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Work, Medical leaves and IVF

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Work, Medical leaves and IVF

Postby rose26 » Wed Dec 14, 2011 11:20 pm

Does anyone finds it difficult to communicate to your employer about your need for time off?
In the US there is FMLA leave; I could ask for that, but it is sort of troublesome...there is paperwork, explainations to give... I rather just tell my boss I have a dr. appointment here and there and not tell him what I am about to do (he will ask me so many questions and will add to the stress, but the leave protects my job and my lovely insurance.)
what has everyone done here? if you work, do you ask for a leave? or do you talk one on one with management so they are forgiving and let you go to your appointments?

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Re: Work, Medical leaves and IVF

Postby Happy Bunny » Wed Dec 14, 2011 11:45 pm

When I was working, I told my boss what I was doing. However, I said that I planned to stay after the baby which wasn't true (shame on me, I know). The reason that I wasn't truthful about my plans is that I didn't want them to replace me and then not have the IVF work. The IVF worked and I gave them a few months notice which I said was a new decision.

For my appointments, I left for the appointment and returned to my job. IVF appointments are pretty much all in the morning (at least at my clinic) and I worked early mornings so I couldn't avoid it. If your job is flexible, you might be able to start your shift later - say 10am or so and then you'd only need off for the big things like retrieval and transfer.
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