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Ghost: E2 levels for transfer

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Re: Ghost: E2 levels for transfer

Postby LYD10 » Wed Dec 14, 2011 10:19 pm

OK - so my E2 likely went up only to 3500 this time. we got 10 eggs and 7 fertilized. i just spoke with my embryologyst and she is recommending splitting the cohort into two parts - one for fresh transfer on friday and one for frozen transfer later. Out of 7, based on my past history, i will most likely get 3 embrys developing on time and 4 slow ones. so each attempt will get 1-2 ontime embryos and 2-3 slow ones.

basically, my embryologyst was saying that she thinks my endometrial environment is fine - they do succesful fresh transfers with similar stats (low stim medications - i was on 125 follistim and 75 menopur), 10 eggs, E2 ~3500. And she is afraid of freezing them all because she says you never know - even though i had 3 succesful thaws, the next thaw i could lose a lot - there is always risk involved in freezing and thawing - and you just cant be sure you'll get all of them back healthy and ready to go.

so basically, she is the one with the PhD and 30 years of experience. so when she said "if it was me that's what i would do" i was convinced.
so we transfer half on friday (3day) and freeze the other half. i feel good - i am done agonizing. i think a lot of my agonizing was due to hormones. Estrogen makes me indecisive and worry a lot.
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