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Guild wars2 release balance the economy of a new method

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Guild wars2 release balance the economy of a new method

Postby pennycute » Thu Sep 20, 2012 3:39 pm

Guild Wars2(buy gw2 gold) has been released a long time, the game has sold more than 200 copies, played in the trade station also open a period of time, so similar" game economic system is still in stage of development "of speech, already can't be in-game economic system of the imbalance of excuses. The ArenaNet John Smith in the official published an article, for everybody explained some official for economic system ideas and opinions.
Since the guild wars2(buy cheap gw2 gold) trade station foot-draggers, causing the system just open, the player before the hoarding vast resources into trade station at the same time, so that the trade station system lost balance. Players hard acquisition of materials in trade in the station to sell price and sell to NPC shop in. Smith talked about officials are to make adjustment, they hope the trade station from the current "shop" state out of it, and as soon as possible destroy the hoarding of the material.
The official launch time plan of "mysterious casting" formula to achieve this goal, the player at the appointed time can use a lot of low grade materials to make a box, and to open golden items and other precious items. Smith also stressed that those who abuse in-game BUG and the third party software robots, and other means to mass production guild wars2 gold also will soon be punished, because rapid inflation will directly kill the healthy development of a game.
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