FET- 3 day embryo-- tell me about your experience!

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FET- 3 day embryo-- tell me about your experience!

Post by jen8675309 » Mon Aug 29, 2011 6:22 pm

Hello All,

I haven't posted her in literally years! I have twin girls who are almost 3- thank goodness for IVF! I have 5 frozen 3 day embryos and am thinking about doing an FET. I have an appt. with my RE on 9/8 to discuss my options. I'm wondering about the cost involved and the success rate for someone like me. A little about me, I'll be 35 on 9/7 and got preggers with my first IVF- put 2 back and they both stuck! :-). I am healthy, it was my DH who had fertility issues. So, with that in mind, my chances of conceiving shouldn't be bad... I hope! :-)

I'm also wondering about FET methods. Is there a more natural approach that wouldn't be as expensive? I really have no idea about the FET process.

So, tell me about your experiences with a day 3 embryo- was it successful, how much did it cost, what all was involved? Also, I work full time and I'm wondering how much time I'll need to take off for the process.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: FET- 3 day embryo-- tell me about your experience!

Post by dogzrule » Fri Sep 02, 2011 3:31 am

Mine was a 5 day FET, so I can't address that issue. But, an fet is soooooo much easier! I only had to see my doctor three times before transfer, and that was only because my lining wasn't good enough on the first check. My first visit was for a saline sono/mock transfer, and the other two were for lining checks. That was it! As for the cost, I think it was about $5000, not including meds, but we have 100% ivf coverage. We did pay about $900 for the meds though because we reached our allowable max on the meds during our fresh cycle. All I had to take was estrogen during the cycle. Then they did the usual addition of progesterone a few days before the transfer (and I can't do the PIO. I have to take Endometrin, which is so much more expensive!). I can't imagine you'd need to take any time off except for the day of and the day after transfer.
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Re: FET- 3 day embryo-- tell me about your experience!

Post by Arabsrcool » Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:41 pm

FET is so much easier than a full blown cycle, not to mention cheaper. I had two FET three day transfers, procedure was pretty simple. I saw RE twice prior to transfer (just to check thickness of lining) and then had transfer. You can actually pick your transfer day. Meds are pretty basic and inexpensive, usually covered by insurance as they have other uses than just IVF. Total cost was around $3000. My RE is such a great guy, we didn't have $ for 2nd transfer (all self pay), so he wrote off everything, all we had to pay for was meds. Unfortunely our BFP on our second attempt ended in late miscarriage (17 weeks), but at least I gave my babies a chance to live. Good luck to you!!
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