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BFN on beta day 13 but doc want to continue meds?

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BFN on beta day 13 but doc want to continue meds?

Postby Stephen1976 » Mon Apr 01, 2013 4:29 pm

Hi guys

My wife and I had our Beta test today - its day 13 after transfer. (The Embryo's were 2d not 3d.) It was a BFN :(
Obviously were are very disappointed but not surprised, as she had bronchitis almost the entire 2ww
We tested today because we fly back home for a week to the UK tomorrow, which would've been day 14. (Currently living in Jeddah).
Doc was very hesitant to give me a number for the test and just said it was negative, but, that because she hadn't started her period, to continue taking the progesterone and estrogen whilst we are away because the result might change. This gave me a little hope, until I finally got the number from him... 0.336/ml!
This is our first IVF/ICSI and Im certainly no expert, but even I know that number sucks - especially on day 13!
My question is ... isn't the onset of AF being prevented by taking the progesterone? And if so what possible chance could there be with a beta score so low?
Very confused :?

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Re: BFN on beta day 13 but doc want to continue meds?

Postby Lucilu » Wed May 15, 2013 3:39 pm

I'm in America so I don't really know the conversion, and I'm not a doctor so I can only share my experience to see if it's helpful for you. I just did a frozen embryo transfer (2 embryos) on April 22. My pregnancy blood test came back with a number in the 300s 11 days later. Four days later it was 1000. This is my second attempt this year. The first time my blood test flagged that I had the flu even though I felt no symptoms. My doctor said he wouldn't continue because that could cause birth defects. So we were cancelled 4 days before the transfer. I cried. It's hard taking all these drugs and having to start over emotionally and financially was distressing. The doctor's office ended up giving us some donated meds saving us over $600. And our payment for the actual IVF procedure was still good for another try since we didn't do the actual transfer. So we were lucky. I do know that I didn't have my period between ending the mandatory birth control and starting the estrogen pills and cream among other things like a Lupron injection. I was not on progesterone yet.

That's about all I can think of. Sometimes I take these decisions into my own hands, but only if I really feel right about it. We don't get any insurance coverage so this is all out of pocket and as you know, costly. For example, the doctor wanted a 3rd pregnancy blood test (standard procedure) but my numbers were very high so I declined. I said I could wait for the ultrasound 1 week later. Also, prior to the transfer they wanted to test my husband's blood. I told them he is essentially uninvolved since this is a frozen transfer, so I declined. (He only needs to be tested when he's actually giving sperm which he did last time in 2009). My 3rd example is they wanted to do an HSG X-ray (which I've done 3 times in years before and costs $900). I declined because as a frozen transfer, it doesn't matter if my tubes are blocked. When they said its also to see the lining, I said I was ok with their results/data collected by checking the lining with the ultrasound which they did twice.

So I'm just saying don't be afraid to use your own reasoning and challenge a doctor's protocol. Ask questions. I'm sorry it looks like this pregnancy may not work for you, and if so, I sincerely wish you the best next time. The most important thing while trying is to love each other and to do fun things together. It took us 9 years to get our little Sam. He is amazing. Now we're hoping for a sibling. It's so hard but so worth the wait.
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