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FET and lining too thick !

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FET and lining too thick !

Postby sorcet » Mon Aug 27, 2012 2:02 pm

Several weeks ago I did a 15R day course of tapered up esterace to which I developed high blood pressure edema and migraines that combined with a thick lining 17 mm upon u/s my RE cancelled my FET. Got squared away with my pcp and he is on board got AF and started 1 mg of vaginal esterace for 6 days today I had an u/s lining is 17mm... What the heck is going on ?!?! Haven't gotten the call as to if they will cancel or not but I'm wondering if I should push for transfer I know 10-16 mm is optimal but is 17 mm that horrible I'm self pay and these u/s are costing me $600 a pop
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