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First beta @ 131 + spotting + pukish + dizziness

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First beta @ 131 + spotting + pukish + dizziness

Postby mma » Sun May 27, 2012 6:25 pm


Wanted to seek opinion on my First BETA of 131 14dp3dt (2 x 8 cell with less than 1% fragmentation) & 12dp5dt (2 x Grade 4AA) with lining thickness of 9 - 10 mm trilamar.

Spotting from 12dp3dt while peeing. Since 3 HPTs were negative till a day before BETA; got discouraged & had stopped PIO for 3 days till FIRST BETA yesterday. Doc concerned about my spotting. Also, since estradiol was > 6500 before ER, he was concerned about OHSS. Luckily, got through without OHSS though.

About BETA, the lab assistant just asked if I had checked with doc about my levels; especially since it was an IVF. That got me psyched up. Probably, she might be used to reporting much higher levels; as IVF procedures is known to cause increased chances of multiple pregnancies; & thus she might be used to seeing very high BETAs?!?!?!

Anyways, doc has increased my dosage of vaginal progesterone from 800 mg a day to 1200 mg. Also taking oral progesterone 3x daily! All this apart from Baby Aspirin, Folic Acid & one multi - vitamin tablet!! Tablets a galore!

Feeling pukish & nauseatic. Felt slight dizzy as well. Spotting increased slightly in the evening. Could be because of so many tablets?!?!?!?

Hoping b/w would be encouraging tomorrow. What are my realistic chances with such low beta & spotting? Is embryo development normal & at required pace given low beta? Don't even know if this BETA is for singleton or multiple!!!



DH : 34 with MF : Sperm Count on the Day of ER: 11 - 12 million with around 35 - 40% motility.
Kruger Morphology (Normal) : 21%
DNA Fragmentation Index : 89% Normal.

Sperm Count was as low as 50,000 a year ago. Got as much with multi - vitamins & 6 months of Clomid 25mg. Multi - vitamins still continued; while Clomid discontinued after testosterone hit 850.

ME : 34 on Thyroid Treatment. AMH : 8.65

FIRST IVF : Long LUPRIDE + HCG Trigger: 18+ Follicles : Estradiol > 6500 : 7 eggs : 6 Fertilized with 2x3dt + 2x5dt + 2xDay-3 still Frozen.
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