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PGD tested embryos and failed IVF transfers

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PGD tested embryos and failed IVF transfers

Postby grounded » Fri Mar 27, 2015 8:06 pm

Hello, I am new to the message board and I've come here in desperation seeking advice.

I'll make this as brief as possible.

I have always known I was infertile from a childhood illness. I also cannot carry a child because of the same illness. It's all a long story but we are using an egg donor and a GC.

We had a great egg donor, and a bunch of embryos. After PGS testing (recommended by our clinic and surrogacy agency to avoid miscarriage) we had 5 grade A embryos. We had a wonderful wonderful GC and we did two transfers (single embryo each) with her. Both failed with not even a hint of a positive pregnancy test. Everyone including our doctor seems baffled and thinks with a young donor and young GC we should be pregnant.

Even our doctor admits that the lab could have damaged the embryos, but we have 3 left. We have a new GC. This is getting crazy expensive and I don't want to torture this GC with more failed transfers and it's hard for me to be hopeful at this point.

I have some inside information that a bunch of other people have been having failed transfers with PGS-tested embryos at this clinic. But that is a small sample and the clinic says it could be that our embryos were damaged, but it could also be other things and they are still getting people pregnant using PGS-tested embryos there.

I know so many of you have been though so much more. Does anyone have an opinion as to whether we should try our last 3 PGS-tested embryos with the new GC or if we should haul out of that clinic and start over again with all new embryos? (Sob!) :cry:

To review:
5 PGS-tested embryos
2 embryos failed to transfer
New GC
3 embryos left to transfer
rumors of unsuccessful PGS-embryo transfers at our clinic
Dr sounds concerned, but thinks we should try the last 3 embryos
Should we try the last three embryos or walk away and start over with new embryos at a different clinic?

Thanks in advance for any experienced input you may have! Sorry for the long read!
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