Where in the world is the best fertility clinic?

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Where in the world is the best fertility clinic?

Post by azenhas » Sat Dec 29, 2012 7:00 pm

That's the 1 million dollars question and I'm certainly not delusional enough to think that there's a clearcut answer.
It's easy to find lots of comparison sites that strictly compare success rates of American clinics. (Are the best really in the States, btw?)

Even so... I'm not so much interested in success rates but more in whoever is specialized in taking hopeless cases.

In my case: male infertility.

I have severe oligospermia (<2 million count). Furthermore the motility and % of normals among these few is often below average. No genetic problem, no high DNA breaks so... not so serious, hmm? We can't get pregnant naturally but a couple of transfers should do it, right?

Well, 3 ICSIs and additionally 3 frozen transfers that failed led the doctor to say: "we're a top-notch world-class clinic and we've done everything we could do but everything failed. There's probably something in the spermatozoa that we simply cannot see! We could try this or that other technique but - truth be told - they're not going to improve your chances much further."

Heck, if we're going to give my gametes a last chance we're willing to travel to any place in the world that are objectively the best in selecting spermatozoa.

Even if you don't know which is the best clinic for me (I suppose no-one does) could you please shed me some lights?

Thanks in advance for your input.


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Re: Where in the world is the best fertility clinic?

Post by woodyanita » Wed Jan 02, 2013 3:15 pm

I dont know whether its the worlds best fertility clinic or not. The results are very good, the team of doctors is very renowned and the clinic is in comparison to the world class facility. The clinic, known more formally as Rotunda — The Center for Human Reproduction based in Mumbai India is one such clinic that offers services to all its patients relating to male infertility,female infertility,ivf,icsi,iui,surrogacy,egg donation. All couples of all nationalities can avail this facility to fulfill their dream of enjoying parenthood. You can get their opinion

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Re: Where in the world is the best fertility clinic?

Post by linh.sfc » Thu Jan 17, 2013 12:54 pm

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Re: Where in the world is the best fertility clinic?

Post by BRodriguez » Mon Mar 04, 2013 1:14 am

My sister in law turned me on to The World Institute of Surgical Excellence. She and a close friend of ours found success the first time. They have very high success rates and have affiliation with Johns Hopkins. I am getting ready to schedule my appointment next week. They pride themselves on the success rate and the cost is so much cheaper than anywhere I found, not that it matters cause the success rate is what I'm attracted to. The provider that set my sister in law up is amazing. He specializes in setting up IVF for anyone around the world and he can get anyone financed. They also work with most insurance carriers. They put together a package that includes the full procedure, airfare, food and drinks, stay at a 5 star resort (Trump Beach Front) and ground transportation. it is fully accredited by the same governing board as the USA and is a Johns Hopkins program from Johns Hopkins Punta Pacifica Hospital in Panama/ or Costa Rica. The location is based on what specialist you go to. All the doctors are board certified and speak English (some are American). I am excited and can't wait to get started. I went to Panama to see it first hand while my sister in law was there and I was amazed and blown away. The price package includes my husband to come along, so we are very excited!

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Re: Where in the world is the best fertility clinic?

Post by Marytta » Fri Mar 29, 2013 12:39 pm

Hi again)
My story looks like mistery, but it is my life, and it's true...
George and Mary - we are a couple who always want to have a child.
To begin with the beginning)))

I'm 30 years old ...

My husband and I are 7 years of marriage, and almost all these years trying to get pregnant.I am from Ukraine, and my husband George from Spain.

I would like to summarize my story, it might be useful to someone.

At first doctors (we were inspected in Valencia) diagnosed my unexplained infertility, then turned everything on tubal factor (partial obstruction), but after a year of diagnosis found that the main cause of infertility is reduced ovarian reserve. That is, the only female factor, reduced fertility in the early reproductive years.
We were thinking twice about treatment, we have had two IVF attempts (one in my country, one in Alicante)- I have found much support on the internet. after all following to my doctor in Ukraine, who have advised that the best and most reliable option in this case - it is egg donation. The other options may be ineffective.

Procedure we held in Kiev, at the medical center of Ilaya (the only medical center for reproduction in Ukraine best level! Believe me, I know about it a lot!)
As a Result is a small miracle! And I just can not share our happiness - perhaps my advice will help someone to achieve the most important in your life! Do not be afraid to take risks ....  God will ask to your praying!!!

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Re: Where in the world is the best fertility clinic?

Post by hannahjoie » Fri Jan 10, 2014 7:09 am

You should see this GREAT, brilliant doctor in San Francisco - Dr. Paul Turek. My hubby was diagnosed 3 years ago with azoospermia (zero sperm on two sperm analysis) and was told by the first doctor we saw that we'll never have a baby. We did some research online and found Dr. Turek. He reviewed the lab results from 3 yrs ago and did physical exam on my husband, after 15 mins, he figured out the problem. My husband was missing a vas deferens (congenital absence of vas deferens). Dr. Turek said that he sees that a lot in his practice and suggested a MESA procedure. We did the MESA procedure yesterday and they were able to get 8 vials of sperm!
I really suggest you see him, he's a world renowned male infertility specialist. Brilliant, full of wisdom and very humble doctor!

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Re: Where in the world is the best fertility clinic?

Post by PaleoMama » Thu Jan 23, 2014 3:48 pm

look, the fact alone that your doctors told you after 3ICSI and 3fets that they can't increase your chances much further
tells clearly they were NOT the top-notch clinic on the first place.
in the country where i live, it would be considered next to unethical to say such a thing after 3XICSI.
i would not exclude the probability that they want to get rid of you so that you don't ruin their success rates.
sad, but true.
just keep going, is is all the matter of statistic.
one person i know from forum succeeded in her 11th ivf, not to mention one who had 19 to come to a baby.

work on improving sperm and egg quality, and have patience

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Re: Where in the world is the best fertility clinic?

Post by Roopas » Sat Mar 01, 2014 1:19 pm

Hi,, I am in UK there are many fertility clinics worldwide. Each have their own importance in their treatments and success rates. According to me, i am Indian, but settled in UK . My cousin had the infertility problem, 2 years back. she undergone treatment only in India. They are comfortable to take treatment in home country, and home state Chennai. The clinic which has given them success is Srushti Fertility Centre. So according to me srushti is the world's best fertility clinic. i can support my comment, because they follow the standard protocols, they have experienced doctors and embryologists, all together they produce the best success rates in terms of the treatments. They are thankful to srushti through their life because they have given happiness for entire life, i.e. kid.

Even i am also suffering from the infertility problem. so will be taking the treatment soon in India at srushti. Hope i will get the success.

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