my concerns b/c of my FET experience. I was told it was being used in a different way than for an FET and people are very rarely delayed for any reason.

So I have been on lupron for 10 days, just got AF, went in for u/s and bw. They said u/s was fine. Called with bw today and surprise, surprise, estrogen still too high. They said double my dose of lupron up to 20 units and redo bw in a week. They told me over the phone they do not think this will effect/delay my stim start date of April 1.

So can someone explain this to me. Is RE being truthful in saying that I will likely not be delayed? Why do estrogen levels need to be below a certain point, and why is lupron being so weird with me? Any insight would be helpful! (I know you are out there ghost!)

Michele :D
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