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slow growing embryos ivf

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slow growing embryos ivf

Postby gmugur » Tue Sep 15, 2015 6:43 pm

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are trying for a while (5 years) to become parents and we did not yet succeeded. Initially we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility . With the time spermogram began to become increasingly weaker (morphological defects of sperm , slow sperm ) .
I have 37 years and my wife 33 years .

This year we did two IVF procedures (ICSI ) .

From first procedure ( Gonal + Ovitrelle ) – resulted 7 embryos , from the third day began to no longer develop and stagnate in development and remained only five but very slow development . In the day 5, remained only 2 (Development as it was the day III) , but the quality very, very bad . Two embryos were transferred without success.

The outcome of this procedure was that we did genetic karyotype analysis and is OK.

From second procedure of IVF ( Menopur + Ovitrelle ) - the result was, also seven embryos and they all came on day 5 of whom 2 were blastula , but pretty poor quality . Three embryos were transferred without success.

A particularity is that my wife has a slower answer to stimulation treatment. In both procedures, the days of treatment were 12 and in first 5 days, the doze of menopur , in the second procedure was increased, because she was not responding at all to the treatment.

Please help with an advice .
What should we do ? Have you ever seen other similar cases ?

Thank you very much !
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