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Ghost/someone help: brownish mucus discharge right after FET

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Ghost/someone help: brownish mucus discharge right after FET

Postby hommy » Sat Jul 21, 2012 5:16 am

Hi Ghost,

I had my FET done on thursday, 2 embryos (Day 3) transferred but in the afternoon I start to have brownish mucus discharge. It's been 2 days since the transferred and I still have brownish mucus discharge on and off. Currently I am under progesterone which inserted through vagina. I am wondering is the the brownish discharge normal? Thanks for your help.

Hommy (35 years old)
1st IVF - Blighted ovum
2nd IVF - BFP with a boy
1st FET - BFP but abort (18 mths) due to neural defect
3rd IVF - BFN
Me: 31 DH: 43
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TTC: 2 yrs
IUI #1 -- failed
IVF #1 Nov'07 -- miscarriage (blighted ovum)
IVF #2 July'08 -- in progress
7/17 -- start puregon
8/18 -- BFP
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