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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by Sunshine1576 » Tue Dec 13, 2011 12:04 am

I would be the one to rephase the last quote in our book to be written as... "Stand by, we're experiencing "technical" dificulties! Sometimes I feel like I'm missing a part or something was left out in the babymaking department. Well someone has to have a warp sense of humor to get through the rough months, but I want to leave you on a positve note. My friend Holli got me hooked on listening to Kutless "What Faith Can do" and that song is so incredible really when you listen to the words!

Oh no! I am so sorry about your big screen TV. Read up on the warranty before you place the claim that the TV was dropped. It might say certain conditions apply for repair work, but it's worth the try. I'll be the first to start the AF dance, I hope she comes soon so you can get the surgery taken care of before January. How is your mom doing?

Thanks girl for always being there. I still think of you everytime I step into a Starbucks for coffee. I hope we will be cycling together in January but I have to find the best direction first.

I made some of my grandmother's Rocky Road candy last night and plan on taking some home when we travel back to Alabama, my brothers love it and it's always been a family tradition. We should always keep it that way for sure.
I feel exactly the same way with putting our family on hold so we could enjoy traveling and focus on a stable lifestyle. But I do know it's far from being over and all we can do is hang on to what we have.

Leora, I hope you are able to start cycling very soon but I do know our new year holds a new chapter in this journey. You recently asked what was going on with the patient confidentiality? Well one of my coworker had referred me to a hormone therpist to improve dh's S/A. A month ago she said the therpist declined in taking me as a patient and the other day at lunch my coworker asked her why and she said simply b/c she isn't a fertilisty specialist. My coworker asked ehr well coudln't you maybe look into her husband with his sperm count. She went on and said they are two of the most deserving couples out there and need any medical attention they can seek. She said well maybe her husband's thyroid is effecting his sperm count and she might could assist in that way. The next night my coworker called and asked me if I had a falling out with my last RE. I said what are you talking about. Apparently there is someone there at the table who used to work with my old RE and said while they were having lunch together that day said... "oh oh I know this girl...and she had a "falling out" with her last RE at the clinic I used to work at." I was like really, seriously I didn't know it was a falling out I had, hell that's new news to me!!!!!! First of allI am one of the most dignified people you will ever meet. I ddin't explain myself but when I left my previous clinic I told them that I needed to find a clinic that offers the Attain program with financing options. I needed a guarantee that if this didn't work out I could take the refund and apply it toward adoption! It was out of my own best interest and especially after I had already spent 17 grand with that clinic (1 IVF and 2 IUis) and she was asking me during my second IUI with me in the stirups to be thinking about our next step. That was the moment when I knew I had enough and knew I needed a more compassionate doctor, besides I certainly didn't have anything left in my savings to apply to more IVF. WHen I asked about financing, all I could find out is most couples use their credit card here. Going further back, when I asked why the first round of IVF didn't work at the WTF appt all they could tell me was in life there are no guarantees. They even told me one couple took the money instead and bought a houseboat! I was like how encouraging is that? Plus I went in circles with the nurse practionier with being more accomodating b/c of my my 8-5 bank job. At some point I changed careers so I could make the appointments since my last boss saw "these appts just an options". So with all of that said, do you remember the night my husband threw a chair across the room b/c nobody would answer the phone when we called to ask about the most important injection of all the HCG shot, I had no support that night from them and it was someone on our forum who actually helped me!!!! Last Spring after my laproscopic surgery, I went back to my obgyn who referred me to a RE in Gulf Breeze and since then I've been driving the 2.5 commute, but I'm much more happier there. I haven't talked with this coworker since that phone conversation but she's finding out the ladies name to see if it rings a bell, maybe it's all a game but I will not stand to be jerked around. I thought maybe this hormone therpist could help us out, but now like I said earlier I'm wanting to hide far away from all of this in a place where nothing matters anymore. I'm trying so hard not to get so caught up in starting a family, but these vivid dreams I've been having and even my dh shared a dream about two little ones around a campfire reminds me that we cannot give up.
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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by LYD10 » Tue Dec 13, 2011 12:36 am

Ninde - thanks for asking. triggering went well. the hardest thing was staying up till 11pm to do it. i am used to going to bed at 1pm with my DS waking up at 6:30am every morning.

LauraN - i am actually not feelin that bloated strangely. i hope i did the trigger shot correctly. perhaps i should take an HPT just to make sure the hCG is in my system. i hope so! i dont want to screw it up. but i mean i watched it go in - now i am just freaking out. i am hoping for your BFP tomorrow - if you do decide to POAS. i know - its very nerve racking - takes my breath away with fear just thinking about it. i remember my feelings when i was doing it.

AFM, i am feeling yucky taste in my mouth - from teh hormones and general nausea, quiziness. cant wait to get it over with tomorrow. and also find out how many eggs they got and wake up from that sleep. also cant wait to find out how DH's sperm looks like after all those suppliments.
then on wednesday we'll get to find out how many embies we have and decide if we freeze all and transfer later or transfer now.

this is going to be a busy week!
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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by JenMink55 » Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:32 am

Sorry for the late update, my job tends to keep me working late hours.

Well GREAT NEWS! My little drama bean is doing AWESOME! HB of 170 and for growth she picked up the 3 days she lost GO BEAN!!!!!!!!
The RE said my clot has reduced to barely anything but will probably still cause some spotting for the next few weeks.

Thank you for the prayers!!! I am still feeling nervous but I am confident this little one is meant to be. I think she is a girl too LOL. We are already thinking of a few girl names: Ella, Ireland, Brooklyn. For a boy we aren't sure but I like Greyson, not sure if DH will go for that one.

I will catch up with personals after I eat dinner. I have been such a slacker due to stress!!!

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7-11-12- Landon William Mink born! 8lbs 13 oz Healthy BEAUTIFUL BOY!

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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by LauraN » Tue Dec 13, 2011 3:56 am

Jen-great news!!!!
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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by Gina1976 » Tue Dec 13, 2011 5:36 am

Well no loan again for us. So guess we are saving up the next couple of years. Really bummed because it just won't be god saving and going into retirement. Oh well. Nothing we can do now.

I just don't think I can wait two more years. Only choice I have to keep from doing that is try once at a time but we will only get that one try. This is depressing.

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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by leorira11 » Tue Dec 13, 2011 7:35 am


Jen - hurray!Image Any pictures you can post of your little one? You keep saying "she", do you know if the baby is a girl or do you have to wait and see? Isn't it fun to talk about names? :D

Nicole (blue eyed) - you got the results on both twins (were they fraternal)? I'm sorry, that sucks. I'm glad y'all had fun at your Christmas party. I don't like drinking too often, but it is fun to get drunk sometimes (as long as no one has a video camera and nothing can be held against me later!)!

Gina - crap. I'm so sorry. Aren't you a military family? The military insurance doesn't cover fertility treatments? Image That sucks. I'm so sorry.

Amanda - it's still weird to me how we either desperately DON'T want our periods, or are desperately waiting for them! I hope your TV can get fixed! I kinda want to buy a TV (for now, we watch all of our TV on our computers, but it's annoying to watch movies or watch with friends) -but I'm so nervous about buying one and then breaking it! Image

HopefulMommy - congrats on your transfer! Let us know how the beta goes! (I've done day 5 morulas - which are the same as day 6 blasts --- my boys were only morulas on day 5 - so it can definitely work!) Image

Bonnie - my clinic is against POAS too, but I always do! Your "ovulation" date is your retreival day -- I usually get a BFP by 12-13dpo (days past ovulation, or past retreival). Good luck! Image

Amy (kerpupples) - Crazy to stock up, no? I love/hate when the pharmacist has to go in the back to get me a regular-sized shopping bag or two, because most pharmacy clients just need a little baggie. I usually walk out with a filled bag or two! Image

Patricia - rehearsals are fun. Such a good distraction (except that I have a small cameo as Mrs. Cochran in the overture ballet - meaning pushing around a pram with a 'baby' in it, which is a little emotional for me right now). We open in just 2 weeks! If you want to see clips of my company's previous shows - go to If you watch any from Pirates of Penzance, I'm the hugely pregnant one in the maids costume! I'm hoping to cycle now! Fingers crossed that my beta drops to zero by tomorrow so I can start stims by the weekend.

AFM - another stupid waiting day. I was going to POAS this morning to see how faint the line was, but I restrained. I need to save my HPTs, right? :lol:

I go for a blood test tomorrow (Wed) and if beta is negative, I go for baseline on Thursday. If still positive (grumble grumble grumble), I wait and repeat beta on Sunday and hopefully it's negative so I can do baseline on Monday. I'm hoping for a weekend with LOTS of needles, so this beta better drop! Image
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-BO (4.13)-
-mc 6wk (9.13)

last attempt - donor sperm - baby girl born healthy July 2014

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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by Gina1976 » Tue Dec 13, 2011 8:42 am

Leora- Nope it sure doesn't. Sad too. They pay for the trigger...and possibly other medications but that's it.

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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by Julia73 » Tue Dec 13, 2011 11:19 am

Jen! Yay on the heartbeat! Lol @ drama bean, that's funny! Keep it up DB! Lol...

Ninde- my mil got me the Noni juice. Lots of material with it and it didn't say Fertility but heck, it can't hurt right? Well maybe it acupuncturist didn't like me taking all those supplements, he said, "together they fight!" So cute.
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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by Gina1976 » Tue Dec 13, 2011 11:35 am

Jen- That is wonderful news to ears!!

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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by WeHaveHope » Tue Dec 13, 2011 12:34 pm

UPDATED 12-13-11 @ 7:11am EST

I have not been able to update the board since 11-12. Please assist me in updating the board by posting a quick update on your status. Also if you know the status of anyone else on the board that I need to correct, please let me know. With everyones help, I should be able to have the board updated in a few days. Sending you lots of xoxoxo.



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Pinkboots11-PUPO. Beta 11-7
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Becca-PUPO FET 11-2

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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by bodie1011 » Tue Dec 13, 2011 12:56 pm

Christy - sorry AF came :(

Laura - good luck today. Hoping for your BFP!

Lyd - good luck with the ER.

Leora - hoping your beta drops so you can start as soon as possible :)

AFM - have my second OB appt today, what torture having to wait 3 weeks for an U/S after being spoiled with weekly U/S with my RE. Hoping for good news. If so, maybe I can finally relax a little. :shock:
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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by Gina1976 » Tue Dec 13, 2011 1:07 pm

I'm losing a lot of hope I once had. Which sounds horrible of me because I haven't gone through any of what many of you have, loss, failed IVF's. I will now be on hold for another couple of years and it hurts so much. With hubby getting out of the service it could be longer. I really don't want that and it's terrifying. To think I wanted two kids before I was even 30? What was I thinking. I'll be 36 next year and while it isn't old by any means the years go so quickly. I wanted my son to be a big brother years ago, not at possibly 14/15. Not that it's a bad thing but still. This is really hard on me especially. Dh has never really worried about it. Not sure why. I know he wants one but I think he does more because of me. I personally think he'd be satisfied with just DS. Me? I never will be. Maybe that's wrong of me.

I think to myself it isn't meant to be then since we are getting turned down. However when I look at someone that has tried IVF 4/5 + times before they get their baby, obv it was meant to be and I'm sure they questioned it too. So I will push forward.

I've tried selling a product. Doing okay at it. Not as much as I hoped. There is this fundraiser place I found on FB. You make it and try to get donations through paypal. Haven't had anyone yet. Not that any of my friends on there have to do any of these, hoped they would though because that's the only place to post it.

Maybe my goal is too high.....going to Shady Grove in MD. It's the best I've seen with 100% money back and several tries. Freezing is included. I can try for 1/2 there cost so maybe we'll change the plan once we get to that amount. It's hard to save with retirement coming up, and needed all you do starting off in a new place, esp the civilian word. Lots of expenses we don't pay are going to hit us.

I'm trying to hang in there and I still will post and keep up with everyone here. I pray it happens for us all.


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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by LauraN » Tue Dec 13, 2011 1:53 pm

Gina- I am sorry, that all sucks! What about tax refund $? Is that even a possibility of getting a bunch back? I know that after this cycle, we can try the one frozen embryo, after saving up for it, but then we are done....we can't afford this, shoot, we couldn't afford the first time or this time....I hate putting ourselves in more and more debt, it sucks! I'm praying that something will come up to make this work for you.

Lyd- I think I may have missed when your ER was today....I believe it's this morning, maybe before noon? Anyways, can't wait to hear the report, including the fun of the "knock out" meds :D Did I tell you that with this ER, the Anesthesiologist put the good stuff in slowly, so it was delightful....I swear I would love to bring that stuff home and just suck it down with a straw. I love the sleep I got and felt great afterwards. I'm so excited for you, we will be pregnant just a few weeks apart. I hope your body is ready for a fresh transfer, and if they transfer this Friday, we would be pregnant exactly 2 weeks apart! :D

AFM- ok, so I'm going to be honest, I started POASing last night. I was having such a BAD day and evening, I needed something. So, the first test, was a generic test, it came back negative....then the second one, was a brand name test and it came back positive, then I tried another generic, and it came back positive. Then this morning, I took another generic and it came back positive. Now I've got to go back to the store and buy more because I'm out now. I'm so bad, taking a million of them at a time.
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IVF#3- April 2012- BFN
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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by Happy Bunny » Tue Dec 13, 2011 1:59 pm

Gina! I didn't know that you were a military family... A few things.

One, you can get free IVF but you have to go to a military office, most likely in the states. You have to pay for your own travel and lodging (but that's probably not bad if you stay on base). There is one military clinic that has OUTSTANDING success rates.

Second, they will pay for all your ultrasounds, consults, blood work, semen analysis and some medications (just not IVF specific meds, primarily FSH). There's a little co-pay on the covered meds because they usually don't carry them on base.

I have Tricare Prime and it doesn't cover everything but it does help and will put your goal closer to your reach.
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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by anton » Tue Dec 13, 2011 2:50 pm

Hi everyone! :D

Sorry I have been MIA lately, just know that I read your posts almost everyday. I will try and catch up at least with your recent we go...

Amanda- I am doing the AF dance for you like crazy!! :mrgreen: I found the TV incident hilarious! :lol: This should be a lesson for you NOT to be around your hubby while cleaning his guns!...btw, my brother used to have an air rifle when we were kids (17yr old) and we used to aim and shoot stuff like coca cola tins, coins (from a distance) etc and up to date I love doing that! there is a special Shooting Sports Club not far from my place and sometimes we go with my brother and we go wild playing skid and stuff...I found this a very calming method when I am in stress! :lol:

Hopefulmommy- I can’t wait to hear your BFP!!! :D

Kerpupples- I Love your family pictures! Your daughter is adorable, God bless you girl! and good luck on your upcoming FET!

Ninde- Sinead O’Konor seriously! There were a couple of her songs that I actualy really liked but she is lost now i supposed...I didnt even knew whe had a new CD...I knew she always had crazy ideas but I didn’t knew she was such a bad ass :lol: ...sorry for your mate dear..

Gina1976- Don’t get your hopes down honey. I hope something else comes up honey and you get to get your dream house and the next IVF may be the lucky one for you. Good luck!! ...I know how is like to pay IVF yourself. There is NO insurance that covers IVF in my country (Cyprus) and we have paid out of our pockets all 7 IVF’s so far in a period of 2yrs, and also I am currently unemployed which makes it even harder. Hopefully I am getting a job soon (it is just around the corner) so we can continue our IVF journey and start our 8th IVF ...hopefully a successful one! :D I have faith in this that it is going to work! Why not! Anything is possible! Right! :wink: ...I hope you find a way with the house and everything my friend, it is hard but is not impossible! ((HUGS))

Jenmink- WOOHOO!!!!! Congratulations on a healthy baby growing inside you!!!! :mrgreen: I am so happy and so relieved for you my friend!!!! :mrgreen: I hope the road ahead is smooth all the way till you meet your do you know it’s a she? Is it a hunch that you have or...btw I love talking baby names!!! I already know mine, for all possible combinations :mrgreen: me and DH knew from the very beginning what are we going to name our babies...I am just waiting for my babies to come into our lives and give them their names...

LauraN- I am sending you positive sticky baby vibes!!! Keep up that PMA of yours!!! Positive thinking can do miracles!!! ...OMG!!! just saw your latest post! You got a positive! YAY!!!!!!!! I hope that second line gets darker and darker!!!! I will tell a few words to God to give you a Xmas miracle!!

Sunshine- what an awful thing about your co-worker! That is SO invasive and rude of her! F*** her! Just ignore her and start thinking positive like you always do! I believe in your positive attitude my friend! You are strong and you will get to have your miracle baby somehow SOON! 2012 comes with gifts for all the mommies wanna be!!!!!!

LYD- GOOD LUCK with your cycle honey!!! :D I wish you a great fert report following the ER and also excellent results for your DH sperm!

Blueeyed- I am sorry about your twins honey...that is so unfair! :evil: ....I am glad you had a good time at the Xms party with your hubby...laughing and having fun is a medicine to a lot of illnesses! Keep that up! ...personally, I drink occasionally and not much... Actually I can have fun either drinking or not

Bonnie- I am keeping my fingers crossed for your BFP!! :D

Leorira- I really hope your #’s drop to zero so that you can start your cycle. ...needless to say that I am wishing you a successful cycle from beginning to the end! ...btw, the end is when you get your baby home with you!! ...I haven’t checked the link you’ve send us but I will comment on my next post! I have no doubt that your performance is wonderful! :D

Julia73- Never heard of the Noni juice :roll: is it like? Did you like it? I hope this works for you! and if it does we all then go and find it!

Happybunny- So happy to see you have reach week 7!!! I am so happy your little bean is growing nicely! Keep up the good work!

...more posts tomorrow ladies! I am running late!!

Baby dust and sticky vibes to us all!!

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