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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by Ninde » Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:32 am

Jayne: oh that's fantastic your ovaries co-ooerated!! I hope your report is great.

Christy: thank you

Maria: thank you for all your support. How are the girls?

Nicole: oh that is looking really good!!!! I cant wait for your beta tomorrow

Lyd10: thank you so much. Gosh you are so close, how are you feeling?

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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by Ninde » Wed Aug 22, 2012 12:58 pm

Ladies just back k from transfer. Two stellar embryos went back, one grade 1 and one high grade 2!! Thank u for your prayers x I've never had a grade 1 before and to think there were only 2 fertilised!! Going home to bed for a few hours. I'm off for the next week but I don't think I'll do 4 days of bed rest, just take it easy and rest a lot. What do you think? Also, I hope this isn't too much info but has anyone done the cyclogest rectally? I have a small thrush Infection after the antibiotics and clinic said it might be better to do rectally so I don't aggrevate it?

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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by leorira11 » Wed Aug 22, 2012 1:21 pm

Patricia - WOOOHOOOO! Sounds great! I didn't have any embryos to freeze - just this one that made it to day 4 before looking behind - and it worked! I hope this one works for you!

I have been told I can take my progesterone rectally "if I prefer".... I just have NEVER EVER preferred! I've done rectal suppositories for other things, and it's less pleasant.

Nicole - WHIPPPEEEE! That pee stick looks awesome for just 11"dpo"! YAY!
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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by kynlee » Wed Aug 22, 2012 1:23 pm

Jayne- Yah for 7 eggs :) cant wait to hear your fert. report this afternoon :)

Nicole- Congrats the line is definitely getting darker cant wait to hear your beta :)

Ninde- Congrats PUPO :) if you have the week off I would rest as much as you can and have DH take care of you and your little beans :)

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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by Pocos » Wed Aug 22, 2012 2:53 pm

Ninde – Congrats PUPO!! Glad you had great embies this time! I have never done progesterone rectally! I think you should definitely take it easy, but as far as bed rest, I was told 1 day was enough and then take it easy. Rest and keep hydrated!

Nicole – OMG! That’s a BFP! Congrats girl!

Jayne321 – Praying for a great fertilization report! 7 mature eggs is great, especially because you had only 5 follies before!

LauraN – What a great cycle you had, even had frosties! I am praying for a BFP for you.

Kerpupples – Congrats! Praying for a safe delivery!

Alwaysangel – glad you are feeling better with the zofran. Are you still bloated?

Christy – What a beautiful prayer! Thanks for sharing! It’s a blessing that your hubby has a support group at college, and that you have such a wonderful man as a husband. I was talking to a friend who went through 11 fertility treatments to conceive and she was telling me that God blessed her with such a wonderful husband that there wasn’t enough blessings left for children LOL I think it’s a good way of looking at things. I am also happy I have a great husband. We can go through anything when we have God and love.

Kynlee – That’s cute that you cant fit in your jeans! The bean is growing girl! I bet your family must be super happy for you guys!

AFM – I received a letter from my insurance saying that they wont cover more IVF cycles, I just hope my husbands insurance helps us.
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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by jayne321 » Wed Aug 22, 2012 5:04 pm

Ninde~ I was thrilled to hear about your transfer. Yay.

Afm~ Just got a phone call and all 7 eggs fertilized. I have a long ways to go but I'll take any good news. I was so relieved to get the phone call. Phew.
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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by kerpupples » Wed Aug 22, 2012 5:16 pm

Jayne - phenomenal fert report! Keep the good news coming! I'm having a boy and a girl,btw.

Christy I have been keeping tabs on you. Sorry about all the drama you've had to deal with. Hope it all gets resolved soon.

Patricia - hooray for grades 1 and 2! Very very exciting. Stay in bed as long as you think you need to and let them snuggle in.

Thanks Pocos and kynlee!

No big changes at the doc yesterday. She said she doesn't think I'm going into labor before our scheduled date. Can I really make it 2 1/2 more weeks?
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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by LYD10 » Wed Aug 22, 2012 5:36 pm

Patricia - excellent news!

Jayne - great start with 100% fret report.

Amy - I can't believe you are going so long with twins! That is excellent! They are going to be so healthy - no NICU time for your babies. Hang in there - I now it sucks. I've got one and even I am complaining now.

AFM - having a few minor things these last few weeks, like the skin on my hands is really irritated and I am wearing gloves for dishes and cooking. Nose congestion, etc. but whatever - only a couple of weeks left. I can tell the baby dropped and I am losing my mucus plug. I've been interviewing some babysitters for a little help with the baby. I've got a couple of good possibilities. One more interview today and hopefully I finalize next week. The baby is on the small size, but doing good the doctors said.
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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by Waitingkay » Wed Aug 22, 2012 5:44 pm

Ninde - I'm so happy to hear your news! Stay in bed for as much as you can even if nobody proved it helps, just take good care of yourself and LOs...I'm praying for you all the time. Hope to hear from you ASAP.

Kynlee - how are you?

Jayne - Congrats on being PUPO! Can't wait for some more positive news here!

Pocos - I hope your DH's insurance does cover your next try. Hugs

AFM - Had our second U/S now, DH could com along lucky for me. Well, the 2 hearts are still beating, and when one is right on track, the one that was smaller is still much smaller although he has grown and still has a heart beat. He only measures 7 weeks 3 days, and we are 8 weeks 2 days today. Dr. didn't know anything for sure anymore, he did think the little one will absorb on its own when we saw him 2 weeks ago, now we just know nothing. Does anyone know anything? We are actually not sure what we feel because for us caring twins would be a huge risk. That being said, we feel love for them both.
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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by Ninde » Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:37 pm

Kynlee: thank you :D

Pocos: im really sorry your insurance wont pay for any more cycles and I really hope your dh's does. When are you hoping to go again?

Jayne: oh congratulations - that's fantastic!!!! How are you feeling today. And thanks :D

Ker: thank you :D Another two and a half weeks - really? So are you due about 9th? Are you very uncomfortable?

Lyd: you are so close!! I can imagine being pregnant in the heat of the summer is also taking its toll?

Kay: thank you so much :D i actually woke myself praying yesterday!!!! I dont know much aboutone twin being smaller and im so sorry you have this worry. I've had a look on line and went into other forums and in 90% of what i read with women in similar circumstances things actually worked out fine. Some women said that their ob said things like the twins can implant at different times and/or its the heartbeat that's important. But none of that stops any of the worry. When is your next scan?

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Ivf # 3 Aug 2012, another heart breaking bfn
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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by kynlee » Wed Aug 22, 2012 7:44 pm

Pocos- Hope your Husbands insurance can pick up the treatments... Ill be praying for a great upcoming cycle :) You should have test results soon :)

Jayne- Awesome fert report :) Your 7 are plugging along :)

Amy- you are going to have 2 heathly babies :) They must like it all cozy inside :)

Lyd- Good luck finding a babysitter :)

Kay- I am doing good have my first ob appt tomorrow cant wait to hear the HB again... I am still praying for your beans, maybe the smaller one is just taken longer to catch up the good thing is there is still 2 hb :)

Ninde how you feeling today?

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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by anton » Wed Aug 22, 2012 7:56 pm

Hi everyone! :D
Remember me! :D

I am SO Sorry for being MIA! I know you understand but that doesn’t stop me from feeling bad not posting like I used to...I hope that makes sense!

I have been on and off on our board and tried to catch up on everyone’s news. Tonight I felt like I SHOULD POST and say hi to everyone and congratulate the preggos the mamas and the pupos over here!

Oh my! Wonderful news in this board! LOVE IT!

Maria- First thing first! SORRY it took me so long to Congratulate you! Huge huge Congratulations mama!! :D :D Your girls are absolutely beautiful! God bless them and you! and your whole family of course! You have done such a lovely job with them! I am proud of you! oh! and I LOVE their names! :mrgreen:

Ninde – How are you feeling pupo girl! :D I am SO happy for you transferring your 2 stellar embies! I am keeping everything crossed for you for a BFP!! I have a good feeling for these two! Are you going to poas? Huh! Are you! are you! :wink:

...about progesterone pessaries rectally, I have done that. Didn’t even knew I had that option, ...not that I wanted it but it never crossed my mind that I could use them that way. Anyway, during one of my lasts cycles I was told on the day of my transfer not to put it vaginally so the RE can have a ‘clear’ ‘clean’ pass in my uterus and that maybe I should keep using it that way after the transfer. I found it more clean than the vaginally way but I can’t say that it felt comfortable. Oh my! The things we do for motherhood! I am sending you tons of baby dust and sticky vibes honey! :D

Christy- I am so sorry for your insensitive colleague giving you a hard time honey. :evil: She is the last thing you need right now. But listen! Good days are coming for you and your DH! Trust me! :D Things will change just when you least expect them and you will see that DH will find a job and you will have your family together! Soon! Keep your positive attitude high like you always do and we are all here for you to cheer you on your achievements! :wink: I see babies in your future my friend! stay focus! And maybe, just maybe, we are going to be cycle buddies in November or December. This is our time to get a taste motherhood! :D

Waitingkay- I don’t have the right answer for you but I can tell you this...I am so happy you are pregnant and 2 little hearts are beating inside you! I wish you healthy babies! :D

Pocos- I hope you have a solution with DH’s insurance! We are paying everything out of pocket and I wish that to no one! So unfair! I hope you have coverage. Good luck!

Jayne- Congrats on being pupo! and yayyy for a perfect fert report! :mrgreen: May good news keep coming for you honey

Nicole- I see your lines and I am thrilled for you!!! :D I can’t wait for your awesome beta!!! Yayyy!!!! :D

Kerpupples- You are SO close meeting your babies my friend! How are you feeling? ...besides excited of course! :D

LauraN- I am eagerly waiting for your BFP! :mrgreen:

Leora – This is it mama!! :D Needless to say I have EVERYTHING crossed for you! prayers, candles, you name it! It’s happening! Your rainbow baby is getting ready for you! :D :D

Lyd – How are you feeling mama! Are you ready? Of course you are! You are SO close! A breath away for meeting you baby! :D You did an amazing job keeping it so far! Bravo! I am sure you said already but...are you having a boy or a girl?

Kynlee- You are doing great mama! :D yay for releasing to OB! tomorrow must anothe wonderful day for you hearing the heart beats :mrgreen: I am happy for you!
I am sure I am leaving people behind! Sorry! :( Know that I wish you all BFP’s and healthy happy babies!! :D

JOB Matters-Job is great! I am so happy and grateful for this job. This is like a dream job to me and everyone and everything is looking good! ...So far so good. From day one it felt as if I never left the retail business and P&G products made it easier for me since are leading brands. I LOVE all the products and can’t wait to be part of their success in the market. The offices are brand new and colleagues are all young and friendly. I am the first person the sits in my office and uses my chair. From day one they gave me a bran new notebook (laptop computer) and an extra computer screen on my desk. New mobile phone – android - with my own company number, security cards that open 8 doors on the building. ...unbelievable security! And a lot more benefits!. Medical fund that covers 100% of medical expenses (doctor visits, meds etc) EXCEPT dental, IVF, and eye issues. They asked me if in the past 5 years I took any kind of medicine etc and I was like...hmm nothing! ...Imagine if I told them that, well, I took about 300 belly shots for IVF treatment, went under minor sudation 10 times, took pessaries both vaginally and rectally, put patches on my belly, took meds etc.... the HR lady would drop off her chair! :lol:

Life Matters – I am getting married! :mrgreen: We have finally decided to tie the knot coming September 2013 and you are all invited to come! :D You remember me telling you our story of being together with DH for about 10yrs and ever since his mumps infection back in 2005 we have postpone the wedding and our lives in general to have a baby. We thought, let’s have a baby and then say our I do’s but the baby keep not coming and the wedding was put on hold again. So years went by and every time we had an IVF cycle we were also counting to our wedding day. (if this works then the EDD will be X and so our wedding should be X ) well you know the rest. 7 IVF’s and still no baby and still no wedding. Even though we both feel married. So, last weekend as we were laying down on our sun beds DH’s next year Sept 2013 sounds to you for a wedding? And I was like WHAT! :shock: How come you thought of this now?...and we sat and talked about it and we both agreed that if we wait to have a baby first and then get married, it might take forever! :roll: ...hope not! why not do it/plan it and if the baby comes it comes. It feels weird! Even thought our parents and friends see us like married it felt weird announcing them the news. Both our families and my best friend are thrilled and started making plans for us already...they don’t know whom they are dealing with here! 8) :lol: We are definitely doing what we want and not what they have in mind....but let them dream :wink: ...

Baby Matters- We are thinking of having our 8th IVF cycle – and hopefully the lucky one! –November- December :mrgreen: If we get a BFP then we are going to move the wedding date further. We cross that bridge when we get there. Having a baby is our number 1 priority!

I believe that things are changing for me in a good way and I have turned a page in life. This new page has a baby...or two on it! miracles happen every day and mine is just around the corner! and I am ready for it! :D :D :D

These are my news ladies and I hope I didn’t tire you much by reading them! 8) It’s been a long time to post and a lot of news to share! :D Over all, I have a wedding to plan & a baby to make! :lol:

Baby dust to us all!
Love anton
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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by kynlee » Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:13 pm

Anton- I am so happy your Dream job is going so well, it sounds like the perfect Job Im jealous lol.... Wow you do have a busy year coming but while you are planning your Dream wedding you may have your Dream baby... Things happen in strange ways and maybe since you are planning your wedding and some of your attention will be on that then when you cycle you will be too busy to think during the 2ww and you could get the best surprise ever... I am praying for all your Dreams to come true, it took me alot of cycles to get my BFP and I never gave up just like you havent... Your positive attitude will get you to your Dream and I cant wait to share that moment with you when you give us the great news... Once you start planning your wedding you will have to post pics of the dress the flowers things you are deciding on I love wedding planning :) Best of luck with everything :)

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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by blueeyedreamer » Wed Aug 22, 2012 9:31 pm

Antonia!!! What great news! I'm so excited for you. Great job, wedding planning, fun stuff!

Patricia- awesome news. Your embies sound perfect! I hope this is it for you!

Kay- I don't know anything about that, but wishing you the best.

Afm, poas this am with my last stick and it's quite darker and bright. I'm surprised that they are so good this early. Today should be 14 dpo. Beta is in the morning and I should get the call around 1-1:30pm pst. Nap time for me! Gotta take advantage of the rest of my time off. Back to work next week on Thursday.
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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by Madame X » Thu Aug 23, 2012 12:38 am

Ninde – YAY!! Such great news! You totally deserve it! Congrats on being PUPO :D

Kynlee – Good luck at your OB app tomorrow!! Let me know how it goes and I would love to know what to expect. Mine is Monday.

Blue – Can’t wait to see your beta number tomorrow!

Jayne – That is just great that all 7 fertilized, my clinic said that is very rare! Awesome for you!!

Kay – I don’t know much about what you are going through, but I am thinking of you and your little ones.

Anton – Congrats on your wedding announcement!! That is just great!! IVF #8 will be the lucky one!!
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