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Not high enough hcg level

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Not high enough hcg level

Postby Nozzle37 » Sat May 12, 2012 12:56 am

What do you think? I gave my wife her trigger shot 36 hours in advance before the retrieval and the day before they took my wife's level and it was 51 and the IVF specialist said that her level was too low and to give my wife a other hcg shot, I did at 4pm today and the retrieval is tommorow morning. My question is wouldn't that screw up the timing??? Do you find this to be an issue?? Has anyone had to have 2 hcg shots??
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Re: Not high enough hcg level

Postby amanda1979 » Sat May 12, 2012 2:41 pm

We have done 2 ovridrels shots before one 36 hrs before & one before transfer. My RE said the shot was to help with the lining. We did not do that this time though, bit my lining was great. Hope that helps:) good luck!!!
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