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IVF Help!!!!

Postby SupermansWife410 » Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:28 am

I will explain a little about myself first...I am 27 I recently lost my husband but we had his sperm stored. So now since I have a very limited number of spermies to work with (I believe 4-5 vials) I am trying to find ways to help my chances of the IVF working. I already know about ICSI but what about assisted hatching? or is there anything else? and what clinics have the highest success rates? I have tried looking at the rates on websites but honestly it just ends up confusing me. I live in Northern Illinois (US) but can travel if need be.

A while back I heard that there are some clinics that will take $$$ off the second/third rounds of IVF if the first one doesn't work is that true?

Also I hope this doesn't sound selfish or anything but since I don't think I will remarry or have anymore children I would really like boy/girl twins....Is there anything I can do to help my chances of that happening? I of course would be happy with any number or sex though :)
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Re: IVF Help!!!!

Postby to_have_fun08 » Tue Sep 10, 2013 6:19 pm

if your from Norther IL.. i have heard that Fertility Centers of IL is good. I went to SIRM that is in Peoria which is also excellent. Stats can be overwhelming and you never know how correct they are. Some clinics won't take the harder to deal with patients just so it won't hurt their stats. As far as wanting to determine gender.. you can do per-implantaiton genetic testing to determine gender and to make sure any embryos you transfer are chromosonally normal. You are young and if there are no other medical issues, the chances of you conceiving should be pretty high.
Assisted Hatching probably will not increase you chances. There are clinics out there that will off you a package, a certain amount for 3 cycles. Some even offer that if you don't have a baby after the 3 cycles is up then you get a percentage of your money back.
Your best route to go is to start getting consults to find out your options. I don't believe that all clinics will do screening to determine gender so you will have to find one that will. SIRM will, for my first cycle i told them to transfer a boy and a girl. we ended up with a boy. Then did a frozen transfer for which we told them to transfer a girl.

Sorry to hear about your husband. Good luck with your venture it will be a long road but if it works, will be well worth it.
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