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September 2012 Transfer Buddies

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Re: September 2012 Transfer Buddies

Postby tortillachip » Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:08 pm

Thanks BRMommy! When do you think you'll try again?
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Re: September 2012 Transfer Buddies

Postby gi » Fri Sep 21, 2012 8:53 pm

Hi girls,

Tortilla so sorry its a negative, its never easy to see those damn evil sticks stay negative xxx

Sorry for not many personals but i sooooo totally bummed!!!! My POAS continues....I was soooo shocked to see a faint faint line at 6dp3dt, 7dpdt it was very obvious and now 9dp3dt its nearly as dark as control line BUT fecking hell i am spotting and cramping since yesterday!!!!!! Feck sake this was never gonna be easy but i so wasnt expecting to go thro. a 3rd miscarriage......I know its extremely early days and there can be number reasons for spotting but for me its never good news... i just hope and pray its implantation or irritation or maybe as i got a line so early possibly 2 of 3 implanted and i just losing one?????? This is only a slim shot and i am probably having a chemical pregnancy.....due to organise a beta on wednesday but if lines start to go lighter i wont bother.........Pray for a miracle for me please :cry:
gi xx
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