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Egg retrieval and injections.

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Egg retrieval and injections.

Postby AshleighC2003 » Thu Jan 10, 2013 12:48 pm

Hi, i'm 16 years old and i was diagnosed a year ago with premature ovarian failure... i cannot have hormone replacement as of a few other medical problems. As you can imagine being infertile is not something you want to hear when your only a child still yourself never mind an older person.
Anyway i was wondering if any one could help me, my doctor advised me that its too risky for me to have the egg retrieval and injections before that, but he is willing to do it because its what i want. They told me i have around 1 in a million of this being successful. Yet its one in a million premature ovarian failure will effect anyone under the age of 27 never mind 15.
I have suffered sexual abuse in the past and have only ever had 1 transvaginal ultrasound, no smears or anything.
Im extremely scared i really do not want to have more internal scans or even the egg retrieval if they injections work, unless im put to sleep. My doctor then said if they can't get anyone to put me to sleep and i don't want it doing just under sedation then its a huge waste. Yet my family is paying for it through private health care so i dont understand why its a problem.
Anyway i'm sorry for babbling on, i just want to know what to expect if i decide to do it whilst being wide awake. My main concern is not the pain but being aware of whats going on with my arms strapped down and my legs tied up in stirrups with lots of doctors looking between my legs and putting things up there. The thought of it makes me cry i'm so scared i just would like some advice of what to expect, please help x
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