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First IVF Cycle - New to the Forum

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First IVF Cycle - New to the Forum

Postby hariram » Tue Sep 18, 2012 2:11 am

I am new to this forum and please do not mind if I put out any silly questions.

I recently had a surgery in Feb 2012 and got one ovary removed coz of a cyst.

After series of tests my gynec referred me to RE and she informed us that AMH levels are low and we should take IVF approach .

I just started my first IVF and Hormone shots begin tomorrow (Lupron 10 units twice a day )..I was on BCP for a week and baseline tests during cycle start said number of resting follicles : 11 ..
Day 6 ultrasound follicles are 17.
I am little nervous about the self injections ..
what are the chances of successful IVF with 17 follicles and how hard is to self inject the medicines?
also what is FET? I saw it in many forums but could not figure out.

Me: 32 F
Husband: 33 M
IVF : First cycle
Ovary: Only Right available.
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Re: First IVF Cycle - New to the Forum

Postby kathryn17 » Tue Sep 25, 2012 3:33 am

Hi there. I don't have answers but i am going through my first ivf this cycle, hopefully. I had a cyst last month so I had too start the process all over. It's amazing how long two months feels. I go in on Thursday to check my estrogen levels and to make sure I'm cyst free. Where are you in the process?
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Re: First IVF Cycle - New to the Forum

Postby kynlee » Tue Sep 25, 2012 1:46 pm

hariram- The shots arent to bad they seem scarier then they are, my 1st round I was scared the first few shots then you realize they arent that bad... :) As for the chances everyone is different I had 20 plus follies but DH counts etc werent great so that takes effect on things We did icsi on ours which helps the situtation... Unfortunately no-one can tell you a definite all I can say is stay positive I seen Women where it has worked right away and others who struggled through cycles... I am one who struggled through cycles but finally got my BFP this year :) Also a FET is a frozen cycle so that is when they freeze embies and use for later cycles much easier on the body and that is what I got my BFP through :) I am religious so God has gotten me through all the difficult days of IVF, prayers got me through it all :) Best of luck through your upcoming cycle :)
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Re: First IVF Cycle - New to the Forum

Postby Sunshine1576 » Sat Sep 29, 2012 3:18 am

Hi Kathryn and Hariram- I wanted to welcome you to the group there is so much support here. :D Hariram how are the shots going for you girl? My first clinic spent over 2 hours with us going over the contract and adminstrating meds with us until we were comfortable, but I have to say I was still nervous the day our box of meds arrived. The first IVF was the hardest to me because we had so much expectation that it was going to work on the first try for us. We thought oh we pay all this money it has to work, but I've learned it's better going in cautiously optimistic and go in there stress-free as much as posssible. I've learned to drink plenty of water the day before going in for bloodwork because it makes finding a vein painless. (Trust me I've been stabbed 3 times in one doctor visit, she told me I was dehydrated from drinking soda and not replenishing with water.) Something else I've learned is icing down the injection site 1st and injecting the med SLOWLY making the process so much easier on us. Anyway you ladies keep us posted on how everything is going. I'll be checking back up on you as I'm looking for some October cycle buddies! :D
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