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Sadly, getting rid of meds

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Sadly, getting rid of meds

Postby Little B » Sun Nov 18, 2012 2:55 am

Help a fellow IVFer out.

After 3 tries, we'e moving on to the even more expensive donor eggs.

I have 4 boxes of 1200iu each Menopur and 2 boxes of 5 x 75 ius. Looking for 400 a box for the 1200s and 125 each for the smaller boxes, or best offer. Its been kept in my fridge in Denmark for the last two months. I'm American, but over here for the year at graduate school. The buyer would have to sort out the postage, but if you buy it all, I'll split the postage with you. I also have one dose, 10,000iu, of Pregnyl trigger, and a bunch, a huge amount, of syringes, too.

PayPal or a bank transfer is the best way, and I am happy to send a scan of my passport, etc, for security purposes. I'm as honest as they come. I'm at illinimob at yahoo dot com.

Little B
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Re: Sadly, getting rid of meds

Postby Tootsipink » Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:19 pm

Me too,

Hi I have meds that I no longer need as my husband and I have decided that rather than go for another fresh cycle, we are going to try one last IVF attempt with our 1 x frozen embryo and then if no luck we will not try again.

The meds that I have available are as follows: I would prefer collection from London SE10.

3 boxes of 15 Cyclogest Progesterone 400mg (45 total). Two boxes expire Oct 2015 and one Jan 2015.
2 x Menopur 1200IU Multi-dose pen. Both expire Feb 2015
1 x Ovitrelle New Pen 250MCG (F54G02A1). Expires May 2014
1 Synarel 200MCG Nasal Spray 30 dose. NOTE: I have taken one sniff from this as I was starting a fresh cycle and then immediately stopped the same day when we decided not to go ahead). Expires June 2013.

The supplier of the above was Healthcare at Home Limited and I have the receipt for eveything dated 29.01.13 (all bar x 1 pack of the Cyclogest Progesterone as this was left over from a previous cycle). Everything has been kept in the fridge the entire time.

In terms of payment the above cost me just over £700. I would be pleased to chat to you about any reasonable offers. My e-mail address to contact me is contactkaty@gmail.com .

Good luck with your own journeys to anyone reading this.

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