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IVF and thyroid problems anyone?

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IVF and thyroid problems anyone?

Postby expatgirl » Sat Mar 03, 2012 12:14 am

Hello, this is my first post and I am joining the party a little late in my cycle. I was hoping to find someone with some experience of my situation.

Briefly, I have had two failed IVF cycles in Costa Rica/Panama. All apppeared to go well but no bfp.

I have had a borderline fsh for the last two years; my highest was 10.5 which was my first, my latest 9.6. I am 38. No real male factor issues.

After giving up on the prospect of ever being a mother and getting on with my life this last 12 months, I find myself cycling again at the Pacific Fertility Center in LA where I live (it's nice to be doing this at home for once and I love my RE). I miraculously qualified for a three cycle refund packge through my antral follicle count - stuff fsh if you ask me.

Anyway, here I am the day before retreival and somehow the wonder doc has managed to stimulate me so well I had 22 follicles, all 15 and above two days ago.

However I knew things were going to smoothly. I've just had the results of my repeat tsh test - both times the result was 0.005. I have no symptoms of having an overactive thyroid. Is it possible the drugs have brought this on? Is it possible this is why my two otherwise perfect looking cycles failed?

Am I going to have to freeze the embryos until we get to the bottom of this or is it okay to go ahead do you think?

Any words of wisdom appreciated
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