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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by Tess69 » Sat Dec 10, 2011 6:53 pm

Hope - i am so sad to hear your news. You must be feeling awful. Remember that we're here for you if you need to vent.:cry:

Neffi - I've had 2 x natural FETS. The only bloods I had were to check when I ovulated - transfer being 5 days after ovulation. The only drug I had was progesterone and that was because of my age. Otherwise, it would be completely natural. Other than having the embryo transferred of course!! They didn't even check my lining last time because it has always been really good.

Ladies, this has been a really sad few weeks for many people on this board. Surely it must be time for some good news to come our way.


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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by kala0704 » Sat Dec 10, 2011 7:17 pm

Hope.I'm so sorry. How devastating! Praying for you and dh!

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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by blueeyedreamer » Sat Dec 10, 2011 9:53 pm

Hope- I'm so sorry. Your pain will linger but you will heal. I wish there was something I could do to change it all. My heart cries for you, and for all of us who have suffered so much pain these past several weeks.
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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by Ninde » Sat Dec 10, 2011 10:57 pm

Evening ladies, I'm sorry I've been mia I was working outside of dublin for the last three days.

Hopethisworks: oh my goodness, I'm so sorry. You have had two good ultrasounds which I know were so hopeful. I wish I could say something that would help. I'm devastated for you.

Christy : what the hell? That's appalling that your confidentiality was breached. Can you find out what happened. The adoption road is hard. We have done the initial 3 month training course which is obligatory and I have to say it was tough interns of wanting to adopt but being sad that we were facing having to give up on our own dream. But it was also wonderful to know we could have a different dream. But its not straight forward emotionally.

Lyd : wow that's all great!!

Neffi: Congrats on being pupo :)

Leorira: how are you doing?

LauraN: great results!!!

Tess: how are you?

Bodie and blessed and kerri and Gina: how are you?

maria: how are you doing?

Afm: kind of tired and feeling a little bit down so really sorry if I've missed anyone. I'm not sure if anyone heard that the Irish huge pop state, sinead oconnor

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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by Ninde » Sat Dec 10, 2011 11:03 pm

Sorry, on my phone. I was saying that I wasnt sure if any of you heard that a huge Irish pop star called sinead oconnor got married in Vegas on thurs after 2 months with her new boyfriend. This is her tough marriage. Well she married a very good friend of mine. I have no right to be sad for him as they look very happy. But having done this he will never get a job as a therapist again because of the poor judgement he has shown and now his life is a media circus.she advertised for a "sex-desperate" man and he replied. He brought her to my 40th party in Oct and they behaved terribly. I just cant believe he has done this.
OK, rant over!!

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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by WeHaveHope » Sat Dec 10, 2011 11:07 pm

Ninde-thank you for asking and always being concerned for everyone on the board. I am doing ok and DS is doing well. He expressed an interest in going to Disney for the winter breaks I have been busy trying to plan our trip. We will be leaving right after Christmas on 12-26 and returning on 12-29 since my transfer is scheduled for 12-30. What's goi g on with you? I amsorry to hear that your feeling a bit down. Sending you a great big hug.
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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by Tess69 » Sat Dec 10, 2011 11:55 pm

Wow Ninde - your mate married Sinead O'Connor? He's one brave man. She's an abosolute fruit loop. Oh well, some of us have to experience things first hand rather than listening to the warnings. Hmmm..not sure what else to say really. Watch his space I guess!

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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by Ninde » Sun Dec 11, 2011 12:13 am

Maria:thanks for the hug:) things are ok, still no flipping weight loss and I think I might be pre menstrual because I'm really short tempered. Have your classes started?

Tess: thanks, yes my friend married her. Its all so flipping odd!! How are you?

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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by JenMink55 » Sun Dec 11, 2011 1:41 am

Hope-- I know there is nothing I can say to ease your pain. I just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear this news. This board has had so much tragedy over the past month, it's unreal.... Even with a HB there is still such a risk of loosing these little ones. I have had 3 U/S's too and with each one there is the anxiety that something has happened. U/S #4 on Monday and the fear is higher than ever. LIke you said, to make it so far and overcome so many hurdles only to loose everything in the end. I pray that God is with you and your husband and offers you comfort and strength. There is no easy way to get through something like this except to go through it and grieve and heal. You will come out on the other side stronger and more determined. I am praying for you during this very difficult time.

Much Love,
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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by Sunshine1576 » Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:48 am

Sorry I have been away from the boards, but I wanted to post especially tonight to tell Hope how sorry I am to hear the sad news. THis has been a very emotional hard week for so many of us. I just want this year to be over and start the new one off on brand new hope for all of us!

kbillsy, Thank you so much for your comforting words yesterday about your personal thoughts with adoption. Most of all it's going to take time, but I like your point of view with planning ahead to take off some of the stress that comes with IVF.

Ninde, my thought exactly, brench of confidentiality! THIS makes me want to stay away from seeing this doctor, especially if they gossip about their potential patients like that. It's none of their business why I left my previous RE, but obviously he didn't help me meet my goals so it was his loss not mine.

AFM: Can I hibernate just for the rest of this year, I cannot take much more.
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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by leorira11 » Sun Dec 11, 2011 6:08 am

Bonnie - good luck today! I hope all of your embryos kept growing into great blasts. let us know how it goes!

Olim - antibiotics shouldn't affect your cycle at all - but I totally understand. I'm always worried when *something* happens during my 2ww!

kbillsy - CONGRATS! Your betas sound great! You can't tell multiples from beta numbers (my betas with my second set of twins were LOWER than with my singleton!) but yours look nice and high (and doubling well). U/S always seems so far away :D

Amanda - you couldn't get a HSG in a different place? That would be so awkward to have someone you work with do it! I guess it would be more convenient to do the HSG where you work, but still!

Lydia- trigger tonight! I know you are concerned about a fresh cycle working for you (we have opposite luck!) Maybe transfer the lower quality (still good) embryos but freeze the best ones. How would that feel?

Neffi - WOOOHOOOO! Sorry the third embryo didn't make it, but congrats on everything else (FINALLY!) working out! Can't wait for your pee sticks! My clinic did check my e2, but were waaaay more concerned with my lining. Never checked my e2 after the FET.

Gina - ugh. I would hate to have to put myself in debt to do this awful crazy thing. Sometimes I just get so angry that IVF and other fertility treatments aren't covered by healthcare -- so stupid! No one chooses to be infertile! It's a MEDICAL problem so MEDICAL insurance should cover it. I'm angry on your behalf...

Ilene (Bodie) - 12 weeks! Yay!!!!

Laura - I know Rosie's e2 was low during her 2ww - to the point where her doctors were sure her cycle probably hadn't worked - she quickly started oral estrogen supplements - and is pregnant with TWINS. So there is still hope. i can't wait for Tuesday's pee stick!

Maria - congrats on starting. Hopefully, I'll be right behind you - and these WILL be our rainbow babies...

Tess - beta still going up? Ugh. I'm sorry. While this is much easier that other things I've been through, it still sucks. I guess it took me a while to 'get used to the idea' in my other pregnancies, and I never got that far this time. But I'm still crushed. I can't believe this would happen to us on top of everything... 4 pregnancies? I never thought I'd have 4 pregnancies. Now I'm hoping for #5. Crazy....

HopeThisWorks - OH NO! I'm so sorry. Big hugs. That is so awful.

Nicole (blue eyed) - I see you changed your signature - did you get the results back from your D&C?

Patricia (ninde) - everything sounds so exotic when it's foreign. I would kill to go to Dublin - but I'm sure for you it was just an annoying work trip! :D (btw, kinda cool that you've met Sinead O'Connor -sorry she was so annoying!)

Jen - fingers crossed for another good u/s tomorrow! Try to relax (easier said than done, I know!). Odds are very much in your favor for having a healthy baby this summer! This will be a cool u/s too - by about 9 weeks, you'll see arms and legs on your little gummy bear!

Christy - I'll join you in hibernation. Sometimes I just want the whole world to go away. I'm sorry. Big hugs.

AFM - I started spotting yesterday and it looks like the bleeding is full on today.

My beta dropped from 1187 to 312 in just 48 hours - which is a halving time of about 24 hours (betas dropping go by halves the same way that rising betas double). If that rate continues, my beta should be zero Monday or Tuesday. I'm really really really really hoping I can start my fresh cycle this week. (I was told that I could start when my beta reaches zero and I 'get a period' - so I'm hoping both those things happen this week). If my beta doesn't get to zero in a few days, I'll start a pack of BCP and take those for 2 weeks before stopping to get a period and starting stims. I hope I can start this week!

Bleeding is freaking depressing. Ugh.

But I am enjoying a nice, big cappuccino this morning and my 2 glasses of wine last night were great.

I'll take a pee stick tomorrow and if it's really light (or hopefully BFN), I'll do the blood test on Tuesday. If my beta is low enough, I'll call my clinic and go for baseline SnS on Wed or Thurs. Fingers crossed!

Also - one of my favorite TV shows is 16&Pregnant/Teen Mom (I've been watching since before we started all this TTC crap). New season of Teen Mom 2 started this past week - so deliciously stupid and fun to watch the drama. But as always, it's so hard that these girls have healthy babies by accident, and none of us can have the healthy babies we so desperately want.
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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by Gina1976 » Sun Dec 11, 2011 9:45 am


Something that has been said many times, has had me thinking many days/nights about it over the last few months being a member here. We are never safe once pregnant. When I was pregnant with DS, not one thought of MC crossed my mind. I never knew anyone close to me that had one, no one in my family since my Grandmother that just passed. So this wasn't something I even remotely thought about.

It's really scary! When those that can easily get pregnant and not following it every second like an IVF'er will do (tons of b/w, ultrasounds etc..) don't think about it at all or much. Now, knowing I'll be going through it myself at some point, will be on pins and needles every second until I'm well into my pregnancy. Heck even then we aren't safe.

I know what Beta's are and how they get the numbers but I sometimes wonder if the high numbers that usually show multiples are present, but are just singles, are a clue that something is wrong? Like all the different hormone levels are just too great to keep it going. I've noticed so many friends that have lost their pregnant early in IVF when their numbers were super high to be a single. I'm sure I'm just being crazy but it's something I think about.

Sorry for all the rambling I did and the crazy thinking. I just wish IVF was more of a sure thing!! I can't imagine and don't know how you ladies pull through a MC. I've never thought I'd had one or been through one...but after trying over 12 years for a second child to be told I lost it, would just "kill" my heart and soul. I do know it would make me fight harder like those of you that have gone through it. How strong you all are!! It gives me goosebumps!

You ladies are truly wonderful! I think I hit refresh to look for updates probably every 10 minutes, many times sooner than that! I do this all day long! You all inspire me and make me have more hope that I've ever had it my life!! I pray all throughout the day for you all and harder than ever at night when I'm laying in bed thinking about everything. I pray that God will bring peace to all of us. To help us better understand all of this. To give us more patience. To not give up! I know I'm not. Ever!! If I don't get this loan, we'll just save up the next two years. Too long but I can't change it so I might as well give it all I've got!

I've always been a prayer. I've been making sure I always give my thanks too. I've never felt so closer to God than I have now. I can say for the first time in YEARS (over 15) that I've been falling to sleep quick, the last several days. Going from 1-3 hrs of laying there thinking, to just under 10 mins! It's great! I feel more at peace. Now if I could get my anxiety down, that would be wonderful!

Again sorry for the rambling and hope y'all don't mind!

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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by sharishu » Sun Dec 11, 2011 3:05 pm

Jen- Hey, I guess I'm a 'sometimes' board reader, but I've been keeping up with your story. Then I saw today that you saw a heartbeat. Hooray! I was really pulling for you! Please please please G-d may you see those little arm and leg buds moving around on the next u/s. Good good feeling :). Let us know!

Hope- so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you :)

AFM- I did an HPT today, and ... only one line for now. My beta isn't officially till Wed., sooooo we'll see. I thought I'd be devastated to see a negative at this point, but I didn't really react at all. Just don't have the energy to feel upset anymore I guess.

Healthy pregnancies to us all~
Shari xx
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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by bonnieucwv » Sun Dec 11, 2011 5:53 pm

Alright ladies transfer all done!! We had two beautiful embryos that were graded AA and AB,.. we have two freezies and the possibility of two more tomorrow! I am feeling very anxious and excited and nervous!!!!! with all the bad news on here lately i am trying to do be too emotional in any way but its so hard not to be happily excited to have made it this far in the process after being told for over a year that we just needed to be patient,..... i want to thank everyone for their support and well wishes! i pray that everyone had a wonderful and safe weekend,...

Ninde that is so crazy that you know the guy who married miss oconner lmao
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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by Ninde » Sun Dec 11, 2011 7:44 pm

Evening ladies :)

Jen: The very best of luck tomorrow - keeping everything crossed for you x

Christy: I think your sense of outrage is absolutely well-placed. And I wouldn't answer anyone's questions around things like that. I'm sorry you feel like hibernating but I can completely understand why - this is just not straight forward for you and I hope you feel a little soothed soon x

Sharishu: I really hope its just a little too early for you and Wed will give you a totally different story.

Bonnie: Yay!!! Thats fantastic - they are wonderful grades (oh high achiever arn't you?! ;)) Thats truly wonderful. Now take it easy and let those little ones implant :)

Kbilsy - well done on the betas - thats great :)

Amanda: Ouch - I think I would prefer to have a hsg done somewhere else - but that might be because I'm a little paranoid! Either way - I hope it goes well. I had one done before we started the IVF and it certainly gives useful information.

Lyd: Keeping everything crossed for you - good luck!!!!!! Am I right in thinking you now have options for another cycle (hopefully not that you will be needing it!)

Neffi: Congrats!! How are you feeling?

Maria: How are you? Your Disney trip sounds great! Will you be able to relax too?

Gina: I know what you mean, its all so up in the air and we can take nothing for granted.

Nicole: How are you doing? Was the papaya party a success?

LauraN: Did I miss something from you? Has something happened that makes you think you arn't going to get a BFP? I've scrolled back but can't find your post!

Tess: How are you doing today?

Bodie: How are things with you?

Blessed: I know you said you had some things to work through - how are things now?

Leorira: Lol, honestly - it was no pleasure to meet Sinead O'Connor. It should have been but she did the whole 'reluctant star' thing all night which was so annoying as it wasn't her party. And I've never liked her material, I'm not sure why, her voice doesn't do it for me. Ive sung professionally so maybe its a bit of jealousy ;) When are you hoping to cycle again?

I have a sneaking suspicion I've missed out people - I'm sorry - will you let me know and next time I'll include you?

Afm: Made the mistake of weighing myself today - and instead of loosing I've bloody well gained! This is not good! However, I'm giving it one more week where I will be utterly strict, not a piece of processed food will pass my lips til next Monday (Christmas party!) and if there is no loss then I'm going to ask someone to amputate my leg! That at least has to work!


Olim: I know that a friend of mine had antibiotics prescribed and she was fine - so hoping you are too.
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