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Only a few follicles - should I continue?

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Only a few follicles - should I continue?

Postby moecon99 » Tue Jan 21, 2014 8:00 pm

Doctor told me this morning that I only had a few follicles and they were expecting only 2-3 eggs. I know it only take one, but not sure if others have had success. This is our first cycle and I am on aggressive treatment due to my low AMH (.16 :? ), the doctor said we are close to the most aggressive treatment. Just wondering if anyone else has had success with so few eggs and if I should continue to retrieval or if I should stop and try again hoping for better results?
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Re: Only a few follicles - should I continue?

Postby jw1975 » Wed Feb 05, 2014 9:20 am

This is my first ever post on here. Hello everybody.

In 38 and on my second round of IVF/ICSI. I am a very poor responder. Round 1 provided 3 eggs from 4 follicles, none were suitable.

On the second round I again had 3 eggs but from 3 follicles. My right ovary did not join the party at all. 2 were mature enough to be fertilised and 1 succeeded and I am now in my excruciating 2ww after a 3dt of a beautiful, good quality egg with 12 lovely formed cells. (and I know I am bragging here - my greatest biological achievement to date!)

The lady who I buddied up with had 15 egg retrieved and only 2 were mature enough to fertilise and none of them did.

I know this doesn't give the answer you were looking for. But my journey is about hope. I failed spectacularly the first time and got so much further forward in my journey the second time. Even if my 2 ww ends in a BFN and I will try again.

There are so many hurdles to cross in this journey. Just have a little more hope. x
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