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in my 2WW

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in my 2WW

Postby ks_fofo » Tue Jun 05, 2012 11:45 am

Hi everyone,
I am in my 2WW 4dpt. Hoping to find a few people in this same boat as me. I dont seem to fit into any of the categories on here and am getting discouraged. I have had 2 mediocre and 3 great embies transfer 6/1. I must wait until 6/16 for the BT. I hope to here from some of you soon!
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Re: in my 2WW

Postby Cyn22 » Tue Jun 05, 2012 2:47 pm

Hello there!
I too am in my 2ww! & also had a transfer date of 6/1 ! We transferred 2 frozen 5day embies & my test is on June 11th!
Are you doing any shots or pills while in this 2ww?
I'm currently doing Progesterone (oil) shot everynight & doing 4 HCG shots throughout these last 3 weeks.. Today is my last HCG shot. It's a new thing they have been trying to help "pretend To your body you are pregnant" I will try anything at this time! I am also taking Continue taking prenatal & Dexamethason 1mg (1 times a day) Estrace (3 times a day) Baby aspirin
Claritin one pill a day. & i took Anaprox just for the day before my transfer & 1 day after. Also did a Zpack & Medrol days leading up to the transfer! & I thought this was an unmediated cycle! Lol ...
But I do feel alot better since I didn't have to go through the egg retrieval. I had about 18 eggs in March so I was really uncomfortable & soooo bloated !! Not feeling much of anything right now so I'm just laying low until my test on Monday!! Why do you have to wait soo long to test? How are you feeling?
Good Luck to ALL!


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Re: in my 2WW

Postby ks_fofo » Sat Jun 09, 2012 12:44 pm

Hi there. I had a 3dt so only three day old embies. I also had my procedure done in India. They do everything a bit slower there. They say we rush to much here in the USA....lol. So i am waiting patiently for the test on the 16th. I am on progesterone supp. 2 times daily, and a shot everyother day. Dexa and estrogen and baby asprin and all that good stuff. I am feeling some stretching or some kind of something here lately. Trying not to overdo it. I wish u the best of luck for your test on the 11th. Please post and let me know how it turns out.
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