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Royal Jelly/Maca

Postby Lauren » Thu Jan 12, 2012 2:55 am

Hi Everyone!!

So Ive had some bad IVF cycles....Poor embryos....Poor response and Poor sperm :( I found this website and been doing some research about supplements! I am taking CoQ10...Started Maca...and just got my Royal Jelly!

Can anyone give me any suggestions? If they took it and if so for how long? Did you see a difference in your outcome or :( embryo quality??Im looking for any info good or bad!!

Me-30 DH-30

IVF#4-transfered one day 3 embryo!
8dp3dt BFP-HPT!!! First ever:)
Beta#1 12/22-72 Beta #2-12/24-303 Beta #3-1292 Beta #3-3637
12/31-Saw sac & yolk on u/s!! 1/7-SAW HEARTBEAT!
1/21-miscarriage :(
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