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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by Gina1976 » Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:12 pm

Gah......typed all that in and I wasn't signed in lol. I have it checked to keep me logged in but it isn't doing it lately..

Thank you for the support and information. Downloading the "Taking Charge of your Fertility" on my Kindle. I never had any blood drawn for any of my Clomid cycles or two IUI's. So who knows if I even Ovulated during any of it. I'm sure I will be monitored more when I do IVF. Also, I'm going to try and get bloodwork/exams done BEFORE moving so it's easier, that way when I go to my first consultation I have it done or close. IF they will do it. Last time I had issues and I even had a referral form with the list with me. So what can or should I ask for to check egg reserve or anything that will help. What is Amh? I believe Ninde asked me that as well as the egg reserve.

Lauren- I'm sorry about your BFN. It is never an easy thing to see or hear. (((hugs))

Ninde- Glad therapy went well. I've actually thought about going just for Infertility support. Sometimes it just gets so overwhelming. I hope things get better with your DH. You are right though, there is more than just the actual sex part. It's the snuggling/hugging and kissing too.

Maria- Glad the bleeding finally stopped. I know it was getting old seeing it all the time! Glad your pregnancy is going well and all the test are negative :)

Christy- YAY for a Date!! Now you have something to go by! So excited for you!!

Anna- Glad no bleeding and I know Friday seems forever away right now. I'm sure everything is fine. ((hugs))

Globetrotter- Nice BETA!! I don't think the worry stops until they are born and heck it doesn't stop after that lol.

Blue- Hate to hear about your accident but glad everyone was fine and your car didn't get damaged.

Hope- Whoohoo!! Congrats! Can't wait to hear the BETA #'s!

Leora- Praying for you and that your levels are perfect and just where they need to be!

AFM- No news yet on anything. Just enjoying hearing about everyone on here and cheering for you all!


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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by blueeyedreamer » Thu Apr 26, 2012 6:02 pm

Leora- I have interstitial cystitis. I can empathize with you and your bladder. My dr is a uro-gynocologist and she did a hydro distention during my endo surgery to check for it. My symptoms have calmed way down after making some diet changes and I take Benadryl every night. It is an anticholinergenic which helps with urgency and frequency. I didn't know that until recently because I don't take it for that but it sure is a nice side effect. My dr had me on elmiron which helps rebuild the bladder lining and on atarax which is an antihistamine. I'm off of all those now. I also used to go for bladder instillations aka cocktails which is when the use a cath to insert a blend of elmiron and lidocaine into the bladder. I was to learn how to cath myself but that was a joke. I figured out that I can no longer drink coffee because it is so acidic. I made the mistake of having a coffee after having been off of it for a long time and I ended up in serious pain for two weeks! I would recommend asking for hydro distention if they haven't looked for IC yet.
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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by HopeThisWorksM » Thu Apr 26, 2012 6:35 pm

Got the Beta number. 238! I think that is pretty high for only 11 days after a 2 day transfer! Hope everything is ok, but the doctor and everyone thinks it looks great so far :)


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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by amanda1979 » Thu Apr 26, 2012 6:41 pm

Hopethisworks- YAY on the stick! How exciting :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

kylnee- good luck with the biopsy. sending a prayer your way!

Lauren- I am so sorry about the BFN. Sending healing vibes your way.

Christy- June is just around the corner!!! I will be tracking you :shock:

Leora- Tomorrow will be here soon & I pray your levels went back up.

Ninde- Gentle soul healing sounds so soothing :)

Annashope- will be thinking of you tomorrow & so happy the bleeding stop. What a blessing :)

Globetrotter- Congrats on testing positive!!!!

AFM: Today only had 6 follicles not sure where the other two went. The nurse & I were talking alot while she did the scan so maybe she missed one or 2, but the 6 are all looking wonderful!! She said the donor is also doing well. My sweet DH sent my nurse a message on FB thanking her for taking care of his wife. He didn't even tell me but she did today. She was crying bc she said she has never had a husband thank her before. It was so sweet of him. I told her to quit crying though bc I was the one on Anyways just waiting of the phone call to tell me what day we are looking at ER.
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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by LauraN » Thu Apr 26, 2012 7:33 pm

Hopethisworks-congrats!!!!!! That is an awesome beta.

Leora-geez, is it tomorrow yet?

AFM- thank you all for your support. You guys rock! We have decided to move forward with a donor cycle, as long as the docs think we will have a good shot. We have also decided that we are open to a shared donor cycle which would mean we don't get to do genetic testing. So now, we just have to figure out where to come up with $16 thousand instead of $30 thousand and I don't believe getting a loan is an option at this point. I will probably make our wtf meeting here in the next few weeks. Gotta get back to work.
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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by Ninde » Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:47 pm

Evening ladies

Globe: fantastic news, im delighted for you, yay!!

Hopethisworks: and a yay for you too!! Congratulations. At my count then we have 5 ladies pregnant - Maria, globe, hope, julia and anna - amazing :D

Nicole: thank you so so much. I will pm you if thats ok. I cant believe your ms society doesntalks on sex and intimacy - ours does coffee mornings!! It was extremely kind of you to share your story too and im really sorry about your situation too x

Maria: fantastic you got to see the girls and brilliant the bleeding has stopped.

Julia: I shall certainly skype you :D would it be ok to ask for your details, even by pm?

LauraN: that's great news about the donor cycle but wow its expensive. How are you doing?

Amanda: your dh sounds lovely! When is your next scan?

Gina: I really hope your stuff starts moving soon
Anna: good luck tomorrow

Christy: wow, my body craved crisps not veg!!! This co-worker sounds terrible

Leora: ouch, ouch, ouch!!! Good luck tomorrow

Afm: I have a horrendous sore throat and ear ache!!!

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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by Julia73 » Thu Apr 26, 2012 9:01 pm

Patricia- pm away!

Hopethisworks-yay! So cool to see more confirmation isn't it?
Ivf#1 BFN
ivf#2: 2/12, beta : 4/6. Good Friday! Bfp!! Beta 4/6: 542, Beta 4/9: 2343, Beta 4/11:4102, 4/16 U/s, hb 100 bpm. 4/23, u/s : hb 136, 4/30 u/s: hb 167, graduated from the clinic!

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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by Lauren319 » Fri Apr 27, 2012 5:43 am

Hey All,

I'm here. Sorry. I kinda jumped into this forum thing again and then realized how overwhelming it is and freaked out, so I left. I'm back. I'm trying. I swear.

Globe - WOOOHOOOO! That's so exciting!!

Maria - HIII! How are you doing??! Two girls? OMG! Missed you!

Ninde - I hope you feel better. I had a horrendous cold about a month ago that won't go away because allergies are so bad.

LauraN - WOW! Have you thought about how to pick your donor yet? So, you're going to forego genetic testing and just go for it?

Christy - Oh, Christy. It's so your time. June is so soon.

Amanda - I had the same exact thing happen to me where two just kinda went away. So you're doing donor this time?! How exciting!

HopeThisWorks - That's way high! You're preggo!!

Anna - Tomorrow, right?

Anton - What up??

Leora - Um, it's interesting that you're going through this because I keep telling my RE that I should see a urologist. I seriously make them hck me for a UTI EVERY time I enter their office. Something is seriously wrong with me. Good luck with your e2 check today! Keep us posted :)

AFM - I know I'm missing like more than half of you, but I gotta sleep. My head feels like it's gonna implode from this Lupron and the Estrace is making emotional and irritable. In the past 2 days I've found out that two of my closest friends are both pregnant. One tried all of 3 months. Whatever. I'm happy for them, but that doesn't mean I can't throw myself a pity party. My DH says it's time to think positively. He told me that good things come in 3's, so I'm next. Next SnS is tomorrow early morning to see if I can start my PIO's. I've only ever done suppositories before, so I'm super nervous about these huge needles. Any advice? Looks like my FET will be late next week!!! This time has to work, right??
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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by leorira11 » Fri Apr 27, 2012 11:30 am

Maria - I was always scheduled for a fetal echo - I think they said it had to do with my taking anti-depressants the whole pregnancy (I take Effexor, 75mg/day). In any case, the hearts always looked fine at the anatomy scan, but they wanted a better look. (I never made it to my fetal echo appts, so I don't know how it goes, but good luck!)

HopeThisWorksM - YAYAYAYAYAAY! Another BFP! That is a great beta number!

Julia - yup - and even after you hold the baby, you'll worry about SIDS, and getting hit by a bus, and cancer -- I'm pretty sure the worrying never ends until you are dead! :D In any case, the odds of something going wrong go WAAY down every single day. 7.5 weeks is great - congrats!

Christy- the shared risk seems like a great deal. If we had to pay out of pocket, we would have done that. I think after 3 IVFs and 3FETs, you've done your darndest. Btw, most people don't see an OBGYN until later (8-10 weeks pregnant) because there is no need. Us IVFers (and RPL women) are pretty much the only ones who run in the second there is a positive test. But still! Again, most people who get pregnant just don't deserve it like we do. If I ever get an audience with the 'big man upstairs' (if he exists, which I'm starting to doubt) I will definitely put in my two cents about this!

Gina - TCOYF is a fascinating book and a great reference. I borrowed it from a friend when we first started trying. I wish I had bought a copy, since I would use it as a reference, but now it just seems like a waste since it doesn't really deal with IVF.
Talk to your clinic -- there are a LOT of tests you can do in advance that will save you a ton of time when you decide you want to start cycling (off the top of my head -- day 3 hormone tests, STD tests, SA for DH, etc)

Nicole -thanks for that. I'll ask my urologist. I think she kinda scared me with the 'bladder cancer' idea, so I didn't even think to ask what ELSE it could be! Now that we've pretty much ruled out bladder cancer, I can relax and think about less serious things.

Amanda - Any news on ER date? I'm sorry you only found found 6 follicles, but hopefully the others are hiding.

Laura - hurray for going ahead on the donor idea. I know for so many people, it's hard to adjust to the idea that their baby won't be biologically theirs, and I don't know from personal experience, but really - after carrying them for 9 months and middle of the night feedings - that is YOUR child. I'm so glad you and DH are on the same page about it - that's the best.

Patricia - oh no! Are you feeling better today? Take some medicine!

Lauren - yeah, it can be a bit overwhelming. Don't worry about remembering everyone -- we'll remember you! Friends being pregnant sucks. I had two friends due in Jan, and they said "oh, our babies will all be best friends". Instead, they each have a little boy and have playdates with their 3 month olds, and I have more dead babies. :cry: One of them was even an "oops" pregnancy. Life is so unfair sometimes.

Why are you switched to PIO? The only time I've been switched is when I was bleeding in early pregnancy. The PIO isn't so bad, but not nearly as "nice" as the icky-gooey mess of the pessaries! :D

Anna - how was the u/s??

AFM - sorry for being MIA all day - We went for the SNS this morning at 7am (an hour drive away). I was so depressed after. There are a lot of follicles (I think 10 measureable ones) but they are all smaller than I'd hoped (around 8-10mm)

We had planned to go out to breakfast after, but everything was closed! WTF? At 8:30am? Cafes weren't open yet? sheesh. So we went back home, and I went back to bed (remember, Friday is a weekend day here).

My doctor's phone call at 2pm woke me up :roll: . He said my e2 is up to 500 (something, don't remember the actual number) and he thinks things are on track, although not perfect. I up the dose to 3 Menopurs, and tomorrow I also add the Ganirelix. I go back on Sunday for another SnS. He thinks ER sometime early next week.

Ooooh. 3 Menopurs is SOOO much easier than 2.5! :D

beautiful weather here. We are headed to my ILs for the weekend, with the dogs and another couple (friends of ours who also know my ILs). Should be fun.

This was a 4 day weekend (Wed & Thurs were holidays) and it was great. I needed that.

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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by WeHaveHope » Fri Apr 27, 2012 12:05 pm

Georgia22-welcome to the board. You will find a wonderf group of ladies here who understand what you are goin through and who will be here for you throughput ypur entire journey. I used to be the list mistress ( the one who updated the list) however I have officially passed this on to Leorira. It's very simple, all you have to do is tell us al little bit about yourself. Give us dates if you have them, if not just provide updates whenever you move forward in your journey. Just keep us updated. I know you will really enjoy being part of this board. I look forward to learning more about you and following you throughout yout journey to your BFP!!! Welcome again.
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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by annashope » Fri Apr 27, 2012 12:25 pm

Leora yay for E2 being up I am so excited you are back on track

Globe and Hope huge congrats on the BFP's

AFM Saw one beautiful heartbeat :) 107bpm :) Over the moon happy.

More personals in a bit...gotta get some chores done. Thank you everyone for the well wishes and prayers
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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by Sunshine1576 » Fri Apr 27, 2012 2:09 pm

lol I painted my nails camellia green and decided this week if I have a little girl someday I'm going to name her Camellia. So in the family would be Michael, Christy and Camellia how cute is that. Decided that I'm moving forward so yesterday went ahead and requested a week off for my July IVF. Like I said tentative date for ER is July 23rd. Thank you Leora for being a fabulous list mistress.

Oh HopeTHisWorks, How wonderful, how marvelous just makes me want to dance around the house might even motivate me to get off my butt. I'm so thrilled for you and I know you and dh must be over the moon!

Annashope, Oh so happy for you and how exciting you got to see the heartbeat this morning!!!! :D

Georgia, Welcome to the board! You find huge amounts of support here with us. I also love reading everyone's protocal and how things are done all depending on where you live. Some countries even offer free fertility coverage, ha makes me want to pack my sentimentals, my labradors and move there!

Leora, I hope your RE is giving you peace of mind with the estrogen levels. I know it's so hard when we push ourselves so much to make something happen but you have to take a deep breath and let nature take it's course. This time next week you will be bringing these embabies home. You asked about my protocal: RE is putting me on a long lupron cycle and all I can say is nobody better get under my skin or I will come unglued! :lol: I'm really trying to stay positive and it's challenging at times but then I ask myself what good is worrying going to do? I mean if I let others bright outcomes compare to our personal jounrey I know it would eat us up alive. Somehow we have to separate ourselves from them and focus on our personal lives. That's why we're taking the risk, deep down someday we know it's all going to be worth it AND we have to keep our hopes and believe alive. Besides why would we put ourselves through SO MUCH if we didn't have faith that our rainbow babies are coming?

LauraN, you are more then welcome :D and anything you need we are going to be right here always.

AFM: Dh has his meeting with the President on campus this afternoon. His colleagues sent an email asking to extend his contract for one year so dh can have time to find work. Don't know but he can only see what happens. I'm just hoping he gets alot out of in the open and finds a way to move forward. I'm tired of seeing him mope around here like the world is coming to an end. I keep reminding him he still has stability in me.
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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by Sunshine1576 » Fri Apr 27, 2012 2:13 pm

Lauren319- :D
P.S. Good things do come in threes!
Married 13 yrs
36, unexplained
1 natural pg- m/c at 7 wks
(2010-2012) 4 IUIs, 2 IVFs
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Beta: 95, 390, 1361
3/27 HR 140
4/10 HR 184
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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by kynlee » Fri Apr 27, 2012 2:25 pm

Lauren- So Sorry :( This is such a emotional rollercoaster... Sending you hugs

Ninde- I dont know too much about MS but I will pray God can make the situtaion better so that you dont feel like you do... Im sure your DH feels awful too.. Your Love will get you through it.. Glad you are talking to someone that always helps, I go here and there to talk to someone too about this whole journey since it takes such a toll on a person... I never dreamed it would be this hard to have a family.. Hope you feel better soon I just got over being sick :(

Blueeye- Glad you are OK, I was in a car accident years ago and got a slip disk and my back has never felt the same :( Glad you didnt get hurt you have another to think about :)

Hopethis works- Congrats on your BFP :)

Leora- Glad that your E levels are looking better, I will keep praying that things go up from here :)

Christy- Yah for July it will eb here before you know it :)

Globetrotter- Congrats :)

Amanda _ TY :) And 6 follies is great it only takes one good egg :) I am also going the donor route, so glad my DH was on board with that choice... Your DH is so sweet to email the nurse :)

Georgia- Welcome you have come to the rigt place these girls are wonderful :)

annashop- Congrats

CYN- no worries on the biopsy I think everyone is different... IT was more cramping then anything I took a anxiety pill before procedure and it relaxed me... I think getting my cervix stitch has been the worse thing I have gone through with this journey...

AFM- had Biopsy yesterday and it went well, get results on May 9th so I hope I can still cycle in May...The Dr was awesome he talked me through every step yesterday and it was only a crampy feeling so it wasnt as bad as I imagined :) I made it through :) spotting alittle but he said that would be normal.. How does a FET work I cant remember when you start meds and when they do ET would it be around ovualtion?

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Re: Cycling In 2012 Board (formerly Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Post by to_have_fun08 » Fri Apr 27, 2012 2:26 pm

anna - YIPPPEE on one beautiful HB. I wish the best for you..

Leoria - YEY for the rising E2 levels. sounds like your body wants to go slower this time around. Nothing wrong with that. I had one cycle that i did stims for 14 days. wow it seemed like forever.

Amanda - Sounds like your progressing. So you are doing a cycle with your own eggs and with donor eggs? How are you going to decide what to transfer? Are you getting genetic testing done?

Laurn - sorry you have to go the DE route. No one really wants to give up on their genetics. Though DE was the best thing that happened to me. I have no regrets. Yes, still have the small hope for a miracle baby with my eggs but if that don't happen, i am still good.

Hopethisworks - CONGRATS!! That is a awesome beta number. How many did you transfer?

AFM - Went back to the RE yesterday.. I did not miss that place at all. Its weird cus now all the nursers were so happy and acted glad to see me. Total change from before. So we did a fluid u/s and i have a polyp so now have to do a hyperscopy (sp). I hate those. This will be my fourth one. They always want to knock me out and I tell them i don't want anethesia and then they act like i am crazy. its not the most comfortable thing in the world to do but its doeable and this way i don't have to worry about fasting and getting a ride. O'well. I will get this done, go on vacation at the end of May, start drugs middle of June and then Transfer day will be here before i know it.
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