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Preparing for 2nd IVF please I need some HELP !!

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Preparing for 2nd IVF please I need some HELP !!

Postby HoT_CoCo » Fri Apr 04, 2014 12:41 pm

Hi Ivf pals.

I had history of unexplained intrauterine filmy adhesions were they been removed with no forming back on 6th hysteroscopy using intercot jell and it worked, throughout i had lining issue 4mm i was on all types of estro meds, Viagra ...etc.

I had 1st IVF 3 blast ET with 6.5mm lining, but ended with m/c after 4weeks , im planning for 2nd ivf after 3m i would like ur help on the below supplements/food:

l-arginine 5000
Centrum with lutein (Vitamins)
Omega 3 and 6
Royal jelly during these 3 months.

Food :
beetroot Apple Pomegranate juice.
Lots of protein.
Cut off Caffeine, Sugar, Carbs do u think also Dairy?

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