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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by blessed143 » Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:34 am

blueeyedreamer- yay for a line. I know that it is faint but still super exciting! When is your beta? I hope that the line will continue to get darker and darker. DH told me the first time I did IVF that I could not continue to pay the full amount on the ept pregnancy tests... so this time around its all about the dollar store.

lauraN- yay for the thyroid test came back normal! Cant wait to hear how your doing! I will be doing the AF dance for you! I pray that it comes soon! I dont like eating sweets but I get stressed and worry a lot I tend to eat too much and way too much sweets.

sunshine- um cookies... I love tollhouse cookies! I hope that AF comes quickly! It is so frustrating waiting for af to come...

sky- I have no idea... hehe sorry... I am clueless half the time. I know that this thing is so crazy but if you have any questions I would always always call my RE just to give you a peace of mind. I think I called mine way too much and always apologized for calling and leaving such crazy messages. But that they are there for that and it always gave me such a peace of mind...

bodie- awesome second beta numbers! that is awesome! I know that you are not getting excited but I am praying and thinking of you! Cant wait to hear how your u/s goes!

AFM- still waiting for the 3rd to come around. I am getting ready to start taking 2 estridol tomorrow and then my uterine lining measurement next tuesday. I look forward to the transfer but still cant seem to calm down. I tend to stress and worry but that leads me to over eat and eat a lot. So I am not doing too well....... eerrrrr..... but thats ok I am just glad that I am giving this another try. I hope that you all are having a great week andI look forward to seeing how everyone is doing! have a great day!


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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by hopefulmommy » Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:41 am

Hi! I'm new to this board and will be starting IVF with ICSI sometime in Nov. Right now I am just waiting to do my Mock Transfer on Thurs. and then begin Lupron at the end of this month. The waiting is terrible...just feels like waiting followed by more waiting and yes more waiting. We are excited and scared to begin the process and have no idea what to expect and how I will feel but very ready. Just wanted to join you girls on this adventure and hopefully give support and get a little as well. It has been so wonderful reading everyone's posts and thank you for starting this board.
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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by LauraN » Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:48 am

Hopefulmommy- Welcome! I hope you can find as much support as I know a lot of us have found on here. Can't wait to get to know you better :P

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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by blueeyedreamer » Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:51 am

Well, I tested with an FRER and it is a glaring POSITIVE!!!!! I burst into tears in my kitchen. Ten years is a long time to wait to see a second line. DH isn't home yet and I am dying to show him. I guess that Dollar Tree test was right! Step one is complete. Now on to step 2. Keeping it going! I can't believe I am getting such a great positive this early. My transfer was Thursday! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by Lauren319 » Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:57 am

Blue - wooohoooo

Bodie - excellent!!
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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by Sunshine1576 » Wed Oct 19, 2011 2:44 am

That's great news blue, how do you plan to tell dh? oh course by the time you read this post you probably already told him? I wouldn't be able to keep it a secret from him either. I tell him that I could, but nope I would be burst to tell him. :D

Thanks Lauren319, I'll definately be trying your cookies next, I was reading the recipe and I love oats with chocolate together. :D

Finished baking for tonight :D now working on a new shirt that once upon a time was a New York & Co. dress, "sew" we shall see...
Anyway my mom called and said she is planning to come down to see me around the first weekend of November. She has been planning this trip since last summer so I hate to cancel it but at the same time I'm now stuck because this should be close to trigger time. Dh said I shouldn't stress we would just leave the house early in the morning while she is asleep and come home like nothing happened. I don't like being sneaky but at the same time I know if I tell her she would be all involved and asking me questions for the next two weeks stressing me out. We know they mean well, but at the same time it's as I said before "The Big Fat Greek Wedding" and my mom loves to tell her sisters everything and then everyone would be calling. I might have to go with dh's idea and keep this upcoming cycle very quiet...

HopefulMommy, Welcome to the best support group! I look forward to getting to know you. :D
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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by Tess69 » Wed Oct 19, 2011 3:35 am

Hey, there's a baking frenzy going on! Excellent :lol:

Sunshine - to tell or not tell? I find it really easy to telly my friends but hard to tell family. I think this is partly due tp the fact that I don't want both sets of parents to start getting too hopeful and then have to disappoint them once again.

Blue - awesome news. Yay - how did you break the good news to DH?

Hopeful - welcome, welcome, welcome. :)

Bodie - well done on beta #2.

LauraN - not long for you now.

We - good move going to work I say! I went back to work a week after giving birth to our little MGS baby in Jan. People at work thought I was crazy but I couldn't handle staying at home wallowing in my emotions. I needed distraction. Saying that, it's still important to take time out to go through what you need to to otherwise it will come back and bite you in the bum further on down the road. You might find that even a small break - a month or two, will work wonders.

Lauren - how are you and your lovely follies doing?

Leora - yes I live in New Zealand and yes, New Zealand will become the rugby world champions on Sunday. :D We have a pretty good public health system here although quite a few people are now choosing to get health insurance to avoid waiting lists. Our IVF is self-funded unfortunately because of my age i.e. Over 40 and because the infertility is unexplained. My DH and one of my best friends probably think I spend too much time on this board. A few months ago I thought I was as well and was struggling to cope with everybody elses' sad tales let alone my own. After having a break I now realise that this board offers amazing support from a group of women in a similar situation. It's not all about IVF either, I've learnt about pubic hair styles, recipes from around the world....what else could a woman wish for....besides a baby of course! :lol:

Yip, one step at a time, take each day as it comes.

AFM - just had my initial consult with a chinese medicine practitioner. It was an hour and a half long and very comprehensive. The scary thing is that this consultation was more comprehensive re cycles, medical history etc than my infertility consultation. Anyway, I've got some 'tonic' pills and had some acupuncture, and have a few more appointments before my natural FET towards the end of Nov.

DH and I have a big decision looming. If my next FET doesn't stick, our next option, if we decide to continue IVF is likely to be using an egg donor. My egg quality is deteriorating due to my age and we also have the Meckel-Gruber 1:4 reoccurence to consider. Obviosuly an egg donor would cancel out both egg quality and MGS. It is very difficult to find egg donors in NZ as it is illegal at the moment to pay a donor. I've got a bunch of material to read before our next appt with my RE on 1 Nov. 'm struggling a bit at the moment and swaying towards using my eggs for one more cycle. I haven't spoken to DH about this yet and am not sure what his reaction will be. I think he's got his head around the egg donor thing and is all set to go ahead. Oh dilemmas, dilemmas. Any thoughts on IVF at my age, egg donors etc would be much appreciated. Be straight up...I can cope. :)

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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by blueeyedreamer » Wed Oct 19, 2011 4:37 am

Thanks! Tess and Christy, I had the test stick on the kitchen counter next to me. I was working on dinner when he got home. He didn't notice it right away so I directed him in that direction. The line is light but obvious which is hilarious because he missed it at first. He was like what is that and I said it's a pg test. He looked and said "a negative test". At first I thought he was just messing with me but then I realized he didn't get it. I clarified for him what it meant. He got a surprised look and kept saying "really"! He smiled big and gave me a hug. Then he stood there rubbing my tummy. It was sweet. He had to go outside to take care of the recycling for trash day and disappeared for quite a while. He was a little sniffly when he came back upstairs but didn't say anything. He isn't one to show much emotion and I didn't press him.

Later he was petting the dog and was telling her that her mommy is pregnant. It feels very weird to hear. I am optimistic and feel good about it so I will keep saying that all is well and will not say "if everything goes well". I know the risks but I am going to insist that when we talk about this that the talk remain positive.

Christy-I wouldn't worry much about your mom's visit. Just go with the flow. I'm jealous of your sewing talents. I must say I love New York and Co clothing. Your mention of them makes me want to go shopping!

Hopefulmommy-Welcome to the Waiting Club. We all understand!

Ok, I must wind down for the night. I was so tired today that I left work a little early and took a nap. So pair that with excitement and this is one wired girl!
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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by anton » Wed Oct 19, 2011 7:03 am

Maria Honey I just read this morning your news and I can’t believe this is happening to you!! OMG! I am so sorry! This is SO unfair and you certainly don’t deserve this! Also you shouldn’t apologize for anything to God and definitely NEVER blame yourself for any of this. This is definitely not your fault my friend. Like someone else said on this board “He can handle it”. Is ok to be mad at God sometimes, besides, He is God and we are only humans. I don’t know why this is happening to you and I am not going to say that this is God’s plan etc but what I would say is that you are such a wonderful person with so much positivity that I am sure IT will happen to you. Personally, what I realized through this IVF journey is that I am much stronger than I thought I would be. And I am sure that goes for all the ladies here. So take all the time you need both you and DH to find peace with your selves and when you are ready plan your next FET. You might not be ready now to move on but if you never do it you will regret it. you will always look back and think what you can see we are all here for you to help you pass this and we are definitely going to be here to celebrate your next healthy pregnancy with healthy baby. I am thinking of you and sending you positive vibes and (((hugs))) this is the least I could do for you...

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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by Ninde » Wed Oct 19, 2011 9:53 am

Morning ladies

We: im glad work was a distraction. I agree with you sometimes we need it. And its no harm to look at life outside ivf too. But please be gentle with yourself and try and let all of this settle before you make a decision on anything. I know ireland is a long way but if you never think of a trip, let me know.

Bleyedreamer: fabulous, that's just fabulous news!!
LauraN: that's fantastic about the thyroid levels!!

Sunshine1576: those cookies sound great. I made carrot cake cup cakes at the weekend and iced them, they were lovely. Your photos are lovely by the way :D and im with yourbdh's suggestion on your mum

Sky: im afraidni dont know anything about your query, but is your re approach able?
Blessed: I hope your next measurement is good. I hope you arnt too stressed. Have you any interest in mindfulnessnor yoga? Might help?

Bodi: im delighted your beta doubled. How are you feeling?
Lyd10: how are you?
Leora: I've been watching the updates on what's going on. Its really incredible
Hopefulmommy: welcome
Tess: im not sure on the donorneggs because its illegal here too. My sisternwent to belgum and now are consideringntheukraine for both sperm and egg. Long way to go. But some of the american ladies may be able to suggest

afm I have a day off today which is nice. Next week will be my first week back with a full case load of clients and teaching because I had booked some time off work with my birthday and yesterday,s workshop. And then a few sick days itooknwith the m/c. Im a tiny bit scared if im honest, something about getting fully back into normal life.

Oh now I had a thought with all the talk of recipes (please count me in too!) And distance - would anyone be interested in trying to link viabskype?
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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by bodie1011 » Wed Oct 19, 2011 10:13 am

Blue - Yay!! Congrats on the positive HPT. Awesome news!!

HopefulMommy - welcome to the board. I'm new myself, and was amazed at how welcoming everyone is around here. A great group of ladies.

So much to catch up on overnight. I'm going to be later for work LOL!!
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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by WeHaveHope » Wed Oct 19, 2011 11:10 am

UPDATED 10-19-11 @ 7:05am EST. Please let me know if I have missed anyone or if I'm missing any updates. Sending you lots of xoxoxo.



Melinda72-ER 9-12-11
Kendra_n_Michael-estimated ER 9-20-11

Becca-u/s 10-21 FET 10-28-11
Amanda1979-FET Oct/2011
Kerribell FET Nov/2011
Blessed143-FET scheduled for November 3rd
Tess69-FET Nov/2011
Kala0704-FET Dec/2011
Olim78-FET Nov/2011

Krrice28-IVF 10/2011
Cheri76-Fall IVF
Neffi211-ET scheduled for 11-2-11
Catdempsey-Fall/2011 ER end of October
Greekchick Fall/2011
Kerri_789 IVF Fall/2011
Sky7371-ER scheduled on 10-24-11
Gina1976-will schedule appt w/RE in several months for 1st IVF


Kerpupples-on BCP for cycle Fall/2011
JenMink55-Start BCP on 9-14-11 for Fall IVF
Leorira-On BCP for FET 11/2011.
Rosie84-On BCP for IVF Oct/Nov 2011
Outlaw927-started BCP on 10-7 for 1st IVF attempt Fall/2011



Furmomma-PUPO in the 2WW.
Blueeyedreamer-PUPO on 19-13(2 hatching blasts). Beta 10-23.
Jen8675309-PUPO on 10-14(2 embies). Beta 10-27.

Fvrogers-PUPO on 9-22-11 (2 blasts). BFP 9-30 Beta=57, 10-3=290
Akdelp-PUPO on 9-22-11 (1 expanded blast) BFP 10-3 Beta=205, Beta 10-5=575
Tuffy4u-PUPO on 9-24-11 (2 blasts). BFP 10-3 Beta=205, Beta 10-5=519, early u/s twins
K8ielovett-PUPO 9-19-11. BFP 10-3 Beta=953, Beta 10-6=3403
Toniaa-PUPO 9-24-11(2 blasts). 10-6 +HPT, No Beta waiting for u/s
Counsel13-PUPO(4 embies). BFP 16dpo=470, 18dpo=2060
Bodie1011-PUPO 10-7(2 embies). 10-14 +HPT, 10-16 Beta=248, 10-18 Beta=725

We love you and are always here for you


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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by olim78 » Wed Oct 19, 2011 11:18 am

Hi everyone. I was a frequent messager two years ago when I started my first cycle of IVF. I found it so informative, a great support and it really helped pass the time with all the inevitable waiting that comes with fertility treatment! We were so lucky in that our first cycle was a success and we have a little boy who turned one in August. We had some frozen blasts left over from our first cycle and in March had 2 blasts transferred. One took but I had a M/C @ 8 weeks. We then did a fresh cycle of IVF in August but it was a BFN. We are now planning to do another FET with two blasts from our second IVF cycle in Nov. I am currently on BCP preparing for FET.

Hopefulmommy – Hello to you. I hope you find this board a support. I certainly did which is why I am back. Good luck for your IVF with ICSI in Nov.

Tess69 – I had acupuncture all the way through my first IVF cycle – which was a success and I firmly believed it helped – just helped relax me and keep me calm and unstressed if nothing else. Good luck for your FET. I am sdue to have mine in the week of 28 Nov so fingers crossed for us both.

Blueeyedreamer – a huge congratulations to you. I dream of seeing that BFP again – it’s such a shick to see if after so Mny BFN’s isn’t it. Wishing you lots of luck.

Anton – I wish you all the best for your IVF number 8 – you really deserve a BFP after what must have been a long and difficult journey. Best of luck for this round.

Ninde –am so sorry to hear of your M/C @ 9 weeks. I miscarried in April at 8 weeks and it was so painful after getting a BFP. I hope you are coming to terms with things.

Sunshine 1576 – Good luck for your 4th IUI.

WeHaveHope - I look forward to keeping upto date with everyone's news on your roll call!

To anyone else, I look forward to getting to know you all and to hearing your news. It might take me a while as I have onl been able to read the last couple of pages of posts but I will do my best!
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IVF#2 Aug 2011 BFN
FET#2 Dec 2011 BFN
FET#3 Jan 2012 BFN
IVF#3 - 2 embies can POAS on 14 July!!


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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by anton » Wed Oct 19, 2011 11:44 am

Hi ladies, :D
Ok, I am way behind! I am just going to do a few personals regarding your latest news...

Bleueeyedreamer- WooHoo!!! Congrats girl! :D keep up the good work! I wish you a great beta and healthy pregnancy!..simple and straight to the point the way you told your DH the good news. I like! :D Image

Lauren319- SIX sounds like a winning number to me!! :D Way to go girl! I really hope everything goes great with you this time! You really deserve this to work! ...I LOVE cooking in my kitchen :mrgreen: and I will definitely try making your cookies. Even though I only made cookies once I will try yours! I Love cooking meals mostly and then cakes and sweets but I am not into far...I made this apple/berries pie two days ago and it was amazing. Actually I did a combination of two recipes and mine came up. 8) I served it with vanilla ice-cream on the words! DH ate the last bite this morning before he left for work...maybe I make those cookies today and let you know tomorrow how it went....OUao! MA in forensic pysch! I am impress girl! :D you are my female version of “Dexter” friend! Yay! :mrgreen:

Julia & Hopefulmommy- Welcome! And Good Luck ladies! :D Image

LauraN- Good news on your Thyroid level! :D I am on the “L” pill too and it has done wonders for me. I am doing the AF dance for you as we speak to get your show on the road! :wink: Image

Sunshine1576- I am doing the AF dance for you too girl. :D About the “Big Fat Greek wedding” :lol: parents live like 5min with the car from my place and my MIL lives 15min with the car from my place. Also most of my friends are average 20min away . I live in a small island with only 700.000 people and distances are not big. But even though my family is close is not that we meet every day. Actually my family visit us only when invited or they call sometimes if OK to come over. they know we like to have our privacy...We like to see our family once a week but if we arrange something else then no big deal. We see them when we see them. :) We are a close family in general and always have fun in our gatherings so we don’t feel “bad” meeting with them. I believe that no matter how close your family is to you is up to you to decide how much you see them and how involved they are in your life. The secret is to be close but far enough if u understant what I am saying... :wink: ...i could never imagine living all under the same roof, that would drive me nuts! so I guess is good that they live close enought so that they dont stay the night over... :lol: About IVF, I told my mom just the highlights and she is not that kind of person that will share my personal life with others, relatives or not i made that clear with her long time ago that what ever I share with her stays between us and not something that she can share with others. So is all good! you should tell that to your mom also to staight things up just in case you find your self in the situation where u need to tell your photos btw! :D is that your house at the back round? beautiful!

Sky- sorry I can’t answer your question since I ‘ve never had any issues with my E2 levels but I wish you Good luck! :D Image

Bodie- Congrats on your pregnancy mama!!! :D I Don’t remember if I already congratulate you so I thought doing it again. Keep up the good work, take it easy and I can’t wait for your U/s! :D

Wehavehope – I am so glad you went back to work! And that you are making plans for your career. Taking a break isn’t as bad as it sounds! As you know I am on a break from IVF too (I like to believe...) and things are home never been better! DH and I talk about everything but IVF. Last night we opened a bottle of wine and I prepared a cheese and crackers on the side...the 1 bottle became 1 1/2 :lol: We just spend the night listening to our favourite music starting with U2 following Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen and talked and talked and laugh...maybe we got a bit tipsy but it was SO nice! Besides, we had no driving to do, just walk up the stairs to our bedroom. :lol:

Tess- To tell or not to tell and to whom to tell is up to yours and DH’s mood at that time. There have been cycles that we told both friends and family, and when I say family I mean only close family, my parents, my brother, my MIL and SIL. thats it. Some other cycles we chose to tell no one. It all depends on how we felt at that moment. Telling can be both good and bad. ...I thought of egg donor too but is difficult to persuade DH on that. it is legal in my country. Anyway, for the moment we still have other options to consider, I leave ED as our last card. Good luck with everything dear! Image

Ninde- Your workshops sounds very interesting! Keep up the good work! and Good luck with everything! :D Image

Olim- Welcome to our board my friend! :D and thank you for your kind wishes! :D I wish you too Good luck with your up coming FET. this is the right place to be for support and cyber hugs! :lol: Image

I am IN for the recipe swap!!!!! :D Who said us girls only do needles! We do some serious cooking too!!!! :lol:

AFM- I went for the second job interview yesterday it went great! They will answer me by Friday if I got the job. It was an amazing interview and I believe that I nailed it! we’ll see... I am looking forward to get back to work and this is the perfect job and the perfect time for me while being on the IVF break. I will tell you all about the job when I get it. Wish me luck! :D

Have a nice day everyone! We are alive and we should be grateful for that and also for all the things in our life! DH, family, friends and all the things that we love to have in our lives! :D

Baby dust and positive vibes to us all!!!! and remember...

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Re: Fall/Winter Board Combined (Sept2011-Feb2012) This is it

Post by Gina1976 » Wed Oct 19, 2011 11:47 am

Leorira- Yay for no more BCP! Wishing you lots of luck! Keep us posted on everything!

Lauren- Glad your Thyroid is normal range! Hope AF comes quick!

Blueeyedreamer- That's awesome! Congrats!! That's sweet of your DH! Mine doesn't show much emotion either (Seen him cry or tear up only 3 times in 13 years) but I hope I will one more time if we get pregnant.

Sunshine- That's cool! I'm from Columbus. My BIL is also from Wynder. Don't feel bad! No matter how near or far we will always miss them! I can't wait until we leave Germany and get back for good! We'll leave at least 10 minutest away from mine though :) I hope you and your DH are able to sneak in and out before your mom wakes up. My parents know we want to do IVF and I'm sure I'll tell them when it's all arranged since we are flying to Maryland from Germany and they may want to drive up and see us. If we were doing in here in Germany I probably wouldn't say anything. I'll just have to explain not to call every day during the 2ww. It will add stress and make it harder to wait it out.

Bodie- That's great!! Can't wait to hear about your ultrasound!!

We- I know if was difficult to gather the sample but glad you did. I hope it's what they need so they can hopefully find out what is going on. Glad you went ahead and went to work. I know it was hard though! Congrats on those awards too. I continue to pray for you and your DH. Take your time and don't rush on your decision. Praying that you will find some peace.

Blessed- Hang in there!! I'm the worst at trying to manage stress! Hope everything goes well at your appointment and the lining is perfect!

Tess- Praying that you and your DH will find peace in your decision.

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